Kieron Gillen Talks Watchmen


We’re pretty big fans of Wicked & Divine/Phonogram/Young Avengers/Journey Into Mystery/Uber/etc/etc/etc writer Kieron Gillen around these parts. Bit of a prolific whiz, that lad. And not only that, but he’s also got a keen critical faculty for the mechanics of the medium. We highly recommend his irregular comics podcast series DECOMPRESSED, where he examines the work of his guests, pulling apart the cogs and wheels of their process.

Well, a little while back he turned his eye onto Watchmen, and came up with a speech that made such an impression, it’s now being filmed for posterity. I’ll let Kieron tell you more…

“A year ago in the pub, a friend asked writer Kieron Gillen what the big deal is about WATCHMEN. It got him thinking. This speech was the result of all those Kieron Gillen head thinks about that famous eighties comic with the smiley face on the front. A unique experience to see Kieron Gillen wave his hands and fanboy out about comics formalism in an intimate environment. Topics include nine panel grids, structuralism in story, his own autobiographical transformation during a chance encounter on Oxford Street, the unanswered challenge of Watchmen, how he rips it off and yet more nine panel grids. He promises he will also wear his most expensive of skull jackets. Do come. He is very lonely. Will probably include some Q&A or something too. You know what these things are like.”

A good time, is what they’re like. And popular too, we’d guess, so get yourself down here, Monday 3rd November, 7.30pm-9pm. Kieron’s talk is being filmed and seats are limited on a first-come-first-served basis, so do get here early to avoid disappointment.


(And don’t forget our launch party on the 12th for The Wicked + The Divine Vol 1 TP!)

The Gosh! Authority 27/08/14



Before we get started let’s just get our regular Bank Holiday week PSA out of the way. This week we’ll be getting the new stock delivered on Wednesday rather than Tuesday as we normally do, this means that the new stuff will go on sale on Wednesday but won’t be ready first thing as we have to wait for it to arrive and count it before we can get it out. Keep an eye on our Facebook account and Twitter feed on Wednesday and we’ll let you know when it’s all available.


The Gosh! Authority 13/08/14

By now you’ll probably have read and loved Seconds, the new book from Bryan Lee O’Malley, so you’re all set for our Seconds party this Thursday night. Bryan himself will be on hand to sign your copy and we’ll have plenty of books available on the night, so don’t panic if you haven’t managed to grab one yet. All the details on the event can be found here.