Image Comics 25th Anniversary Panel Discussion

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Tickets for this event are now SOLD OUT. Sorry for any disappointment! Limited returns may be available on the night, but we can’t guarantee entry for non-ticket holders.


We’ve got an incredible line-up of Image creators appearing here for a lively panel discussion! Jordie Bellaire, Warren Ellis, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Declan Shalvey and Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson will all be here from 7.30-9pm on Friday the 17th March.

Big thanks to all the great folks at Image Comics for giving us the opportunity to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary with this and our massive Saturday signing session! Happy birthday, and here’s to many, many more!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a signing event. There will not be a signing session before or after the talk. Jordie, Declan & Eric will be part of a signing event occurring on Saturday the 18th March.

This year marks the milestone 25th anniversary of Image Comics. Panelists will talk about how they’ve seen the industry change since the company’s founding in 1992, what impact it had on their own careers and the titles that still influence their work today, and give broader speculation on where Image Comics can push the boundaries of what’s expected in comics for the future.
With Image Comics’ creator-owned business model, there’s more than one set way to tell a story. Panelists will discuss their creative process—how much collaborating happens behind the scenes? Where do the creative teams come up with their ideas? A freewheeling discussion of how the creative freedom at Image sparks countless ways to cultivate bestselling comics fans can’t help but fall in love with. Publisher Eric Stephenson will speak to both storytelling as a writer on his own books, Nowhere Men and They’re Not Like Us, and as a publisher, illuminating both sides of the process.

We’re extremely honoured to be involved in Image’s celebrations as part of their appearances at the London Book Fair and London Book and Screen Week.


Jordie Bellaire is probably the most lauded (and certainly most prolific) colourist working today. You’d be lucky to find a week without one of her books shipping, and even luckier to experience her mastery of palette. Always pushing the boundaries of colour as an integral part of storytelling, her versatility is astounding. Equally impressive has been her outspoken advocacy for inclusiveness in the industry, including initiating the “Comics are for everybody” movement.

Warren Ellis hardly needs an introduction, a man who has repeatedly kicked the stool out from under a complacent industry to bring it standing to attention. He has a masterful hand for reinvention, a keen futurists eye, and an authorial voice that can bring laughter, tears, excitement and horror all with deceptive ease. His current Image titles, Injection and Trees, rank among the best comics work he’s done.

Kieron Gillen is one of the brightest stars in the British comics firmament. Gaining prominence for his work on Phonogram, he has gone from strength to strength through his subsequent work on titles such as Young Avengers (where one could argue he and creative partner Jamie McKelvie set the tone for the increased progressiveness and inclusiveness in the Marvel universe that was to follow), Journey Into Mystery, Uncanny X-Men, Generation Hope, Darth Vader and of course The Wicked + The Divine.

Jamie McKelvie, often in partnership with Kieron, has brought a slick new visual vocabulary to mainstream comics, bringing in influences from the worlds of music and fashion. As well as outstanding artistic stints on Phonogram, Suburban Glamour, Young Avengers and The Wicked + The Divine, Jamie has been a key designer for Marvel, including two of its most iconic modern costume designs: Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel (now, as an icon of the Resist movement, a cultural phenomenon in her own right).

Declan Shalvey brings a weighty, graphic eye to his art, wowing everyone with his striking work on Warren Ellis’ superb Moon Knight run. Starting out in the world of self-publishing, he first caught our eye in the pages of Thunderbolts and has since become a draw in his own right. As well as ongoing work on Ellis’ Injection, he has recently popped up in the pages of All Star Batman, and his covers have been gracing Becky Cloonan’s current Punisher run.

Eric Stephenson has been with Image since its earliest days. Working as Extreme Studios’ editor, he also wrote and co-wrote a number of those early Extreme titles. Continuing to work on in a publishing capacity, he was a key member of the Image team for both Jim Valentino and Erik Larsen’s respective runs as Publisher, before taking the position himself in 2008. Under his directorship, Image has found a new place within the market, positioning itself as the premiere publisher for creator owned work and changing the face of graphic novel sales throughout all channels with titles such as The Walking Dead and Saga. A passionate believer in positive change for the comics business, his annual Image Expo addresses are a must for industry-watchers. He’s also returned to writing, with Nowhere Men and They’re Not Like Us both proving that he’s still more than capable of considerable creative output alongside his publishing duties.

