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HOAX Psychosis Blues Signing

We’re laying on a veritable feast of UK comics talent for the signing of Ravi Thornton‘s graphic novel HOAX Physchosis Blues. The signing will include: Mark Stafford, Rian Hughes, Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Julian Hanshaw, Ian Jones, Rozi Hathaway, and Ravi Thornton.

HOAX Psychosis Blues | Gosh Comics London

HOAX Physchosis Blues tells the moving and very personal story of Roabbi Thornton, a young man whose long battle with schizophrenia ended with his suicide in May 2008 at the age of 31. The graphic novel, written by his sister Ravi, is the continuation of Rob’s story as told in the stage play HOAX My Lonely Heart. Both are based on a poem written by Rob in 2004 and while the play provides the backdrop of Rob’s story, the time spent working on the poem and the tumultuous relationship he found himself in, the graphic novel focuses on the time that came after; dealing with the diagnosis of schizophrenia and the troubles that followed.

Psychosis Blues features artwork from: Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Leonardo M. Giron, Julian Hanshaw, Rozi Hathaway, Rian Hughes, Ian Jones, Jade Moss, Mark Stafford, and Bryan Talbot.

The signing will take place between 2pm-3pm on Saturday the 19th of July and money from the sales of the book will go towards supporting mental health charities.

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Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: The Good Inn


Gosh! fave Steven Appleby has teamed up with Pixies legend Black Francis and writer, director and drive-in movie-theatre-owner Josh Frank to produce The Good Inn, an illustrated novel that tells the origin story of history’s earliest known pornographic film, La Bonne Auberge through the story of a disorientated soldier and his journey across the French countryside of 1907.

We’ve also produced an exclusive bookplate illustrated and signed by Steven Appleby.

Appleby Good In plate for web

As usual, the bookplate is printed on high quality card, signed and limited to 200 copies. Pop by the shop to pick up your exclusive book-plated copy of The Good Inn, or email us at info@goshlondon.com to order one!
The book retails at £14.99, and mail order can be arranged with a postage quote available on request.


Crick Crack Club present Spice Arthur 702



The second of two events championing alternative manga and underground comics from Japan, Gosh! will be hosting an evening of excitement, noise (there are trumpets), and paper tossing.

Kamishibai has come a long way since its  12th century Japanese Buddhist origins. Long gone are the traditional story scrolls and moral lessons of their predecessors, Kamishibai today are told (by Spice Arthur 702 at least) by energetically tearing your way through a series of illustrated boards accompanied by some pretty jazzy live music; good clean fun so long as you don’t get a paper cut!

As Spice Arthur 702‘s website is in Japanese, and our translation skills are wobbly at best, we’ve found some pretty good examples in video form: Star Wars as you’ve never seen it before and the absolute best rendition of Born To Be Wild you’ll ever hear.

A teeny bit younger than Kamishibai itself (operating for almost 30 years in comparison to 900 years) London’s Crick Crack Club are rooted deeply in the re-telling of traditional folk tales and have been performing since the mid 80′s in some of the city’s most prominent venues including The Globe, The South Bank Centre, and the Barbican to name just  a few. They’re responsible for bringing Spice Arthur 702 over for a  rare visit to the UK also made possible by generous support from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, and The Japan Society.

Traditionally you’d secure prime seats at these events by buying sweets from the storyteller – we’ve decided to do things a little differently with the best seats going to the punctual (though if you wanted to palm us a packet of Haribo we might ‘sort you out’). The event is free, un-ticketed, and starts at 7.30pm on the 3rd of July.

Process and Breakdown Press present: A Listening Party with Seiichi Hayashi

Process and Breakdown Press will be playing host to creator Seiichi Hayashi and art historian Ryan Holmberg for an evening of conversation and music.

In celebration of Hayashi’s famous 1969 “blues manga” Flowering Harbor being translated into English for the first time by Breakdown Press, Seiichi and Holmberg will walk listeners through the pop songs that have inspired Hayashi’s work.

For those of us who are less familiar with Hayashi’s impressive resume; he’s an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist who, after beginning his career as an animator at Tōei Studios in 1962, became a leading figure in the vibrant avant-garde cultural scene of late 1960s and early 1970s Tokyo. As a regular contributor to the legendary alternative manga magazine Garo, Hayashi became renowned for pioneering new territory in the medium of comics, with stories ranging from allegorical critiques of postwar Americanisation and the Vietnam War, to touching reflections on motherhood inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and pop music. Hayashi is perhaps best known for his graphic novel masterpiece Red Coloured Elegy (Sekishoku Erejii, 1970-71) and his distinctive character designs for Lotte Koume (Little Plum) candy drops, which debuted in 1974; his images of a young girl in kimono still grace the candy’s packaging today.

