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Gosh! Exclusive Print: Ant Colony by Michael DeForge

The latest addition to our collection of Gosh! Exclusive prints is a stunning piece by Canadian comics extraordinaire Michael DeForge.

Widely known for his work with Koyama Press, Michael is the creator of Ant Colony and Lose (a series of one-man anthologies). He was nominated for the Best Emerging Talent Dough Wright Award in 2010 and has gone on to be nominated for the Best Book Dough Wright Award in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

The A3 digital print boasts the Ant Queen in all her glory, resplendent on high quality card. Limited to 50 copies, and priced at just £15, you’ll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on the Queen! Prints will be mailed out in a protective tube or packed flat when bought in store; see below for a PayPal payment option.

Ant Colony print by Michael DeForge for Gosh! Comics London


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Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Gardens of Glass & Mutiny Bay

Remember the time we had a launch party for two books and an art fair all in one night? Then you’ll remember that both Mutiny Bay and Garden’s of Glass come with Gosh! Exclusive bookplates featuring artwork by Antoine Cossé and Lando respectively.

Gardens of Glass bookplate Gosh! Comics London Mutiny Bay Bookplate | Gosh London Comics

Mutiny Bay is Antoine Cosse’s second book with Breakdown Press and his most substantial work to date. Gardens of Glass, by Lando, is another really stunning piece of work. We’ve always been huge fans of Lando’s meticulously detailed penmanship and the chance to see his work on a much longer scale is really exciting. As well as running his own publishing endevour, Decadence Comics (check it, these guys have the sweetest sweatshirts on the street), Lando has also been previously published by Breakdown Press and everybody’s favourite Swedes, Peow! Studio.

Both creators have signed their bookplates, limited to 200 copies each. As always we offer a mail order service for customers who are unable to visit us in person. Postage quotes are on request so feel free to send an email to info@goshlondon.com and we can answer any questions you might have.

Capers! #1: The World of the X-Men

Capers! is a new regular meet-up at Gosh! that will explore and celebrate the world of super-heroes.

Each month we’ll spotlight a different character or team and, with the help of our audience and guest speakers, break down their history and share our favourite moments.

Our very own Hannah and Steve will lead things off with what they’ve read and enjoyed then throw it open to the group to pick out their favourite characters and storylines .

We’ll share the best websites, podcasts, and books about the characters in question and talk about their appearances on TV and in film.

At the end of the evening we’ll close things out with a little pop quiz, with the winner being given the responsibility of picking out a random envelope that will contain the subject of the next month’s meet up!

To kick things off we’ll be looking at Marvel’s merry mutants and exploring every corner of the X-Universe, from Muir Island to Madripoor and talking Morlocks, Magistrates, and Mutates as we go.

Join us on the third Wednesday of every month at our not so secret headquarters from 7 till 9 and share your favourite superpowers, secret identities, and sidekicks.

See you there!

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Process Presents: Inside Out New York Launch Party & Talk

We’re BIG fans of Big Picture Press here at Gosh! Their beautiful books have been brightening our children’s section for a while now, so we couldn’t be more excited to launch Inside Out: New York, the first in a new collection of concertina books, by Josh Cochran.

Inside Out New York launch party poster | Gosh Comics London

Inside Out: New York is packed to bursting with iconic New York landmarks, pigeons, and taxi cabs. At 2 metres it’s in an impressive insight to ‘the city that never sleeps’ and is Josh’s first children’s book. When he’s not sketching the Brooklyn Bridge you can find Josh teaching at the School of Visual Arts, filling in as Art Director for the New York Times, being nominated for Grammy’s, or hanging out with his dog Porkchop.

Josh will be in conversation with Gosh!’s own Steve Walsh, discussing all aspects of his concertina book and sharing a few of his favourite spots in New York. Afterwards he’ll be hanging around, signing copies of the book, and enjoying a beer or five.

Festivities start at 7pm on Friday the 19th of September. If you can’t make it along on the night and would like Josh to sign a copy for you then drop us a line via info@goshlondon.com and we can make those arrangements. We’ll see you there, and in the meantime, hot dogs on Steve anybody?