All these folks will be here from 7.30-9pm on Friday, March 17th. We’ll be closing the store briefly at 7pm to set up seating before reopening to let audience members in. Free tickets are available via the ticketing link here. Names will be checked on the door, and a limited number of returns may be available on the night. Seating is unreserved. Keep up with any updates on the Facebook event here.

And to help celebrate all the Image goings-on, we’ll be doing 10% off of all Image Comics TPs on the day! It’s the perfect chance to try out that new series you’ve had your eye on…

As previously stated, there will not be a signing session at this event. Jordie, Declan & Eric will be appearing to sign as part of a line-up of signings on Saturday, March 18th. More details can be found here.




Image Comics 25th Anniversary Signing Day

It’s Image Comics’ 25th anniversary, and to mark the occasion we’ve got a number of signings happening throughout the afternoon of Saturday the 18th March, so come on down! Big thanks to all the great folks at Image Comics for giving us the opportunity to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary with this and our terrific Friday night talk. Happy birthday, and here’s to many, many more!

We’ll have (deep breath!) Jordie Bellaire, Simon Gane, Emi Lenox, John McCrea, Tradd Moore, Sean Phillips, Alison Sampson, Declan Shalvey, Si Spurrier, Eric Stephenson, Christian Ward, Caspar Wijngaard & Dan Watters all here to say hi and scribble in your books for you.

These talented folks will be signing together in small groups through the afternoon, with the roster as follows:
1pm – 2pm
John McCrea
Sean Phillips
Allison Sampson
2pm – 3pm
Simon Gane
Emi Lenox
Eric Stephenson
3pm – 4pm
Jordie Bellaire
Tom Muller
Declan Shalvey
Si Spurrier
4pm – 5pm
Tradd Moore
Christian Ward
Caspar Wijngaard
Dan Watters
We’ll have a limit of 6 items per customer per signing session, excluding anything you buy in store on the day. So if there are 3 creators signing, you could bring 2 items for each creator, or 3 each for two of them, or 6 for one of them, plus anything you buy in store on the day.
Let’s meet this ridiculously talented line-up!
Based in Ireland, Jordie Bellaire is an Eisner award winning colourist for her contributions to such titles as The Manhattan Projects, Nowhere Men, Pretty Deadly, Zero , The Massive, Tom Strong, X-Files Season 10, Captain Marvel, Journey into Mystery, and Numbercruncher, among numerous other books.
Simon Gane lives and works in Bristol, UK. Previous projects include Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story and Northlanders for DC/Vertigo, Paris for SLG Publishing and Godzilla: History’s Greatest Monster for IDW. Simon is currently working on Image title They’re Not Like Us with writer Eric Stephenson.
Emi Lenox is based out of Portland, Oregon, and is a comic creator widely known for Emitown, a web-based diary comic that was later published by Image as two printed volumes, and her excellent collaboration with Jeff Lemire, Plutona.
John McCrea is an Irish comics creator currently collaborating with Phil Hester on the supernatural science series Mythic. His past work includes such titles as Troubled Souls, Hitman and many, many more.
Tradd Moore burst on the scene with his eye-popping (sometimes quite literally) visuals on The Strange Talent of Luther Strode (with writer Justin Jordan). He was quickly snapped up by Marvel for their Ghost Rider relaunch, as well as ongoing cover work on top titles. As well as working on Ales Kot’s Image series Zero, he collaborated with Jordan again to complete the Luther Strode trilogy with The Legend and The Legacy.
Tom Muller has been designing comics for over 15 years and picked up the odd Einser and Harvey Awards nomination along the way. He’s best known for his design and art-direction on Zero, Wolf, Drifter, Material, Snowfall, and The Violent at Image; his logos for DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, Unfollow, Survivors’ Club, and Trillium; and his design and cover art for Valiant’s Divinity series, Ninjak, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, and Book of Death.
Drawing comics professionally since the age of fifteen, Sean Phillips has in recent years concentrated on creator-owned books including Criminal, Incognito, Seven Psychopaths, Fatale & The Fade Out. He’s currently drawing Kill or be Killed, written by his frequent collaborator Ed Brubaker.
Alison Sampson brings her architectural background to her art, creating living, breathing worlds that her characters inhabit. Her work can be found in Nathan Edmonson collaboration Genesis, and the upcoming Winnebago Graveyard with writer Steve Niles.
Declan Shalvey is an award-winning cartoonist based in Ireland, known for his many collaborations with creators like Warren Ellis and Jordie Bellaire.
Si Spurrier writes novels and comics, with his recent work in the sequential sphere including Cry Havoc, Doctor Who, and Eisner award nominated science-fantasy series, The Spire. His latest prose novels are Contract and A Serpent Uncoiled, while his first digital-only project is the “absurdist-noir” novella Unusual Concentrations.
As Publisher for Image Comics, Eric Stephenson has helped foster the creator-owned projects of numerous bestselling writers and artists, including Robert Kirkman, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Brandon Graham, as well as a well-known pair of award magnets whose names rhyme with Frian and Biona. He is also the Eisner-nominated writer and co-creator of Nowhere Men and They’re Not Like US.
After 10 years of encouraging London teenagers to draw anything other than comics, Christian Ward is now a full-time comic book artist, illustrator and writer. Alongside being an artist at Marvel (Iron Man, New Avengers, The Ultimates, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), he is also the co-creator of ODY-C with Matt Fraction for Image Comics.
Dan Watters is a London-based writer whose first creator owned graphic novel Limbo, created with Caspar Wijngaard, was released in 2016 through Image Comics. He is currently working on Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame, both for Titan Comics.
Caspar Wijngaard’s work has been published by Image Comics, BOOM! and Titan. His most recent work includes the Image series Limbo which he drew, coloured and co-created with writer Dan Watters, and Assassins Creed and Dark Souls comics for Titan.
Be sure to come along and help us celebrate with this heapin’ helpin’ of Image talent! If you can’t make it on the day but would like to arrange a reservation or mail order, drop us an email to Keep an eye on the Facebook event for any updates.
And to help celebrate all the Image goings-on, we’ll be doing 10% off of all Image Comics TPs on the day! It’s the perfect chance to try out that new series you’ve had your eye on…