The event kicks off on Wednesday the 2nd of July between 7-9pm and will conclude with Seiichi Hayashi signing copies of the book. If you can’t make it to the event and would like us to put a copy aside for you simply drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture; without their generosity none of this would be possible.

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The Gosh! Authority 18/06/14


Lots of event stuff to kick off this week!

We’re delighted to be welcoming Kim Newman to the shop on Saturday to sign copies of Witchfinder: Mysteries of Unland #1 which hits the shelves this week and sees the return of Edward Grey in a new series with art from Tyler Crook. Kim will be here between 4 and 5pm, have a look here for all the details.

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Witchfinder Signing with Kim Newman

Horror writer and lifelong comics fan Kim Newman will be in the shop signing copies of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland, co-written by Maura McHugh with art by Tyler Crook. Despite being a huge fan of comics as a child, and having many friends who work within the industry (including Neil Gaiman who once wrote Newman into an issue of Sandman), this will be Newman’s first time writing for comics. But it isn’t just the excitement of a familiar face doffing the cap of a comics writer that has us excited; it’s also the return of Edward Grey and a chance to further explore the darkest corners of the expansive Hellboy universe.


The story looks to be an exciting one with all you’d expect from Victorian London and everything you’d expect from a seasoned horror writer. Newman has hinted at their being some slimy sounding monsters, including eels. Yuck. Dark Horse are playing their cards pretty close to their chest with this one: “Edward Grey is sent to Hallam to investigate a mysterious death. Once there, he hears rumors about the mysterious Unland, the wetlands around the town, and the creatures that inhabit it. Grey’s skepticism vanishes when he encounters the monsters of Unland, and he realizes that Hallam is a place of secrets.”

Newman will be in store between 4pm-5pm on the 21st of June. If you’re unable to make it to the event and would like a signed copy then get in touch with us at info@goshlondon.com. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you there!


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Dead Boy Detectives Launch Party with Mark Buckingham and Toby Litt

To toast the release of Vertigo’s Dead Boy Detectives Volume 1 we’re throwing a little party here at Gosh! Comics. Special guests will be the story’s writer and Eisner Award winning artist Mark Buckingham of Fables fame and co-writer Toby Litt, known for his work in Vertigo’s The Witching Hour #1.


For those of you not clued up on your recently (or not so recently) deceased child sleuths Dead Boy Detectives first graced the pages of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #25 way-back-when in the 1990′s. Since their arrival they’ve made a number of cameos in other titles,  enjoyed a four-issue mini series of their own, and had their story re-told from Death’s perspective by Jill Thompson. This time round  the dead duo, Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, are joined by a new character, thirteen-year-old  ‘digital native’ Crystal, who we’re hoping introduces them to the perils of stranger danger on the web.

With a relationship spanning most of Mark’s career it’s no surprise that he would be leading the charge on the series; he and Gaiman first worked together on the British satire magazine The Truth in 1987 and have collaborated on countless projects since.

The launch party will be held on the 27th of June and run between 7pm and 9pm. We’ll be laying on the drinks while Mark and Toby sign copies of their book and, as ever, if you’d like us to have a signed copy put aside for you simply send us an email at info@goshlondon.com.


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Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: House Party



House Party is the first graphic novel from young up-and-comer Rachael Smith, and to celebrate such a great debut, we’ve produced an exclusive bookplate edition, signed by Rachael.

The book follows three 20-somethings, Michelle, Siobhan and Neil, who are having trouble adapting to life in the real world, having felt like superstars at university. In an attempt to get their carefree composure and happiness back they throw a massive house party, just like they used to. Instead of reconnecting them with their younger selves, though, things go a little differently…

As usual, the bookplate is printed on high quality card, signed and limited to 200 copies. Pop by the shop to pick up your exclusive book-plated copy of House Party from 16/06/14, or email us at info@goshlondon.com to order one! The book retails at £9.99, and mail order can be arranged with a postage quote available on request.

The Gosh Authority 11/06/14


A bit of a special event in the shop this week with Thursday’s launch of Over Under Sideways Down, a new comic from the brilliant Karrie Fransman that she’s produced in association with the British Red Cross as part of Refugee Week 2014. It tells the story of Ebrahim Esmail, who travelled to the UK as 15 year old refugee from Iran and we’ll have Karrie and Ebrahim in the shop on Thursday evening to do a live read-through of the comic and participate in a Q&A afterwards. Full details can be found here.

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