2000 AD 40th Anniversary Signing- Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill

Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill will be here to sign on Friday the 10th February from 6-7pm. Don’t miss this one, folks!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic turns 40 this year, and to celebrate, the good folks at 2000 AD are throwing a massive celebratory convention! The Forty Years of Thrill-Power Festival takes place at the Novotel London West on Saturday the 11th February from 10am – 7pm, and should be one hell of a knees-up, with luminaries from throughout the entire history of the seminal sci-fi anthology. Sadly the event is now sold out, but keep an eye out here in case of any news.

Not content to just sit on the sidelines, we wanted to get on board with celebrating this milestone by getting together two of the creators instrumental in the magazine’s success: Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill!

The influence of the pair on 2000 AD (and beyond) is immeasurable, whether it be in the pages of ABC Warriors and Nemesis the Warlock, or editorial acts such as introducing creator credits in British comics. That fruitful collaboration continued elsewhere with the creation of ultimate anti-hero Marshal Law, and into present day with crime novel Read Em and Weep Book One: Serial Killer.

Launching at the festival, Read ‘Em and Weep is a darkly comedic prose thriller set in the 70’s, co-authored by Mills & O’Neill: “Can a man-child comic book editor who hates everyone be a hero? You bet! Dave Maudling, the Liquorice Detective, isn’t just a fur-obsessed, confectionary-munching loser. He is also a SERIAL KILLER. But everything is about to change–for the worst.” We’ll have copies available on the night!

We’ll also be launching the latest and final of our 30th Anniversary prints: a beautiful Nemesis the Warlock Screenprint! It releases on the day, and we’ll have a small number held back for online orders on Saturday 11th February from 11am.

Pat & Kevin will be here from 6-7pm on Friday the 10th February. If you can’t make it along but would like to get something signed, email us on info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or a mail order. Keep an eye of the Facebook event for updates.

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!

When I’m A Mummy Like You Launch Party

David O’Connell and Francesca Gambatesa will be here to launch their new book, When I’m A Mummy Like You, on Thursday the 9th February from 7-9pm!

David & Francesca were the creative team behind one of last year’s most heart-warming kids books, When I’m A Monster Like You, Dad. They’ve re-teamed for a new book from publishers Harpercollins which puts the spotlight on a relationship between a mother and her daughter, a neat companion piece that also has its own unique message.

Every child wants to be just like their mummy and do all the exciting things that grown-ups do. But is being a mummy really that much fun? Or can being small be just as special? Maybe they can both be wonderful, if you do them together.

David O’Connell is a writer and illustrator living in London, UK. His favorite things to draw are monsters, naughty children, batty old ladies and evil cats. He loves comics too, and has had work published in anthologies such as Birdsong, Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science and Accent UK, as well as his own webcomic, TozoDavid edited ink+PAPER, a biannual anthology combining comics and the graphic arts. He is the creator of the Monster & Chips series and illustrator on the Creature Teachers book series. His writing credits include Jampireswith illustrator Sarah McIntyre, and When I’m A Monster Like You, Dad.

Francesca Gambatesa is an Italian illustrator and animator based in London. She was born in Lebanon, grew up in Rome and got her animation degree at the Italian National film school C.S.C. She’s worked as an animator and art director for children TV series, internet productions and feature films between Italy and the UK. Animation and design work include BBC series Wee Wise Words, Jiles Andreae’s The World of Happy and end credit sequence of feature film Nanny Mcphee and the Big Bang. Her recent illustration work is for Penguin Young Readers, Usborne Books and Zanichelli Editore. She illustrated the kids book series Recipe For Adventure by Giada de Laurentiis.

David and Francesca will be here to toast the release of When I’m A Mummy Like You on Thursday, 9th February from 7-9pm. Keep up with any updates on the Facebook event page.

Come down and grab yourself a signed copy, or possibly get a copy signed for the mummy in your life. (*cough Mother’s Day 18th March cough*) If you can’t make it down but would like to get a signed copy, drop us an email to info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or a mail order. Postage in the UK is a flat rate of £5 and quotes for international shipping are available on request.

CBSP: Deep Space Canine Launch Party

We’re hosting a cavalcade of creators for the launch of CBSP: Deep Space Canine on Friday the 17th February, from 7-9pm!

The British Comics Award-nominated Comic Book Slumber Party are back! After a brief hiatus, we’re thrilled to see the return of one of our favourite UK comics collectives, now partnered up with the good folks of Avery Hill. It’s a match made in the heavens, appropriate enough given the subject matter of the new CBSP anthology: DEEP SPACE CANINE!
 CBSP mascot Greasy has hit the spaceways with only her robot pal for company. But sometimes it’s good to have a Cybernetic Unit Normally for Troubleshooting at your side, as Greasy discovers on her increasingly bizarre and profane journey.