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Some Comics by Stephen Collins Launch Party



Stephen Collins, the creator of the The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, is back again only this time he’s offering us Some Comics, a collection of 100 smaller strips asking important questions like ‘what the hell do plastic bags think about all day?’.

Stephen has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, winning the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Prize, being shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Book of the Year and winning the Edinburgh Literary Festival’s 9th Art Award, while you can also regularly enjoy his work in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine.

We’ll have Stephen on hand to sign copies of the book and there will be plenty of drink flowing, the only thing left to make the night complete is YOU.

See you there!

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Jamie Coe Art Schooled Signing

We’ll be celebrating the launch of Nobrow’s newest offering Art Schooled with an old fashioned launch party.

Art Schooled book launch | Gosh Comics London

Created by recent Central St Martins graduate Jamie Coe, Art Schooled offers insight to the highs and lows of a struggling art student; never quite ‘getting’ the work of his peers and desperately trying to win the girl of his dreams. The protagonist, Daniel Stope, is a self-proclaimed  misfit whose dreams of being a painter seem all but crushed. With a move to the big city behind him and four years of studying ahead, Daniel must navigate the obstacle course of design briefs and life drawing classes and maybe, if he can survive it, he’ll get to be an intern when it’s over…

Jamie Coe Art Schooled available at Gosh! Comics London

As we’ve come to expect from UK publishers Nobrow the book smells good enough to eat, is printed on gorgeous paper stock, and has the prettiest (and most atmospheric) palette we’ve seen in a while. Jamie’s artwork is expressive and his vignettes hilarious, so if you’ve not already bagged a copy now is the time to do it!

Jamie will be about on the night, signing copies of the book and regaling us all with his own tales of student life. The party starts at 7pm, September 27th and there will be drinks a plenty. And just in case you don’t know what he looks like, we’ve found this archive image of Jamie.

Jamie Coe

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Bartkira Volume 2 Launch Party and Exhibition

Bartkira is coming to Gosh! to celebrate the online launch of Volume 2.

Bartkira Vol.2 Launch at Gosh Comics London

For the uninitiated, Barkira is the mash-up of cultural icons Akira and The Simpsons with the end goal to have each page of Katsuhiro Otomo’s apocalyptic masterpiece redrawn, swapping out the existing characters with those from Matt Groening’s The Simpsons.  But where does an idea like this burst from? The editor and driving force behind the project, James Harvey, said in an interview with Vice, “The first guy to do a Bartkira drawing was Ryan Humphrey, a UK artist. He redrew these pages that showed the moment Akira destroys Neo-Tokyo, but redrawing Akira as Bart and the Colonel as Homer.” He describes the project as a gateway for newcomers and creators alike to produce a large scale work of art.

Matthew Houston for Bartkira Volume 2 | Gosh Comics London


As well as celebrating the online launch of the completed second volume, Gosh! will be hosting a Bartkira Volume 2 Exhibition.  The first volume is already available to read online for free at bartkira.com and while there are currently no plans to print the work (it infringes on TWO  major copyrights after all) the project will be followed through to completion – all six volumes re-drawn by artists from around the world.

James is joining us between 2-3pm on the day to sign copies of his new book with Image, Masterplasty. The party and exhibition start at 7pm on October 4th. The beer and donuts will be bountiful so come be merry and help us celebrate.

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Masterplasty Signing with James Harvey

It’s finally here – James Harvey’s print debut with Image Comics and he’ll be at Gosh! signing copies on October 4th.

James Harvey signing | Gosh Comics London

Described by Image as a ‘cult online sensation’ Masterplasty is the story of one mans struggle with self-image and the pursuit of perfection; of course it’s never quite within his grasp and he risks losing everything he had.

The book is being released in an oversized format and collects Masterplasty along with additional short stories all rendered in James’ instantly recognisable style.

Comics by James Harvey | Gosh Comics London

James will be in store signing copies of Masterplasty between 2-3pm on Saturday October 4th, and will be sticking around until the evening to celebrate the launch of Bartkira Volume 2, a mash up of The Simpson and Akira. If you’d like a signed copy of the book then, as always, drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com and we’ll be happy to make arrangements for you.

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