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Meet the Staff

Josh Palmano is the Main Man.

Andrew Salmond captains this ship. He even used to look like Captain Haddock but doesn’t anymore. (NB: Andrew Salmond now looks like Captain Haddock again.)

Twitter: @grizzleddog

Julia Scheele is responsible for this website and for buying in Small Press, among other things. She is also a comic book artist and illustrator, who has produced work in and around the UK small press scene since 2008. Additionally, she’s the editor of the popular and almost, almost finished 69 Love Songs, Illustrated project. Her work has been featured in Digital Arts and the Guardian Guide, and she has also worked as an art assistant on the excellent Phonogram: The Singles Club.

Twitter: @juliascheele

Steven Walsh is the man at the helm, writer of the Gosh! Authority and the man who buys in the books. Although prepared to read anything that combines words and pictures in an exciting manner Steven has a huge place in his heart for DC and Marvel superheroes and is still absurdly pleased with the ‘Hawk and Dove’ birthday cake his Mum organised for his 11th birthday. Before working at Gosh! he spent the best part of a decade trying to convince the managers at the behemoth of a bookshop he worked for that it might be good to stock ALL the ‘Preacher’ trades rather than just volumes 2, 6 and 7 and taking any opportunity to smuggle Will Eisner books onto displays. Away from work he can usually be found scribbling about incomplete creations, eccentric life choices and mangled Nursery Rhymes, as well as having recently started a regular podcast about South London. He also knows more about football than anyone working in a comic shop has any right to.

Twitter: @ventswhales

Tom Oldham is a bearded man of mystery. He also organises events and buys in back issues.

Nat Metcalfe is a clean-shaven man of mystery. He buys in the weekly comics and is the wind beneath our wings.

Shaun Richens and Simon Hacking are the new kids, and we will post more about them once they’ve settled in.



Hayley Campbell wrote the Gosh! Blog for five whole years before getting a proper job as an editor. She also wrote a huge illustrated biography of Neil Gaiman (published by Ilex/HarperCollins in 2014) and a bunch of stuff for the New Statesman, The Comics Journal and McSweeney’s. Everything else she writes is largely NSFW and can be found at hayleycampbell.com. (Plus you can find her very early work in the From Hell Companion. She’s basically the kid in Profondo Rosso.)

Twitter: @hayleycampbelly

Tom Crowley was found in a bassinet, washed up on the shores of Bloomsbury on a chilly August morning. He was 18 years old. After being checked for lice, the staff of Gosh! Comics put him to work, and he added orders to Comtrac and bagged comics ever since – until running away to become the writer for an animated TV show. Inamidst other hobbies such as reading, walks by the pier and attending University for three years, Tom keeps himself busy as a comedian with the group Four Sad Faces and as an artist on his lonely ownsome.

Twitter: @crowleeey

Barnaby Richards is an illustrator and a comic book artist who blessed us with his presence until November 2011. He has done pictures for The Observer, Walker Books, The Independent on Sunday, The Guardian, Fortean Times, Reader’s Digest Magazine, and The Big Tomato Company, among others. His first comic was published by Atlantic Press.

Twitter: @barnabydraws

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