“Edited by Hannah K. Chapman, and with contributions from Katriona Chapman, Lucy Haslam, Lize Meddings, Honey Parast, Becca Tobin, Alice Urbino, Beth Wood and Jenn Woodall, CBSP: Deep Space Canine explores strange new worlds, discovers wild new civilisations, and solves the age old problem – what to do when you’ve lost your best pair of knickers.”

What indeed? Come on down and find out! We’ll have a full house of talent, plus free drinks to settle those space-nerves. The party starts here (and who knows where after that), on Friday the 17th February from 7-9pm. Join the Facebook event for any updates.

Can’t make it along but would like a signed copy? Drop us an email to info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or mail order.

The Can Opener’s Daughter Launch Party


We will be launching Rob Davis’s latest graphic novel The Can Opener’s Daughter on Thursday, December 8th from 7-9pm.


In the British Comic Award-winning The Motherless Oven, Scarper Lee asked: “Who the hell is Vera Pike?” In the second part of Rob Davis’s trilogy, we get a chance to find out. This is Vera’s story.
Grave Acre is a cruel world of opportunity and control. Vera’s mother is the Weather Clock, the omnipotent and megalomaniacal Prime Minister of Chance. Her father is a can opener. Charting Vera’s unsettling childhood, the book takes us from her home in Parliament to suicide school, and from the Bear Park to the black woods that lie beyond. In the present day, Vera and Castro Smith are determined to see their friend Scarper again – but is he still alive? And if so, can they save him? Can anyone outlive their deathday?

img_3644Both a sequel and a darkly inventive standalone graphic novel, The Can Opener’s Daughter answers many of the questions posed in The Motherless Oven, while asking plenty more of its own.


The Can Opener’s Daughter is a dark and inventive coming-of-age tale, both a companion piece to Davis’s British Comic Award-winning The Motherless Oven and an impressive standalone graphic novel.

Rob Davis is a British comics artist, writer, and editorial illustrator located in Blandford Forum, Dorset. British comics magazines and features to which he has contributed include Roy of the Rovers, Judge Dredd, Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures. Other work includes an adaption of Cervantes’ classic novel Don Quixote, and Daria: A Roma Woman’s Journey, a collaboration between the UNDP and PositiveNegatives.

Rob will be here from 7-9pm on the 8th December to celebrate the release, and all are welcome to pop down and join us! Keep up with event updates on the Facebook event here. Can’t make it down? Email us at info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or mail order.

Gosh! Comics and Broken Frontier present Drink and Draw November Edition!

It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier This coming month we have special guests John Riordan, Gary Northfield, and Grace Wilson! The event will be Tuesday, November 29th. 


John Riordan, just off of launching his latest graphic novel, Sound & Vision, that covers the past 5 decades of music. We know John from his self-published comic series Hitsville UK, a psychedelic pop-music soap opera collaboration with Dan Cox

Gary Northfield is one of the UK’s most beloved kids cartoonists. From the Beano to the Phoenix, his unmistakable style has become a part of the adolescent cultural landscape, now more than ever as he branches into illustrated fiction with his brilliant Julius Zebra series.


We recently launched Grace Wilson’s debut graphic novel Saving Grace, a story of four twenty-somethings living in the rapidly gentrifying East London.  She recently moved from Sweden and now live in London, where she has does brilliant zines such as Eyes Peeled and Archipelago. 


This event will be Tuesday, 29th November at Crown & Horses pub.

Hosted by Gosh’s Nora Goldberg and Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver, the evening will provide an opportunity for attendees to find their artistic muse in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the company of a rotating list of guest creators from across all areas of comics publishing. With such a great group of creators you certainly won’t be in want of inspiration!
The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the evening’s location of choice. At 7pm we will be going to a local pub, Crown & Horses to begin our drinking and drawing!

The Fever Closing Launch Party


We’re having a party with Liam Cobb to celebrate the release of The Fever Closing, from Breakdown Press. It all happens here, Friday the 11th November, 7-9pm; the same day as our launch party for Breakdown Press’s The Artist!


The latest work from rising star Liam Cobb, winner of the 2016 ELCAF Audience award for his self-published Shampoo, The Fever Closing is a hallucinatory masterpiece, charting the unanticipated events that follow a young man’s arrival at a luxurious island costume party.


We’ll be cracking open the beers and bubbly 7-9pm, Friday the 11th November. Can’t make it on the night? Drop us a line to info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or mail order, and we’ll sort you out. Keep up with any updates via the Facebook event here.

