30th Anniversary Print #12 – Nemesis the Warlock by Kevin O’Neill

Please Note: This item will be released in-store on Friday the 10th February for our Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill signing. Some copies will be held for on-line release on at 11am on Saturday the 11th February.

For our 12th and final 30th Anniversary print, we’ve gone with a British classic: a vintage Kevin O’Neill illustration of one his signature characters, Nemesis the Warlock, presented in association with the good folks at 2000 AD!

Crazy to think it, but Gosh started just 9 years after the launch of 2000 AD (The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, don’t you know), and it’s been a fixture on our shelves ever since, in both its weekly form and in the ever-growing range of TP collections.

Kevin O’Neill, one of the most visionary, creative voices to have ever come out of UK comics, has also been a ever-present artistic force throughout our history. The crazed Metalzoic was first published in our first year of trading, then on through the barb-wire brilliance of Marshal Law and of course that perennial best-seller the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (returning someday soon!)

And of course Kevin is also known for those earliest days of 2000 AD and the characters he drew then, none more so than Nemesis the Warlock, one of the magazine’s most adored cast members. So what better way to mark the end of our run of prints than a portrait of Nemesis by Kevin?

Originally drawn as an in-house ad, then reused in both the Eagle Comics reprints and again for the cover of the 2013 Deviant Edition hardcover, we’ve gone back to the original black and white art to create a beautiful screenprint!

Signed by Kevin O’Neill and limited to just 100 copies, the screenprint retails for £35. It is A3 (42.0 x 59.4cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches) and printed on 270gsm Mohawk Superfine acid-free & archival paper.

The print will launch in-store at our Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill signing on Friday, 10th February. A small number will be held back for online purchase, available at 11am on Saturday, 11th February.

Pre-order: Black Dog Screenprint by Dave McKean

Dave McKean’s new book, Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash, is a thing of beauty, and we’re honoured to be able to work with Dave to produce an exclusive silkscreen print to mark the occasion!


Paul Nash was a renowned painter of landscapes and surrealist art who took his traumatic experiences in World War 1 and channelled them into a series of “psychoscape” paintings that are some of the most celebrated of the time. McKean has created a comics biography of Nash that approaches a series of events from his life through a lens of dreams, taking his lead from the artist’s diaries where he talks of a black dog that recurs in his sleeping subconscious.


The print features Nash at work in the lush green hues of a dream, Black Dog at his feet. The 28.8 cm x 39.86 cm, 3 colour screenprint is printed on 270 gsm mohawk superfine acid-free & archival paper. Limited to 120 copies, each stamped, numbered print will be signed by Dave McKean. Retail on them is only £30, so they won’t stick around for long! They will be on sale in the shop from the 21st October, or can be preordered from our online store.

This item is offered for pre-order. It will be dispatched after its anticipated release date of 21st October 2016. Orders may be cancelled any time up until the date of release for a full refund. In the event of a drop in price before release, the excess paid will be refunded. No extra will be charged in the event of an increase in price.

Please note that we do our best to ensure that all prints are shipped to you in the safest possible manner, with sturdy poster tubes and tracked delivery. If ordering 3 or more prints, please place your order to us by email for an accurate postal rate.

30th Anniversary Print #8 – A Dickensian Alphabet by Tom Gauld


With his latest graphic novel, Mooncop, imminent, what better time for us to debut our next 30th Anniversary print: A Dickensian Alphabet by Tom Gauld.

Renowned humourist Tom has a long-standing history with the shop, right back to his early self-published days. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to be featuring him in our 30th celebrations with an all-new strip created for the occasion. And to mark our London origins, he has turned to that most quintessential of London chroniclers, Charles Dickens himself.

In an illustrated A-Z, Tom covers a range of Dickensian tropes all rendered in his trademark, wryly humorous style. From a forlorn boat on the Thames to the club-bearing villain, every panel pops with an instant, knowing familiarity: the ultimate Dickens crib sheet.

The print will be released in two editions, beginning with this highly limited 30th Anniversary run. An A2, 3-colour screenprint printed on Somerset Satin White 300gsm 100% cotton rag, this edition will be limited to 50 copies, each signed by Tom and stamped and numbered on the back. It will retail for £70, and will be available in store and online.

Later in 2016 there will be a second unlimited release as an A3 digital print on an alternative stock, further details of which will be announced at a later date.

