Thought Bubble Presents Jeff Lemire Signing

Jeff Lemire is in town for the Thought Bubble festival, and we’ve been able to nab him for a signing here from 6-7pm on Thursday the 3rd November!


From his work for hire with Marvel, DC and Valiant to his new series from Image & Dark Horse, Jeff is a man who has been firing on all cylinders for years now.


First coming to our attention with the masterful Tales of Essex County, we’ve followed his career eagerly from his landmark Vertigo series Sweet Tooth, through his superhero work across the publishing spectrum, and now in his hit Image series Descender (with Dustin Nguyen) and of course Black Hammer, his collaboration with Dean Ormston, from Dark Horse.


Black Hammer is one of our favourite new series of the year. The series opens on a group of superheroes who are apparently in hiding in a small mid-western town after having saved the world decades ago. But all is not as it seems, and as the series unfolds we are slowly gaining insight into what their situation really is, and what has put them there in the first place. And of course the greatest mystery of all, what was the fate of the one hero who isn’t now among their number? What happened to Black Hammer?


And of course in the near future (sadly after our signing) we’ll be seeing AD: After Death, Lemire’s collaboration as artist with writer Scott Snyder. It’s an experimental mix of comics, prose and illustration released as three oversized squarebound issues, and it looks terrific.

Jeff will be here from 6-7pm on Thursday the 3rd of November, and if you can’t make it then feel free to drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or mail order. The Facebook event, for updates and announcements is here.

Thought Bubble Presents Matthew Rosenberg Signing

In association with the Thought Bubble festival, Matthew Rosenberg, writer of Black Mask Studios hits We Can Never Go Home and 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, will be here signing from 6-7pm on Wednesday the 26th October!


Part of the Ashcan Press writing studio (alongside Patrick Kindlon), Matthew’s first high-profile work was his Wu Tang comic 12 Reasons To Die, written in collaboration with RZA and Ghostface Killah. But his real breakout as a talent to watch was We Can Never Go Home, a tale of superpowered teens on the run.


Marvel certainly sat up and took notice, letting him take the reigns on their Civil War II Kingpin mini-series, helping put the classic villain back to his rightful place in the Marvel Universe. Not to mention Archie letting him loose as co-writer on the current Archie Meets The Ramones mini-series.


But most notably is his new Black Mask Studios book, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, a heist comic with a difference. It’s a brilliant, funny crime story where 11 year old Paige is forced to enlist the aid of her friends in order to save her dad from the inept bunch of criminals that have roped him into a bank robbery – by carrying out the robbery herself.


Matthew will be here from 6-7pm on Wednesday the 26th October, but if you can’t make it drop us a line to and we’ll organise a reservation or a mail order. You can keep track of any updates via the Facebook event page.

The Coldest Winter Launch Party with Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston will be joining us to celebrate the launch of The Coldest Winter, sequel to his excellent (soon to be a major motion picture) cold war thriller The Coldest City. Proceedings kick of from 7-9pm on Friday the 9th December! And we’ll have a special Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of the book to boot!


A Gosh! favourite writer, Antony has been a fixture of the UK comics scene for years. From his early genre-bending works at Oni, through long-running post-apocalyptic saga Wasteland and now in his Image series The Fuse and Codename: Baboushka, his work has been a constant fixture on our shelves.


But possibly his greatest success came with The Coldest City, a 2012 graphic novel drawn by Sam Hart set in the twilight of Cold War-era East Berlin. After a British agent is killed while carrying a list of all the agents on both sides currently working in the city, experienced spy Lorraine Broughton must recover the information while negotiating the complex espionage politics of a city she has no knowledge of. It was a brilliant thriller, quickly picked up for adaptation into the film which will be released in 2017, starring Charlize Theron & James McAvoy.


So the time is perfect for the release of The Coldest Winter, a prequel set 8 years before the events of Coldest City. The new book focuses on the backstory of David Perceval, who appears in The Coldest City as the British station chief in Berlin. He’s not exactly a nice guy in TCC, which was part of the attraction for Johnston: “I specifically wanted to show how he became the sort of person he is in The Coldest City, because he’s not a very likable character there. It was very much about finding that character and making him sympathetic, because in The Coldest City, he’s not very sympathetic at all.


The new book is illustrated by Steve Perkins who brings a kinetic style to proceedings, better suited to this more action-oriented story. And we’re thrilled to say that Perkins has also provided us with an all-new full-colour illustration for our exclusive bookplate edition, which you can pick up on the night or preorder here!


