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The Gosh Authority 15/04/14


A rare event-free week lets us focus on the recent bundle of additions to our range of exclusive bookplates which are all signed and numbered by the artist.
If you can’t make it into the store to pick one up then pop us an email and we can arrange to have a bookplated copy of any of these books shipped to you.

Our most recent announcement is this gorgeous plate by Emmas Rios for the first volume of Pretty Deadly -

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U.S. Zines & Mini Comix – The Highlights


Julia here with a NEWSFLASH on some of the best things we got in with our quarterly U.S. and Canada zine and mini comix delivery. There’s some old favourites and some new things, and as ever in limited quantities, so make sure you pop down and help yourself before it all goes!

New things (and things new to us), first:

Adapt 2 by Jonny Negron

Negron’s work is definitely worth a google, just be advised it’ll be a NSFW one. His images are more often  than not sexual (sometimes uncomfortably so) in nature, but also beautiful and bizarre, and Adapt #2 features, as ever, lots of his trademark girls and trippy sci-fi-ish stories. You can read some stuff for free over at Studygroup here, for a taste.

I Was A Teen Comic Nerd by Liz Prince

If you’re into your emo music and your autobio comics, Liz Prince is for you. Apart from her other zines, we now also carry this, which is a collection of her older stuff.

Beach Girls by Box Brown

Finally in stock! With some added bonus James Kochalka, even. Box Brown is just great, strong cartooning and great storytelling and pacing all round. He’s recently released his bio of Andre the Giant through First Second, which we have on the shelves right now, and he’s done a Chalk Marks book with Blank Slate, The Survivalist. Read everything by him. You’ll thank me.

Men’s Feelings by Ted May (Injury Comics)

Short funnies about men’s precious feelings by the guy who brought you the fantastic Injury Comics. What more do you want. Just look at that cover. Have a look at Ted’s website here.

Yellow Zine 4 by Roman Muradov

Roman Muradov’s illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful, as you may already know from NoBrow anthologies and The New Yorker. He’s a magician with pushing cartooning into interesting shapes and abstractions, and I really wish I was better with words so I could fully relay to you how great I think he is. We’re carrying his newest issue of Yellow Zine, issue 3, and also a little zine called Calvinosupplement, which has illustrations for every chapter of Italo Calvino’s brilliant book If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller. Check out Roman talking about his shelves on Comics & Cola here.

Frontier 2, Hellen Jo issue

If you like the sound of tough teen girl gangs hanging out and causing trouble, the new Frontier from Youth In Decline (run by Ryan Sands, who brought you such amazing things as the erotic comics anthology Thickness in the past) will be the one for you. Full of Hellen Jo’s wonderful illustrations. If you’re into Instagram, she updates her frequently with more gorgeous artwork.

Cold Heat Special Edition 4 by Jim Rugg  and Frank Santoro

Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac) AND Frank Santoro (Pompeii, Storeyville) in one newspaper comic from Picturebox, you say? Sign me up, etc, etc. Really, though, do sign up. We’ve only got a few, so be quick to snap ‘em up if you want one!

Flowers of Battambang by Em Satya

This comics has been 17 years in the making before Cambodian illustrator Em Satya finished it. I bought it in because it looked awesome and now I can find barely any information about it on the internet, it seems to be THAT obscure. Best come in and buy a copy for yourself. It does look extremely awesome. Here’s a little bit more info on this blog I found.

Noirness by Boulet

This comic is by the amazing Boulet, who’s website YOU SURELY ALREADY FOLLOW RELIGIOUSLY. This comic is great, and mind-boggingly, a 24-hour comic. Yup, he’s drawn a comic this good and accomplished in just 24 hours. Now, before all you cartoonists throw out your pens (like I wanted to when I saw this for the first time), calm down, have a cup of tea, and browse Boulet’s website. It’ll all be okay. Oh, and by the way! Boulet will be a guest at this year’s Thought Bubble convention up in Leeds.

Old favourites, back in stock:

Lou by Melissa Mendes

Operation Margarine by Katie Skelly

Pope Hats #3 by Ethan Rilly

Ritual 1 & 2 by Malachi Ward

Flesh & Bone by Julia Gfroerer

Danny Dutch by David King

Plus much, much more!

Also, if you never got around to getting an Oily Comics subscription, I ordered a bunch of Oily Zines for your perusal, including what there is of Chuck Forsman’s Teen Creeps. See you in the shop!




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The Gosh! Authority 05/03/14

Hello folks!

Andrew here, stepping in for Steve this week to inform and edify with new release info and pertinent news. Strap in, because there’s a bit to get through!


If you’ve been hiding from all social media and last week’s blog, you may have missed the fact that we here at Gosh HQ have decided to spend the month of March celebrating British comics in a spectacular series of events and blog posts we imaginatively like to call BRITISH COMICS MONTH! Seriously, we’re pulling out all the stops and putting ourselves through the wringer so that you, we, us together can wallow in the sweet wonder that is the current British comics scene. There are events galore, with signings, talks and parties on every week throughout March, not to mention a series of daily blog posts where we highlight talent who might be under your radar: the often unsung heroes of the self-publishing scene. The UK is an incredible hotbed of talent right now, so if you’re not normally familiar with what’s coming out locally, do yourself a favour and keep an eye out each day for our British Comics Month Spotlight posts!

The big events post for the month can be found here, and don’t miss the first party of the month this Friday, celebrating Spring with our good friends at Selfmadehero! And as an added bonus, all this week there is 25% off on all Selfmadehero titles, so get your butt down here.

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The Gosh! Authority 26/02/14


Plenty of excitement around the shop this week as we brace ourselves for British Comics Month, our upcoming series of events celebrating homegrown talent and publishers. Unfortunately, the I.N.J. Culbard launch party for Celeste had to be delayed until April (announcement soon), but there’s a silver lining: it’s been replaced (same day, same times), with the launch party for a new Myriad book – Bump by Kate Evans.
Have a look at the full line up and details here.

One of the publisher’s we’ll be spotlighting is SelfMadeHero, who supply a constant stream of wonderful books for us to enjoy.
This week sees the arrival of Vincent, Barbara Stok’s tale of Van Gogh’s attempts to establish an artist’s retreat in Arles.
It’s the latest in SelfMadeHero’s Art Masters imprint following Typex’s Rembrandt and looks to be another winner.
There’s a preview here.

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The Gosh Authority 12/02/14

 Southbank winter (2 of 63)



Southbank winter (18 of 63)

Last Friday we were delighted to play host to the wonderful Fumio Obata as he launched his lovely new book Just So Happens.
The book doesn’t go on sale until this Thursday so it was a great opportunity for eager readers to get ahead of the curve as well as a chance to get Fumio to sign and sketch in their books.

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The Gosh! Authority 05/02/14


Shaun here, back in the hot seat again as I stand in for regular host Steve who is enjoying a spot of time off. For those of you who may have missed it we’ll kick things off with news of the latest Gosh! event.


Coming up this Friday (the 7th) Gosh! will be playing host to the launch party for Fumio Obata’s Just so Happens. It’s a beautiful book, and the fun begins at 7pm. See you all there. Look out for more information on our lovely bookplate later this week!

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