Wytches Volume 1 Launch Party and Exhibition

Do we have some news for you! Jock, the co-creator of Image’s haunting hit series Wytches, is coming to Gosh! Not only will we be having a launch party to celebrate the release of the Gosh! bookplate edition of Wytches Volume 1 (keep an eye out for more details soon) but we’ll also be having an exclusive selling exhibition!


Jock is best known for his work on 2000 AD, Vertigo’s The Losers, and of course the excellent Batman Black Mirror (with Wytches collaborator Scott Snyder). Wytches is about … well you might have guessed, witches, but not the witches you’re accustomed to. Something evil is lurking in the woods and it’s ancient, hungry and watching. The hopeful Rooks family have moved to the remote town of Litchfield to escape their traumatic past, only to find the chances of making a fresh start grow slimmer and slimmer.

Writer Snyder says ‘Forget everything you know about witches. Because the truth is, witches, real witches, are something much, much scarier. Something you’ve never seen before. I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s leave it at this—you’ll never think of witches the same way once you see Jock’s designs. As for what you thought were witches? A wytch? A real wytch? Imagine, if you will, a bestial, primal creature that lives deep in the woods, waiting. We know nothing about them—they’re rarely seen. They are bigger than we are, stronger and smarter than we are, and they are gruesome and predatory. So, forget what you think you know. Leave the broomsticks for the kids. No magic, just horror.

Wytches Volume 1 collects Wytches issues #1-6 and is released June 24th. And not only has Jock created an exclusive Gosh! bookplate for us but he will also be exhibiting original design sketches and artwork from Wytches on the 26th of June! This will be the only opportunity for the forseeable future to buy any original pieces from Wytches, so fans of Jock and the series need to get themselves down here!

Jock will be with us on Friday the 26th of June and he’ll be signing at the party between 7-9pm. If you can’t make it along to the launch party but would like us to have a book put aside for you then get in touch via info@goshlondon.com and we can arrange that for you. As per usual we’ll also be offering a mail order service and can post signed books to you anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £5 with international quotes available on request.

Julian Hanshaw Exhibition

For just a couple of weeks our walls have the honour of holding up six pieces of original Julian Hanshaw art. Hanshaw is an animation artist whose short story Sand Dunes and Sonic Booms won him the Observer/Cape Graphic Short Story Prize back in 2008. It’s now collected with some other very excellent shorts in his latest book, I’m Never Coming Back, which follows his first graphic novel, The Art of Pho. We’ve got both in stock and both come highly recommended.

The pieces are all for sale and each falls somewhere within the price range of £120 to £160. Come have a look and see if you’d like to take one home with you.

Exhibition runs from Sunday the 24th of June until Friday, July the 6th.