Love Sick Launch Party with Jessie Cave

We’re very happy to announce that Jessie Cave will be joining us here at Gosh! for a launch party to celebrate the release of her latest book Love Sick.


Actress, comedian, writer and artist Jessie Cave is truly a jack (and master) of all trades. She’s best known for her roles in the Harry Potter films as Lavender Brown and most recently in E4’s brilliant series Glue. Inspired by suffering from self-doubt, jealousy, a fear of failure and constant worry Jessie made it her mission to post a doodle a day onto her Twitter. No matter how personal the subject matter Jessie kept to her word, and soon found the experience became a cathartic compulsion that created hilarious sketches and won her 73,000 followers. Her brand new book Love Sick has been complied from these doodles and explores the process of liking someone, dating, falling in love, friendship, breaking-up and just becoming entirely Love Sick.

Publishers David Shrigley say: ‘Confessional, funny and brutally honest, the doodles in this book cover all the aspects of liking someone, dating, falling in love, friendship and breaking-up. They are born from the confusing and often embarrassing moments, feelings and situations that every woman faces in her day-to-day dating life.’

Jessie Cave said: “I am extremely excited to have a book coming out after doing a doodle a day online for almost 4 years now. It’s basically my diary. I feel very lucky to have Jake Lingwood and all of Ebury behind me and plan to keep on doodling!”

Jessie Cave will be with us on Thursday the 2nd of July from 7-9pm where we’ll be raising a glass to the release of Love Sick. If you can’t make it along to the launch party but would like us to have a book put aside for you then get in touch via and we can arrange that for you.

As usual, we’ll also be offering a mail order service and can post signed books to you anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £5 with international quotes available on request.

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The Avery Hill Night Before ELCAF Party, featuring the launch of ‘The End of Summer’ by Tillie Walden

We’re over the moon to announce that South London based Avery Hill Publishing are coming back to Gosh! Before it all kicks off at ELCAF we’ve got Avery Hill joining us for an evening of celebration and we’ll be raising a glass to toast the launch of Tillie Walden’s  new graphic novel ‘The End of Summer‘.




Avery Hill publish some of the very best creators in the UK indie scene and we can’t wait to welcome them back to Gosh! Not only will they be joining us to celebrate the launch of ‘The End of Summer’ but this will also be your first chance to get your hands on the latest issue of Reads (a comics anthology featuring some of the best talent from the UK small press comics scene) featuring artist’s such as Tim Bird, Luke Halsall and Ricky Miller.

Small press comics fans will already know the names of Rachael Smith (The Rabbit) and Donya Todd (Buttertubs) on Avery Hills 2015 books list, however they might not be as familiar with their third creator, Tillie Walden. After numerous beautifully crafted short stories ‘The End of Summer’ will be Tille’s first graphic novel and we can’t wait for you to read this tragic tale of two twins. A long winter is drawing in and behind the walls of a secluded and hauntingly beautiful castle tensions are running high. Tillie tells the story of Lars and his twin sister as they fight through the boredom and pressures of family life as they spend the winter locked indoors. We’re also extremely excited to announce Tillie has produced an exclusive bookplate and print for Gosh!, both available in store and through our webshop!

 Tillie says ‘The End of Summer is my longest comic to date and the story is a collection of what I’ve learned drawing comics over the past year. I spent a long time drawing short stories and putting in small elements of myself, but with this book I wanted to finally go all the way and tell a story that was entirely out of my head. The idea came from my obsessive need for detail and my twin brother. We’re extremely close, and our relationship is where my main characters came from. And I wanted to make a place that was everything I wanted. Huge rooms, oversized cats, indoor pools and playgrounds, and intricate patterns over everything. Basically, my ideal home.’


The party starts at 7pm on Friday the 19th of June and we’ll be celebrating with beer and bubbly by the bucketful. The Avery Hill team will be joining us here for the launch party as well as Tillie Walden herself who will be signing copies of ‘The End of Summer’. If you can’t make it on the night and fancy a signed copy then drop us a line at and we can make sure they’re put aside for you. As ever mail order is also available; postage in the UK is a flat rate of £5 while quotes for further afield are on request.

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Jolly Lad: John Doran, Simon Fowler and Krent Able in conversation with Matt Colegate

The wonderful John Doran, Simon Fowler and Krent Able are coming to Gosh! They’ll be talking about John’s new memoir Jolly Lad in conversation with Matt Colegate, so make sure this is on your radar!