International Women’s Day – Emma Hayley Interview

Wednesday the 8th March is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate we’re having a special interview from 7.30-9pm with two of the great, inspiring women of UK comics: SelfMadeHero publisher & managing director Emma Hayley will be here, interviewed by award winning writer & artist Karrie Fransman!


Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, it’s fair to say that SelfMadeHero has been at the vanguard of transforming the graphic novel market in this country. Beginning with the smash hit Manga Shakespeare series, their smart mix of recognisable, mass market friendly literary adaptations and biographies has helped spearhead GNs onto bookstore shelves and into customers hands. With that lead, they’ve also been able to promote a carefully curated selection of original material, from Pat McKeown’s Hair Shirt to Rob Davis‘ duology of The Motherless Oven and The Can Opener’s Daughter.

After a career in journalism, film PR and publishing editorial, Emma launched SelfMadeHero in 2007. From small, innovative beginnings (we fondly recall the heart-shaped pizzas she sent to stores to promote the release of Romeo & Juliet), SelfMadeHero has gone from strength to strength, partnering with publishing giant Abrams & Chronicle along the way to gain the international exposure they so richly deserve. And at the head of it all Emma has held a steady hand on the rudder, with a vision and intelligence that has created a stable, sustainable place for the company. In 2008 she was named UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Book Awards, and despite the day to day rigours of running a publishing business she still remains hands-on in commissioning new titles.

Emma will be interviewed by Karrie Fransman, the award-winning author of graphic novels The House That Groaned and The Death of the Artist. She also developed Over, Under, Sideways, Down for the British Red Cross, a giveaway comic chronicling the real experiences of an Iranian teen refugee. She is a tireless advocate for the comics medium, regularly teaching workshops in a number of different educational environments.

Karrie will be interviewing Emma on her career, the evolution of SelfMadeHero and what the future may hold from 7.30pm – 9pm on Wednesday the 8th March. There is no ticket purchase required: seating will offered on a first-come first-served basis on the night. The shop will close briefly at 7pm for setup, and reopen shortly before 7.30pm to admit audience members. There will doubtless be time for a Q&A, so get your questions ready!

You can keep up with any event updates on the Facebook event page here.

Gosh! Comics and Broken Frontier present Drink and Draw February Edition!

It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier This coming month we have special guests Rachael Ball, Matthew Dooley, and Sarah Gordon! The event will be Tuesday, February 28th. 

Rachael Ball,  is a cartoonist and teacher whose illustrations have appeared in City Life, Deadline, the Times Educational Supplement and the Radio Times. Ball was a regular contributor to the 90’s British comic Deadline. Her first graphic novel, The Inflatable Woman, was released in 2015, the tale of zookeeper Iris who is diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently working on her new graphic novel, Wolf Man.

