Gosh! Comics has been supplying libraries across the London boroughs and beyond for more than 20 years from our central London premises.

We pride ourselves on the provision of excellent service and believe at the core of that lies knowledgeable, friendly staff who are flexible to the needs of each customer. We believe in comics, and their ability to attract reluctant readers back into libraries and keep them there. In the last decade graphic novels have gone from a barely represented selection in many libraries to one of the best issuing lines of fiction, and it’s a perfect time to start building collections, with an ever-expanding selection of quality material to choose from.

We are happy to help you with your graphic novel collections, from individual school libraries to entire local authorities. Whether starting a core collection from scratch, or fleshing out an existing stock of graphic novels, we can offer as much assistance and advice as you need. We understand the frustration of dealing with large, impersonal suppliers, and can be responsive to your specific needs, personalising your buying experience down to the branch level.

With access to a broad range of sources from the UK & US, we are able to supply a selection of titles which far outstrips the offerings of the large contracted suppliers. We are specialists in our field, with a passionate understanding of the importance of quality and continuity within collections. We are also keenly aware of the importance of age appropriateness for many libraries, particularly those who are just starting out with graphic novels.


For libraries, we have three main modes of purchasing:

  1. Orders via email or post, to be dealt with on a one-off basis. This may include fulfilling reader requests throughout the year.
  2. Shop floor visits for stock pulls. This can be done at a time convenient to the librarians concerned and we will make a member of staff available to you for the duration of your visit.
  3. A standing order , which we deliver over the course of the year in  regular instalments (usually monthly or bi-monthly) to meet a given budget. This is our most popular option. The titles supplied can be established at the outset of the standing order and can be as specific or as general as is wished. It may be amended throughout the year , dropping or adding titles. This method is the best wayto keep any collection current, with new titles supplied soon after their release.

Any combination of the three methods above can be used. Servicing quotes can be provided on request.We offer a discount off retail (please contact for details), and offer free shipping on all orders over £300. Invoices are payable from 30 days of receipt of goods.

For all queries regarding library supply or graphic novels, please contact Andrew Salmond or Hannah Chapman on 0207 636 1011, or email us: libraries[at]goshlondon.com. Or you can simply drop by our store at 1 Berwick Street (directions here), where we can walk you around the stock and talk through your requirements in person. We’re open 10.30am-7.00pm, 7 days a week.


We have experience working with library representatives in various events, including graphic novel awareness workshops organised by London Libraries. We can also organise contact with various comics professionals for workshops and events, though in truth we would recommend the excellent Cartoon Classroom, which was created for that very purpose.