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British Comics Month Spotlight: Boo!


I love anthology comics.
Brilliant bite sized stories from a wonderfully varied bunch of creators and Boo!, the brainchild of Paul Harrison-Davies and Andrew Waugh, is one of the very best.


Boo! was conceived as a Horror comic for kids by the duo but, much like Dr Frankenstein, they soon realised that this beast would need a lot more parts to come to life.


Enter Jason Howard, Gary Northfield, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Jamie Smart, Jonathan Edwards and Rob Davis. Pooling together the creative talents of these artists, whose work has graced the pages of legendary British comics publication such as The Beano, The Dandy, Ink+Paper and The Phoenix, Boo! grow into eight creepy tales, each offering its own brand of ghoulish horror.


A true monster of British comics has been born between these pages.

British Comics Month Spotlight: Sean Azzopardi

If you’ve been to any comics shows in the past decade, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the work of Sean Azzopardi. Sean works tirelessly to bring his mix of autobiographical and genre work to his audience, and it’s a rare show indeed not to find him set up with a table.


And there’s a rich seam of comics to discover here if you’ve not come across him before. From straightforward slice of life to experimental, non-sequential narrative, he’s always trying new things. There’s a sense of someone always pushing and developing his craft.


In addition to his own more personal work, he has collaborated with others: notably Douglas Noble on three stories – collected in the Dark Matters anthology – and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey on the ongoing horror series Necessary Monsters. (Both of those gentlemen, incidentally, are well worth your time and money, so follow the links and check out their work.)

So next time you’re at a show, have a look and see if Sean is exhibiting. Pop by and say hello, and pick something up. You won’t regret it.

British Comics Month Spotlight: Jessica Martin


Jessica Martin made her comics debut in last year’s Thought Bubble anthology, providing the script to a full page strip illustrated by industry legend Mark Buckingham, a man Jessica describes as her ‘comics mentor’.

That was followed up by ‘It Girl’, a graphic biography of Clara Bow that Jessica has self published to great acclaim.

Describing herself as a ‘recovering actress’, Jessica has a fascination with the Golden Age of Hollywood that is reflected in ‘It Girl’ and a longer project currently underway called ‘Elsie Harris Picture Palace’, which tells the story of a Lyon’s Corner House ‘nippy’ who ends up in Hollywood.

British Comics Month Spotlight: The Comix Reader

The brainchild of Richard Cowdry, The Comix Reader is very much in the tradition of the underground press presenting a blend of dazzling, funny and downright WEIRD strips.

It’s distinctive look of newsprint in a tabloid format is eye-catching and gives creators plenty of space to play with.

With it’s emphasis on unsung heroes and new creators  alongside more established names it’s a tremendous showcase of talent.

The list of contributors is long and impressive, containing luminaries of the UK comics scene such as Tanya Meditzky, Peter Lally, Alex Potts, Ellen Lindner, Julia Homersham, Elliot Baggot, Maartje Schaalkx and Tobias Tak.


Exclusive Gosh! Duncan Fegredo Hellboy Print!

We’re proud to announce that to coincide with our British version of International Hellboy Day this Saturday, we’re presenting an exclusive and limited A3 print by Duncan Fegredo.


Isn’t it great? The print will be available at the signing on Saturday, limited to 50 copies, and retails at £25 each.



If you want to reserve one before Saturday, give us a call or email us at info@goshlondon.com!

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British Comics Spotlight: Timothy Winchester

Timothy Winchester’s web comic People I Know should be firmly bookmarked in your bookmarks, or saved into your RSS feed, or followed and constantly reblogged on your Tumblr, or whatever it is that you prefer doing on the internet (just don’t type it manually into your browser every time, that’s just wrong. What is this, 1998?).

Timothy populates his web comic with a version of himself and a whole cast of fantastical characters, from ghosts to wizards, from green blob creatures to a sentient bit of toast called Christina. But don’t be fooled by the cute big eyes and the bright colours, Timothy’s characters are surprisingly sardonic.

That’s not all the time, though.

At the moment, he’s working on a new comic called Space Babies. It’s about “stuff in space” and he’s planning on collecting them and printing them as risographed zines once they’re all done, which I personally can’t wait for.

Timothy’s comics put a smile on my face every day. Let them put a smile on yours, too! His website is here, and you can follow his Tumblr here, too.

British Comics Month Spotlight: Martin Eden

A stalwart of the small press scene since the late 90’s, and the creator of two ground-breaking series, today we celebrate the work of the one and only Martin Eden!



While the self-publishing arena is a wonderful place for people to hone and experiment with their craft, not to mention their sales techniques, it’s not all that common to see sustained genre narratives, and particularly not well-crafted superhero stories. Martin has done this twice now, initially with The O Men, a dark team book which proudly wears its Grant Morrison influences on its sleeve, and which ran to 27 issues in its first season, before a 7 issue second season.


Following on from this rather remarkable run, Martin created what has now become his most famous creation: Spandex, a ground-breaking superhero soap opera about a Brighton-based team, all of whom happen to be gay. It’s a full-colour series which garnered a lot of media attention when it was first published, billed as “the first all-gay superhero team”, and has now had a first collection issued by Titan books.


Recently tied up for the time being with the one-shot Spandex Special (with variant cover by Jeffrey Brown, no less), it’s with some eagerness we wait for Martin’s next work, be it a return to the world of the O-Men, or something completely new.



Noah Graphic Novel – Exclusive Gosh! Bookplate Edition

Some more exciting bookplate edition news for you – to accompany Darren Aronofsky’s new and controversial film adaptation of the Noah’s Ark story (called, of course, Noah), Image are releasing a beautiful graphic novel of the same name tomorrow.


The graphic novel is based on the first draft of the screenplay by Aronofsky and Ari Handel, and drawn by artist Niko Henrichon (Pride of Baghdad). The bookplate, see below, will be signed by Henrichon, limited to 200 and exclusive to Gosh!


Whilst the book is out tomorrow, the bookplate is still in the process of being sent out and signed by the artist, so it will be arriving a bit later than the book – but if you want to buy the book tomorrow anyhow, just keep your receipt and we’ll give you a bookplate when they come in. If you want to pre-order or mail order one, just drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com.

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