Matthew Dooley  is a cartoonist from the north west of England. His work has appeared in comic anthologies such as Dirty Rotten Comics, Off Life and T4L. He has twice been shortlisted for the Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica prize, and he won the 2016 prize for his short story Colin Turnbull: A Tall Story.

Sarah Gordon, an illustrator and concept designer, works with clients like Wired UK, George Michael, Look What We Found, and Lush Cosmetics. Her narrative work has been published in Ink+Paper Magazine, VS Comics and Solipsistic Pop.

This event will be Tuesday, 28th February at Crown & Horses pub.

Hosted by Gosh’s Nora Goldberg and Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver, the evening will provide an opportunity for attendees to find their artistic muse in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the company of a rotating list of guest creators from across all areas of comics publishing. With such a great group of creators you certainly won’t be in want of inspiration!
The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the evening’s location of choice. At 7pm we will be going to a local pub, Crown & Horses to begin our drinking and drawing!

Collecting Sticks Launch Party with Joe Decie

Joe Decie will be here to celebrate the release of his new Jonathan Cape graphic novel Collecting Sticks on Thursday, April 13th, 7-9pm.

The king of fanciful autobiography is back! Joe Decie is on his usual fine form as he and the family embark on a “glamping” trip in an attempt to get back to nature. Filled with his usual wry humour and occasional forays into humorous fantastical interludes, Collecting Sticks is a welcome return from one of UK comics’ most distinctive (and funny) voices.

The story plays with the challenges nature presents to city folk as they forage for berries, get stuck up a tree, make perilous encounters with stinging wildlife, compete to build the best fire and discover the importance of finding good sticks. Also, it rains. It’s about the human desire to get back to nature. Or to return to childhood and hit things with sticks.

Joe will be here on Thursday the 13th April from 7-9pm to launch the new book, and we’d love for you join us! It’ll be the usual enjoyable mix of signed books, beers, bubbles and great comics chatter. If you can’t make it along, drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or a mail order. You can keep up with any updates on the Facebook event here.

A Thousand Coloured Castles Launch with Gareth Brookes

Gareth Brookes will be here to launch his new Myriad graphic novel, A Thousand Coloured Castles, on Thursday the 20th April from 7-9pm!

One of the most unique artistic voices in UK comics, we’re always keenly interested in Gareth’s new output. A Thousand Coloured Castles doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint, with Gareth utilising crayons to give the work a thick, substantial feel while the colour palette lends the whole work a surreal, dreamy aspect.

Myriam is seeing things, and so can we, but her husband Fred is adamant it’s all a lot of nonsense. In A Thousand Coloured Castles Brookes once again twitches the net curtains of the suburban south in this gloriously crayoned follow-up to the prize-winning The Black Project.

The Black Project was one of our favourite books of 2013, and from what we’ve seen of the new book Gareth has lost none of his visionary approach to the medium, or the wonderfully observed humanity he brings to his characters. One of the first must-reads of 2017!

Gareth will be here to raise a glass and sign copies of A Thousand Coloured Castles on Thursday the 20th April from 7-9pm. If you can’t make it down, email us at to arrange a reservation or mail order. You can keep up with any updates at the Facebook event page here.



Greg Pak Signing

Greg Pak will be here to sign on Tuesday, February 21st from 6-7pm!

We’ve long been fans of Greg Pak, perhaps best known as one of the definitive Hulk writers, from his classic Planet Hulk / World War Hulk story arc through to his current run on Totally Awesome Hulk. The latter book, featuring the adventures of a hulked-out Amadeus Cho (the young Asian American supergenius Pak co-created), has showcased Pak’s characteristic light touch, mixing humour, action and drama with deceptive ease.

With a significant track record with Marvel and DC – taking in top tier characters such as the X-Men (including the haunting Magneto: Last Testament), Superman, Batman, Iron Man and more – it’s always exciting to see Pak branch out into new territory. The Dark Horse weird western tale Kingsway West, with art by the excellent Mirko Colak, has been a welcome addition to his oeuvre. The tale of a Chinese gunslinger searching for his abducted wife in an Old West filled with magic and monsters, it’s a lot of dark, violent, surprisingly touching fun.

Greg will be signing here on Tuesday the 21st February, from 6-7pm, so come on down! If you can’t make it and would like to arrange a reservation or mail order, drop us a line to Keep up with any event updates at the Facebook event here.

Image Day Signing with Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard

Image turns 25 this year, and they’re having a day of signings and events worldwide to kick off the celebrations! We’ll be playing host to Limbo‘s Caspar Wijngaard & Dan Watters for an Image Day signing on Wednesday the 1st February, 6-7pm!