The print will be available online and in store from Tuesday 6th September 2016. Tom Gauld will be in attendance for the launch party of Mooncop, his new book from Drawn & Quarterly Press, at Gosh! on 9th September 7 – 9pm.

Megg & Mogg in London by Simon Hanselmann

Ever had one of these days….?


Well if so, then we’ve got good news! Simon Hanselmann has prepared you a trip down memory lane with this Gosh! exclusive print featuring Megg, Mogg, Owl and Werewolf Jones. Yes, now you can relive the magic of fry-ups, discarded bottles and cans, rubbish-strewn floors, comedy DVD box sets, emergency Tesco bags and an ever-present herbal haze in this exclusive print signed by the estimable Mr Hanselmann himself!

The print is limited to 100 signed copies, and is an A3 digital print on brightwhite, colourplan 270gsm stock. It can be purchased in store or can be ordered now from our webshop.

Please note that we do our best to ensure that all prints are shipped to you in the safest possible manner, with sturdy poster tubes and tracked delivery. If ordering 3 or more prints, please place your order to us by email for an accurate postal rate.



Joan Cornellà Prints

After having a wonderfully successful signing with Joan Cornellà for Safari Festival we now have a selection of his original prints! Quantities are extremely limited, so first come first satisfied! They are £20 each and printed on 250 gsm paper.

They are available to purchase in-store or you can e-mail us at info@goshlondon.com for mail order enquiries.

All prints will be mailed out in a protective tube.




30th Anniversary Print #7 – Octopus Salad by Junko Mizuno

For our seventh anniversary print we have this original exclusive print by the legendary Junko Mizuno – Octopus Salad! (yum yum)


Two of of the most prevalent themes in Junko Mizuno’s art – eroticism and a love of food – have been combined into a spectacular feast of visual decadence. The image is based on a recipe for Marinated Octopus Salad. Across the image you can see the play of the ingredients of lemon, parsley leaf and octopus, all rendered in a thematically connected palette.


It’s hard to imagine, but Mizuno is a self-taught creator. Her images typically feature a fearless focus on erotic female imagery: Japanese ‘Kawaii’ culture intertwined with the trappings of ‘Hentai’ pornography, filtered through her own personal message of empowerment. She is the author of the on-going series Pelu, about a cloud-like alien that travels to earth to find true love, as well as a series of Gothic Lolita-style adaptions of Grimm Fairy Tale stories – Princess Mermaid, Cinderalla and Hansel & Gretel. They are definitely not your childhood classics!


The print is an A3 four colour screenprint, printed on 270gsm Mohawk Superfine Acid-Free Archival Paper. It retails for £25.00. It is strictly limited to 200 copies, and is available in-store, or can be ordered for mail order online.

30th Anniversary Print #6 –Maggie & Hopey: Perfect Trajectory by Jaime Hernandez

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing issues with checkout on our web store. If you wish to place an order for this print, please email us with your details to info@goshlondon.com, and we will arrange payment and shipping for you.


For our sixth anniversary print with have honoured to have this original exclusive print by the one and only Jaime Hernandez – Maggie & Hopey: Perfect Trajectory!

Maggie and Hopey Low-Res

There are few comics that have been as influential as Love & Rockets, the anthology series created by Jaime and his brothers Gilbert and Mario. Beginning its run back in 1981 with a self-published issue before being picked up by Fantagraphics in 1982 for a run that has continued in one form or another ever since, it has shaped the face of independent comics for the past three decades and counting. A formative influence on many a creator (not to mention our own Josh Palmano), the series is packed with iconic imagery, burned into the collective unconscious of any self-respecting independent comics fan.


Maggie & Hopey: Perfect Trajectory, a brand new image produced by Jaime for our 30th Anniversary, revisits the cover to Love & Rockets #33, one of the original series best loved covers, where a laughing Maggie & Hopey strut past a row of bored, black-clad police. The new image fast forwards to a little later, where Hopey – a couple of beers in – hefts a bottle over her shoulder toward an unsuspecting helmet. It’s a snapshot of Jaime’s skills as a storyteller, a single image evoking both the past and future of the depicted moment. And to be honest, who doesn’t love any new image of Maggie & Hopey hanging out?