John Doran is best known as the Features Editor and co-founder of The Quietus and Jolly Lad collects his long-running column for Vice which showcases his life stories as a music journalist as well as providing an insight into his personal life.
Anyone who knows the work of Krent Able will know that he doesn’t shy away from the grotesque and obscene, particularly in his Big Book of Mischief  which probably features all your favourite musicians up to some terrible things, and he produces the interior illustrations while the cover art has been provided by Simon Fowler and these three creators combine to produce a book all serious music fans will relate to.
From the healing power of music to the way in which the memory of a particular song defines us, Jolly Lad takes a look at John Doran and his various obsessions, and it doesn’t beat about the bush in digging deep and discussing serious issues such as recovery from alcoholism, habitual drug use and mental illness.
But it’s not all doom and gloom, Jolly Lad is also a refreshingly cheerful and uplifting memoir and provides plenty of material for this to have the scope to be a particularly compelling conversation.




Writer John Doran says “This is not a ‘my drink and drug hell’ kind of book for several reasons – the main one being that I had, for the most part, had a really good time drinking. True, a handful of pretty appalling things have happened to me and some people that I know or used to know over the years. But I have, for the most part, left them out of this book as they are not illuminating, not edifying and in some cases concern other people who aren’t here to consent to their appearance. Instead this book concentrates on what you face after the drink and the drugs have gone.”


John Doran, Simon Fowler and Krent Able will be with us on Saturday the 27th of June  in conversation with Matt Colegate  7-9pm. If you can’t make it along to the signing but would like us to have a book put aside for you then get in touch via and we can arrange that for you.
As usual, we’ll also be offering a mail order service and can post signed books to you anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £5 with international quotes available on request.

Wytches Volume 1 Launch Party and Exhibition

Do we have some news for you! Jock, the co-creator of Image’s haunting hit series Wytches, is coming to Gosh! Not only will we be having a launch party to celebrate the release of the Gosh! bookplate edition of Wytches Volume 1 (keep an eye out for more details soon) but we’ll also be having an exclusive selling exhibition!


Jock is best known for his work on 2000 AD, Vertigo’s The Losers, and of course the excellent Batman Black Mirror (with Wytches collaborator Scott Snyder). Wytches is about … well you might have guessed, witches, but not the witches you’re accustomed to. Something evil is lurking in the woods and it’s ancient, hungry and watching. The hopeful Rooks family have moved to the remote town of Litchfield to escape their traumatic past, only to find the chances of making a fresh start grow slimmer and slimmer.

Writer Snyder says ‘Forget everything you know about witches. Because the truth is, witches, real witches, are something much, much scarier. Something you’ve never seen before. I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s leave it at this—you’ll never think of witches the same way once you see Jock’s designs. As for what you thought were witches? A wytch? A real wytch? Imagine, if you will, a bestial, primal creature that lives deep in the woods, waiting. We know nothing about them—they’re rarely seen. They are bigger than we are, stronger and smarter than we are, and they are gruesome and predatory. So, forget what you think you know. Leave the broomsticks for the kids. No magic, just horror.

Wytches Volume 1 collects Wytches issues #1-6 and is released June 24th. And not only has Jock created an exclusive Gosh! bookplate for us but he will also be exhibiting original design sketches and artwork from Wytches on the 26th of June! This will be the only opportunity for the forseeable future to buy any original pieces from Wytches, so fans of Jock and the series need to get themselves down here!

Jock will be with us on Friday the 26th of June and he’ll be signing at the party between 7-9pm. If you can’t make it along to the launch party but would like us to have a book put aside for you then get in touch via and we can arrange that for you. As per usual we’ll also be offering a mail order service and can post signed books to you anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £5 with international quotes available on request.

Moomins On The Riviera Screening

We just can’t get enough of Tove Jansson’s universally loved Finnish cartoon creatures The Moomins! And seeing as last year was the 100th anniversary of Tove’s birth we’ll be screening Moomins On The Riviera.


Based on Tove Jansson’s original comic strip, the film celebrates everyone’s favorite Moomin family in a unique hand-drawn animation style inspired by the original comic strips themselves. It’s a film for all audiences, so bring the whole family! But it gets even better we’ll be screening Moomins on the Riviera for free! Come join us as The Moomins face universal themes such as finding joy in the small things in life, family, and optimism.

‘The Moomins, Snorkmaiden and Little My, in search of adventures of their own, set sail for the Riviera, where, after a journey fraught with menacing storms and desert island dangers, Snorkmaiden is dazzled by the attentions of a playboy and Moomin learns that jealousy’s sting is the most painful of all. When Moominpappa befriends an aristocrat and adopts the name ‘de Moomin’, an exasperated Moominmamma retires to the relative calm of their trusty old boat, to wait for her family to come to their senses. For the very first time, the unity of the Moomins is threatened.’