Limbo was one of the surprise hits of last year, a whip-smart occult detective noir, drenched in 80’s neon. In a cocktail that mixes equal parts Dashiell Hammet and David Cronenberg with its own unique ingredients, Watters and Wijngaard have whipped up a novel concoction that’s a pleasure to ingest from start to finish.

A detective with no memory, no identity and no manners. A femme fatale seeking escape from a powerful crime lord. A voodoo queen with a penchant for mixtapes and hi-tops. A goat-eating TV… Welcome to Dedande City, where good people check under their beds at night and reality is never quite what it seems.


And it’s not just a signing! To help celebrate Image Day, we’ll be doing 10% off of all Image Comics TPBs on the day, and a massive 25% off the Limbo TPB! What more excuse do you need? Come on down to see Dan and Caspar, get their excellent book signed and treat yourself to some more of Image’s amazing range of books.

The gents will be here from 6-7pm on Wednesday the 1st February. Keep up with any event updates on the Facebook event page. Can’t make it on the day? Email us on to arrange a reservation or mail order (but full price on reservations and mail orders, sorry!).

Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Signing & Talk

We’ll have an incredible line-up of costume designers and concept artists from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story here for a signing and q&a on Friday, 3rd February. Glyn DillonDave CrossmanAdam Brockbank, Matt Allsopp, Vincent Jenkins, Jon Mccoy and Will Htay will be here from 7.30 – 9.00pm!

The eagerly anticipated Star Wars spin-off/prequel Rogue One hit cinemas in December (and still resides in many), and presented a unique challenge for those involved: how to recreate the look and feel of the classic trilogy while still introducing new elements that felt a natural part of it. Fair to say that all involved did a phenomenal job, as laid out in The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, written by Josh Kushins.

Lucky for us plenty of those talented folks are based right here in the UK, and we’re lucky enough to be hosting a number of them for a Q&A session and signing! We’ll have costume designers Glyn Dillon & Dave Crossman, as well as concept artists Adam Brockbank, Matt Allsopp, Vincent Jenkins, Jon Mccoy and Will Htay all here in-store to talk about their process working on the film, as well as take your questions. There will also be an opportunity to get copies of The Art of Rogue One signed by this incredible roster of talent.

Things kick off on Friday, 3rd February from 7.30-9pm. The event isn’t ticketed, it’s a first-come, first-served seating arrangement and space is limited, so get here early! And keep up with any event updates on the Facebook event page. Can’t make it along? Email us at to reserve a signed copy or arrange a mail order. Postage in the UK is a flat rate of £5 and quotes for international shipping are available on request.

2000 AD 40th Anniversary Signing- Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill

Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill will be here to sign on Friday the 10th February from 6-7pm. Don’t miss this one, folks!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic turns 40 this year, and to celebrate, the good folks at 2000 AD are throwing a massive celebratory convention! The Forty Years of Thrill-Power Festival takes place at the Novotel London West on Saturday the 11th February from 10am – 7pm, and should be one hell of a knees-up, with luminaries from throughout the entire history of the seminal sci-fi anthology. Sadly the event is now sold out, but keep an eye out here in case of any news.

Not content to just sit on the sidelines, we wanted to get on board with celebrating this milestone by getting together two of the creators instrumental in the magazine’s success: Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill!

The influence of the pair on 2000 AD (and beyond) is immeasurable, whether it be in the pages of ABC Warriors and Nemesis the Warlock, or editorial acts such as introducing creator credits in British comics. That fruitful collaboration continued elsewhere with the creation of ultimate anti-hero Marshal Law, and into present day with crime novel Read Em and Weep Book One: Serial Killer.

Launching at the festival, Read ‘Em and Weep is a darkly comedic prose thriller set in the 70’s, co-authored by Mills & O’Neill: “Can a man-child comic book editor who hates everyone be a hero? You bet! Dave Maudling, the Liquorice Detective, isn’t just a fur-obsessed, confectionary-munching loser. He is also a SERIAL KILLER. But everything is about to change–for the worst.” We’ll have copies available on the night!

We’ll also be launching the latest and final of our 30th Anniversary prints: a beautiful Nemesis the Warlock Screenprint! It releases on the day, and we’ll have a small number held back for online orders on Saturday 11th February from 11am.

Pat & Kevin will be here from 6-7pm on Friday the 10th February. If you can’t make it along but would like to get something signed, email us on to arrange a reservation or a mail order. Keep an eye of the Facebook event for updates.

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!