Jamie Hernandez is the co-creator of Love and Rockets, the seminal independent anthology series. Best known for his long-running Locas stories – tales of a largely Hispanic cast of characters living in Los Angeles – his clean line and effortless style are as unique and influential today as they ever were.

The print is an A3 Giclee print on Hanhnemuehie Photo rag 308gsm stock. It is strictly limited to 200 copies, and is available in-store, or can be ordered for mail order via email to info@goshlondon.com.



Deep Sea Creatures of the Teenytinysaurs by Gary Northfield

For our latest exclusive digital print, we’ve poked our head deep into the prehistoric seas of Gary Northfield‘s Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs!


We’ve always loved this bioluminescent image, which features as a double-page spread in Gary’s ever-popular collection of baby dinosaur mischief and mayhem. The richness of its colours and the general freakiness of its deep-sea subjects make it a perfect fit for any discerning kids wall. Or any wall, really.

Gary Northfield is one of the UK’s most beloved kids cartoonists. From the Beano to the Phoenix, his unmistakable style has become a part of the adolescent cultural landscape, now more than ever as he branches into illustrated fiction with his brilliant Julius Zebra series. He’s long been a firm favourite of ours, and we’re proud as punch to be able to work with him on one of our prints.

The print is an A3 digital print on brightwhite, colourplan 270gsm stock, and retails for just £20. It can be purchased in store or can be ordered now from our webshop.

Dark Judges by Brian Bolland Print

(Please note that we will not be taking pre-orders or reserves on this item. Copies will be available in store from July 16th, and online from July 17th).

We are excited to announce that we are producing an exclusive print of Brian Bollands‘ cover for the classic 2000AD Prog 225! The print will be released at the Cursed Earth Uncensored signing with Brian Bolland & Mick McMahon on July 16th.


Prog 225, containing the second part of the Judge Death Lives storyline, featured an iconic Brian Bolland cover image of Death leading his fellow Dark Judges: Fire, Fear and Mortis. Enforcers of death from a world where life is a crime, they’ve always remained some of Dredd’s greatest foes.

Brian Bolland is one of British comics’ most influential and successful artists. After helping to define the vanguard of British comics art in the 70’s, he was among the first of the so-called British Invasion of the US comics scene in the 80’s, and remains a go-to for covers and spot illustrations, as well as occasionally still producing the odd short comics piece.

In an effort to recapture the pulpy glories of 1981, we’ve reproduced the cover in all its off-white newsprint glory, resisting the urge to over-clean the scanned image. The result is a rich, warm reproduction that really lets you bask in the looming evil of its cast.

The digital print is 297 mm x 350 mm and printed on 270gsm brightwhite, colourplan stock.

Retailing at £25, the print will be available in-store from the 16th July at our Cursed Earth Uncensored signing and will be available to order online after that date. Please note

© and TM Rebellion. All Rights Reserved. Used under licence.



30th Anniversary Print #5 – The Broad Steet Pump by Kristyna Baczynski

Announcing the fifth in our series of 30th Anniversary Prints – The Broad Street Pump by Kristyna Baczynski!

KBaczynski x GOSH Print - PROOF V2Kristyna Baczynski has chosen to portray the story of the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak in her print, an event that devasted the surrounding area, killing over 500 people. Dr John Snow published a report speculating that it was spread by contaminated water. He mapped the 13 public wells and all the known cholera deaths around Soho, and deduced that the water from a pump on Broad Street (now Broadwick Street) was the source of the outbreak. On the 8th September 1854, on the instruction of Dr John Snow, the handle to the pump was removed, and the outbreak accordingly came to its end.

The water pump still exists, and bears a memorial for those that died. It is on the corner across from the John Snow pub on 39 Broadwick Street.

Kristyna Baczynski is a freelance illustrator, designer and comic book artist who grew up in The Pennines of Yorkshire, and her family hails from The Carpathians of Ukraine. She works in Leeds and has won the Northern Design Award. Her work has appeared in Blank Slate Books, Anorak, Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science, Hic+Hoc and more. She teaches Graphic Arts at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The Broad Street Pump is an A3, 3-colour screen print on Mohawk 270g archival paper, and is strictly limited to 200 numbered copies. Each print will be marked on the back with a special Gosh! 30th Anniversary stamp, and comes with a sheet explaining the history behind the image. Copies retail at £25 each in-store and online.