We can’t wait to watch some Moomin mayhem! We’ll be screening Moomins On The Riviera on Saturday 23rd May from 7.30pm. Seats are limited on a first-come-first-served basis, so make sure you get down here early to avoid disappointment.

Material Signing with Will Tempest & Tom Muller

Artist and designer team Will Tempest & Tom Muller are coming to Gosh! to sign copies of their brand new Image series (in collaboration with writer Ales KotMaterial, so cancel your plans and mark your calendars!



Material is a brand new thought-provoking suspense series looking into the fleeting state of humanity and we cant wait to delve into these fascinating stories about everyday people. A man comes home from Guantanamo Bay, irrevocably changed. An actress receives an offer that can revive her career. A boy survives a riot and becomes embedded within a revolutionary movement. A philosopher is contacted by a being that dismantles his beliefs. Look around you. Everything is material.


Ales Kot says “It’s a story that begins in America and spreads everywhere. It defies easy categorization. Our chief aim is to be truthful about LIFE as it is NOW through a vast VARIETY of explored HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Material also marks the return of 9-panel grid as a standard tool in a comic series. Expect backmatter files by excellent artists, writers, journalists and other beings. Expect new readers coming to comic book stores asking for it. Ideally, Material will be our ‘Cerebus’—in that we intend to keep this one going for a long, long time.


Will and Tom will be signing copies of Material on Wednesday the 27th of May between 6pm and 7pm. If you can’t make it along but would like to get your hands on a copy then drop us an email via and we can sort that out for you. Postage across the UK is a flat rate of £5 while quotes for further afield are available on request.

Zenith Phase One Apex Edition Signing with Steve Yeowell

We’re ecstatic to announce that British comics heavyweight Steve Yeowell will be coming to Gosh! to sign copies of the Zenith Phase One Apex Edition as well as Phases one to four!


Steve Yeowell is a UK comics legend, working on titles such as Judge Dredd, The Invisibles, Red Seas and Sinister Dexter (among many, many others), with such writers as Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar, Ian Edginton and Dan Abnett. But of course the title he is probably most strongly associated with is Zenith, his incredible collaboration with Morrison.

The Apex Edition is a full size reproduction of the original artwork from Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s seminal superhero story from the late 1980s. Carefully hidden away by Yeowell for almost 30 years and curated by 2000 AD’s design team, the Apex Edition will be the closest readers can get to holding the original artwork in your hands – right down to seeing faded speech balloons pasted to the surface, editorial and design marks, and Yeowell’s brush and pen strokes.


Steve will be with us on Saturday the 27th of June signing between 1-2pm. If you can’t make it along to the signing but would like us to have a book put aside for you then get in touch via and we can arrange that for you. As per usual we’ll also be offering a mail order service and can post signed books to you anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £5 with international quotes available on request.

Nobrow 17 x 23 Launch Party

Nothing makes us happier than being able to work with the good folks at Nobrow, whose discerning mix of story, art and production values helped to spearhead the current UK comics renaissance. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce a 17 x 23 Launch Party! To celebrate the latest batch of titles from their line of showcase pamphlet format comics we’ve got Andy Poyiadgi, Joe Sparrow and Will Exley here on May 15th, 7-9pm, to have a chat, a drink or two and a scribble in your books.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 17.04.33

The 17 x 23 line of titles was created as a means of showcasing new and upcoming talent, giving them the opportunity to craft a 24-page standalone story published in a standardised 17cm x 23cm staple bound format. Kept to the high standards of production that we expect from Nobrow, they make for lovely little books and have featured such talents as Luke Pearson, Mikkel Sommer, Ben Newman, Rob Hunter and more. After a period of relative silence on the line, they are releasing four new books in quick succession.


First up we have Andy Poyiadgi‘s beautiful Lost Property (also separately launched here last month), a sweet piece about lost youth and rediscovered creativity.


Gerald is a postman, much like many other postmen. One day, having lost a precious and personal item, he visits his local lost and found. Only to find far more than he bargained for, because in this “self storage”, each and every one of Gerald’s lost possessions has been kept and contained. How each item got there and why they were under one roof was a mystery. But they were all there…

Next up is Vacancy by Jen Lee, creator of the excellent Thunderpaw webcomic (who sadly won’t be joining us on the night – it’s a bit of a flight for a two hour party).


“In a dishevelled and ransacked backyard, a dog named Simon has been  forgotten by his owners. Simon contemplates breaking free and eventually partners up with a raccoon and a deer who take him into the woods. But Simon realizes he is not quite ready to live in the wild.