Antony will be with us for signing, beer and bubbles from 7-9pm on Friday the 9th December, adding a bit of wintery flavour to the pre-Christmas period. Take a break from your shopping and pop in to get a signed copy! Can’t make it on the night? Drop and email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order.

Keep up with any updates over at the Facebook event here.

Saving Grace Launch Party

Grace Wilson will be here celebrating the launch of her new Jonathan Cape graphic novel Saving Grace. The party starts here, 7-9pm on Friday the 4th November!

savinggrace_posterwebWe’re thrilled to see Grace’s work in a handsome new hardcover book. Her observational comics on the absurdities and injustices of life, politics and culture are firm favourites of ours, with a tone and style equal parts Raymond Briggs and Billy Bragg. Saving Grace – her first full length graphic novel – looks to be no exception, telling a tale that’s familiar to many.


“Saving Grace is the story of four twenty-somethings – Grace, Vicky, Jess and Maxine – who live in a ramshackle house in a rapidly gentrifying East London…until the landlord announces he’s selling up and they’ve got four weeks to leave. New plans form effortlessly for the others, but the odds feel stacked against Grace as she struggles to find self-fulfilment, a half decent job or even a roof over her head.”

Grace will be here from 7-9pm on Friday the 4th of November, signing, meeting, greeting, and having a beer or two. Come join her! And if you can’t make it, we’ll cover you: drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order. And be sure to keep up with any event updates on the Facebook event over here!


It’s All Absolutely Fine Launch Party

Ruby Elliot will be here to launch her new book It’s All Absolutely Fine, with some signing, chatting and live drawing, from 7-9pm on Friday the 18th November!


Not being content to simply repackage her massively popular Tumblr (over 200,000 followers and counting), London-based Ruby has created a huge amount of new material for the book to chronicle her daily struggles with mental health issues. She relates it all with an unflinching eye, tempered by the sense of humour that has made her online work such a must-read. It’s the best of both worlds: an important, warts and all exploration of issues that affect millions of people, that is also bloody funny.


Over on the Orion website, Ruby sums it up best: “When Orion asked me to make my book with them I did the stupidest of grins that filled up my whole face, and when people asked me why I said, ‘BECAUSE I AM DOING A BOOK WITH LOVELY PEOPLE WHO WANT ME TO DRAW ABOUT SAD THINGS IN A FUNNY WAY AND FUNNY THINGS IN A SAD WAY AND I AM ALSO ALLOWED SWEARING’. I said it all in capitals and everything. I can’t wait for you to see it!


Ruby will be here from 7-9pm, on Friday the 18th November. Not only will she be signing your books and chatting with your faces, but she’ll be doing some live drawing to boot! Definitely not one to miss! But if you have to miss it, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line at to arrange a reservation or mail order. And check out our Facebook event here.


The Yellow Monkey Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine Launch Party

We’re celebrating the release of Singing Dragon’s new graphic novel The Yellow Monkey Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine with writer Spencer Hill! Come on down from 7-9pm, Monday the 31st October!


Written by Mitchell and drawn by hill, the book acts as an accessible, witty primer to concepts within Chinese medicine. Exploring 78 key syndromes described within Chinese medicinal practise, each chapter follows an animal seeking advice from a sage, including the legendary Yellow Monkey Emperor and his teacher Bee Bo (a giant bee). The stories are full of Daoist in-jokes and fun sight gags, this light touch making the subject matter that much less intimidating.


“A horse complains of a chest as tight as a bear’s embrace, a goat bleats about skin as dry as parchment, and a rat describes his urine as darker than soya sauce. Join these lively characters and their friends as they seek diagnosis from wise animal sages and the yellow monkey emperor.”


We’ll be kicking things off from 7-9pm on Monday the 31st October with some beers and bubbly to celebrate. All are welcome, so come join us! Can’t make it? Drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order. Check out our Facebook event to keep track of any updates!

Black Dog Launch Party With Dave McKean

We’re having a launch party, including musical performances, with the legendary Dave McKean to celebrate the release of his latest book Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash. It all happens 7-9pm on Friday the 21st October.


Paul Nash was a renowned painter of landscapes and surrealist art who took his traumatic experiences in World War 1 and channelled them into a series of “psychoscape” paintings that are some of the most celebrated of the time. McKean has created a comics biography of Nash that approaches a series of events from his life through a lens of dreams, taking his lead from the artist’s diaries where he talks of a black dog that recurs in his sleeping subconscious.