Joe Sparrow‘s self-published Omnipathy has previously graced our small press shelves, so we’re very excited to see his new book The Hunter, which looks stunning.


In a time centuries before our own, one arrogant hunter has grown bored of sport. Only the legends of a mythical beast excite him now, but when he goes hunting for the creature he quickly discovers that he is outmatched.”


And finally, we’re thrilled to be getting a slightly early release on William Exley‘s amazing-looking Golemchik!


Abandoned by his friends, one young boy goes searching for fun—and finds a golem on the hunt for the same. But as the two go about living out their dreams of having the best summer ever, the boy realizes that golems don’t know how to take it easy. To save his town, he’ll have to get his new friend under control!

A terrific line-up of titles, and a terrific night with their creators! So come down on 15th May, 7-9pm, to meet Andy, Joe and Will and treat yourself to a drink on us.  If you can’t make it along on the night we’re happy to put a copy of any or all of the above books aside from you; simply pop an email to and we’ll get that done. If you’d like one mailed out then it’s a flat rate of £5 for postage in UK and qoutes for the rest of the world are available on request.

Drive Past My House Zine Launch Party with Summer Camp

The wonderful indie pop duo Summer Camp are releasing their new album ‘Bad Love’ on the 25th of May and they’ve got an incredible zine, ‘Drive Past My House’, to accompany it. And it gets even better: we’re throwing a launch party for it!


The duo’s third LP is set for release via the Moshi Moshi label and you’ll be able to pick up a copy of the album and zine at Gosh! But to top that Summer Camp will also be doing an acoustic in-store performance of there oh so catchy songs, and we can’t wait to have them grace our store with there beautiful sound.


Moshi Moshi says “Bad Love is Summer Camp’s most cohesive work to date. Bad Love encapsulates the essence of a young and fraught relationship, filtered through the nostalgic haze of a classic American teen movie.  Six years into their career, Summer Camp undeniably have their own gorgeous, romantic niche. Bad Love is a testament to them recognizing that and seizing the opportunity to use their powers to their fullest extent. The band that originally made their fans reminisce about a past they never experienced, are looking firmly forward.


Drive Past My House zine will feature work from:

Julia Scheele
Babak Ganjei
John Allison
Clark Burscough & Lucie Ebrey
Timothy Winchester
Joe Dunthorne
Ross Sutherland
Charlie Lyne
Emmy The Great
Elizabeth Sankey


If you fancy getting your hands on a copy of the album and zine then head along to our launch party on Monday the 25th of May between 7-9 pm. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss Summer Camp’s live acoustic set. But if you have other plans on the night  but still want a signed copy then drop us a line via If you’d like us to mail one to you the we have a flat rate of £5 for the UK and quotes for international shipping are available on request.


Wuvable Oaf Talk & Signing with Ed Luce

Boy are you going to love this (or should we say ‘Wuv’)!  We’ve got Ed Luce joining us at Gosh! on the 13th of June. Not only will Ed be signing copies of his debut graphic novel Wuvable Oaf, but he’ll also be giving a special talk hosted by Sina Sparrow that we know you wont want to miss!


Ed Luce’s self-published comic book series has gained a huge following of fans not only in the comics scene but also within the queer art world, and rightly so. Described as “Sex and the City but with adorable, ex-wrestler hairy gay men,” Wuvable Oaf follows the adventures of a large hirsute former wrestler who lives in San Francisco with his multiple cats.  When he’s not listening to Morrissey’s discography, Oaf is out looking for love in the big city especially if they happen to be the lead singer of the black metal/queercore/progressive disco grindcore band Ejaculoid. After numerous boy meets girl romance comics Luce provides a story that explores the joys and pains of romantic conquests for readers of all orientations. And we think you’ll agree it’s extremely refreshing to read a piece of work that doesn’t stop surprising and subverting our notions of masculinity.  It’s sweet, it’s silly, it’s sometimes sexy and it’s been compared to Love and Rockets and Scott Pilgrim. Need we say more?

Fantagraphics says “his book fills a romance comics hole by portraying a likeable gay male character that is both fully realized and relatable. Mostly playful, but sometimes serious, Wuvable Oaf captures the levity of loneliness. Luce delivers a rom-com that would leave Zack Galifianakis and Zooey Deschanel feuding over who got to play Oaf in a hypothetical movie adaptation.


Ed will be giving a talk and also signing copies of Wuvable Oaf on Saturday the 13th of June between 7pm and 9pm. If you can’t make it along to see this charming man but would like to get your hands on a copy then drop us an email via and we can sort that out for you. Postage across the UK is a flat rate of £5 while quotes for further afield are available on request.

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