As ever, McKean brings all of his considerable, diverse artistic skills to the table to create a unique reading experience, from lush paintings to scratched, inky lines that work in collaboration with the reader. In the words of the man himself: “Comics are a vital form in their own right. This is a unique medium. I couldn’t have made Black Dog in any other medium. I want to hear Nash’s voice in my head. I want the images to quote from still imagery, and NOT to move. You, the reader, have to create that illusion when necessary. Scale of image changes, you are in charge of time. These are all important facets of what makes comics such a powerful and intimate medium”.


Not only that, but Dave has done us the above exclusive silkscreen print, which will be available on the night, or can be preordered through our online store for the ridiculously reasonable price of £30!


Dave will be here signing books, having a chat and, most excitingly, performing songs from the accompanying performance piece he has created for the book! Come join us on Friday the 21st October, 7-9pm for what’s sure to be a memorable evening. Can’t make it along to get a copy of the book on the night? Drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order and we’ll sort you out. Check our facebook event for more info.

Gosh! Comics and Broken Frontier present Drink and Draw October Edition!

It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier This coming month we have special guests Anja Uhren, Lizzy Stewart, and Rachael Stott! The event will be Tuesday, October 18th. 


Anja Uhren is originally from Germany she now lives and works in the UK as a freelance illustrator, after graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth in summer 2015. Some her comics include What is Home?, Fairies & Stores and Encounters. She is currently artist-in-residence at the SIX house & Bank Street Arts in Sheffield.


Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator and artist currently based in London. She has been featured multiple times on the influential It’s Nice That website, and was one of their It’s Nice That Graduates in 2009. She was nominated for a British Comic Award for Emerging Talent in 2013, and currently teaches on behalf of the National Portrait Gallery. She recently published the children’s book There’s a Tiger in My Garden. 

Rachael Stott is a comic book artist and illustrator based in London .Her first published work in comics was with IDW, pencilling and inking the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover, written by Scott and David Tipton. In 2015 she won Best Newcomer at the British Comics Awards. Currently she collaborates with a variety of publishers whilst doing covers and interiors on Titan comics’ Twelfth Doctor ongoing series.


This event will be Tuesday, 18th October at The Crown pub.

Hosted by Gosh’s Nora Goldberg and Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver, the evening will provide an opportunity for attendees to find their artistic muse in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the company of a rotating list of guest creators from across all areas of comics publishing. With such a great group of creators you certainly won’t be in want of inspiration!
The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the evening’s location of choice. At 7pm we will be going to a local pub, The Crown to begin our drinking and drawing!

Benjamin Marra & Jon Chandler Signing


We’ve got two of comics’ most unique voices joining forces for a special signing event, as Benjamin Marra (American Blood) and Jon Chandler (John’s Worth) join us from 6-7pm, Tuesday the 11th October.


Benjamin will be signing copies of his new Fantagraphics collection American Blood, a compilation of his short comics from the last several years. His breakneck, no-holds barred comics are a carnival mirror of American culture in all its depraved glory, and a love letter to the glory days of DTV exploitation flicks. And don’t forget: we’ll have a Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of the book!


Jon, “Britain’s most isolated cartoonist”, will be diligently scribbling in his latest books from Breakdown Press: John’s Worth 1 & 2. Jon’s brilliant mix of pulp science fiction and fantasy influences with deeply personal psychosexual drama makes for compelling, sometimes uncomfortable reading. A true heir to the metaphorical body horror of Cronenberg and his peers, he’s a talent to be reckoned with.

Things will be kicking off 6-7pm, Tuesday the 11th October. Can’t make it on the night? Drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or mail order, and we’ll sort you out. Keep up with any updates via the Facebook event here.

Cowboys & Insects Signing with David Hine & Shaky Kane

David Hine and Shaky Kane are at it again with new one-shot Cowboys and Insects, and we’ve got a signing to mark the occasion! Come on down, Wednesday the 19th October, 6-7pm!


The team that brought you the feverish surreality of Bulletproof Coffin have got a new six-legged trick up their collective sleeve.  A  tale of troubled romance in an alternative 1950s, where the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests have had an unexpected effect on North America’s insects. This one-shot is an epic story of Big Bugs and the men who wrangle them.


Originally published in David Lloyd‘s excellent Aces Weekly digital comics anthology starting back in 2013, the series has been brought to print by the fine folks at Floating World Comics.


David and Shaky will be here on Wednesday the 19th October, from 6-7pm. Come down and get yourself a copy to be scribbled on by these fine gents!


Can’t make it on the night? Drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order and we’ll sort it out for you. And keep track of any updates via our Facebook event here.