Brian Schirmer Signing

We will be hosting a signing with Brian Schirmer, author of great weird west comic series Black Jack Ketchum! The signing will be Thursday, November 3rd from 5-6pm.


The real life ‘Black Jack’ Tom Ketchum was a cowboy turned train robber, later hanged for his crimes. Schirmer’s Image Comics series follows the unfortunately same-named Tom Ketchum, who is mistaken for the nefarious real deal. In an Old West full of supernatural twists, Tom goes on on the run trying to clear his name with a motley crew: a chatty sidearm, a gambler and a mute girl.


Brian, a San Franciscoian, is a comics educator. He first wrote the self-published series, Ultrasylvania, before going on to create Black Jack Ketchum with artist Claudia Balboni. He’ll be here from 5-6pm on Thursday the 3rd November (just before our Jeff Lemire signing from 6-7pm), so be sure to come down and meet him! If you can’t make it, drop us an email to info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or mail order. You can get updates via the Facebook event.

John Allison Giant Days Volume 3 Signing

Giant Days Volume 3 is here, so how could we resist an excuse to get the lovely John Allison in the building? He’ll be here signing from 2-3pm on Saturday the 12th November!


Time has certainly proven Boom’s decision to extend the former miniseries into an ongoing to be a good one. The chronicle of the lives, loves and comedic mishaps of a group of university friends has gone from strength to strength, including finding a great replacement for original illustrator Lissa Treiman in the form of Max Sarin. Sarin has managed to keep a consistent feel with the earlier volumes while showcasing his own, perfectly suited style.


John is on form as the various dramas unfold, managing to take situations just silly enough to remain plausible (in a “oh yeah, I knew someone like that” way) and inject them with a depth of character to give the series some real punch when it unveils its dramatic chops. Between this and Bad Machinery, he truly is a master of British Educational Institute Fiction (which is totally a thing).


John will be here to sign from 2-3pm on Saturday the 12th November (just after our Cecil Castellucci Shade the Changing Girl signing). Like our Facebook event for updates, and if you’d like to arrange a reservation or a mail order then drop us an email to info@goshlondon.com.

Thought Bubble Presents Cecil Castellucci Signing

Young Animal is alive, and Shade the Changing Girl is the second title out of the gate! We’re very happy to announce, in association with the Thought Bubble festival, a signing with writer Cecil Castellucci on Saturday the 12th November, from 1-2pm.


Masterminded by Gerard Way, the Young Animal imprint offers a skewed look at some of DC’s most offbeat characters. Spearheaded by Doom Patrol, Shade the Changing Girl is next in line, with a feel instantly familiar to fans of the classic Peter Milligan Shade run, but a fresh new take all its own.


Far away on the planet Meta, Loma’s going nowhere fast. She’s dropped out of school, dumped her boyfriend, and is bored out of her mind. She longs to feel things. That’s where her idol, the lunatic poet Rac Shade, and his infamous madness coat come it. Loma steals the garment and makes a break across galaxies to take up residence in a new body: Earth girl Megan Boyer.


And the architect of that is Cecil Castellucci, a YA novelist/children’s book author/musician/director who is no stranger to the world of comics. Back in 2007, she was the author of The Plain Janes for DC’s Minx imprint, with a sequel – Janes in Love – published in 2008. She has since done comics work with Nate Powell (The Year of the Beasts) and Sara Varon (Odd Duck), with a new graphic novel – Soupy Leaves Home – due in 2017.


Cecil will be here from 1-2pm on Saturday the 12th November, and we’ll have a healthy stack of Shade #1 & 2 for you to check out (though of course you’re welcome to bring your own comics/novels/albums). If you can’t make it, email us at info@goshlondon.com and we’ll arrange a reservation or a mail order. And you can check out the Facebook event page here.


Thought Bubble Presents Faith Erin Hicks Signing

Canadian writer/artist Faith Erin Hicks will be signing here in association with the Thought Bubble festival on Monday the 7th November, from 6-7pm!


From her early days on pioneering webcomic Demonology 101, Faith has always been an exemplar of hard working comics talent. With her kinetic art style and a natural gift for character, she’s trod her own path in the comics world, producing a series of increasingly popular graphic novels, mainly in the YA field.


In her early days she set herself apart from the pack with fun, horror-themed GNs Zombies Calling and The War at Ellsmere, and has since produced books such as the Bigfoot Boy series with J. Torres and The Adventures of Superhero Girl, a strip which has been collected by Dark Horse (for whom she also co-wrote video game prequel The Last of UsAmerican Dreams).


But her greatest success has come with her series of YA graphic novels published by First Second: Brain Camp (with Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan); Friends With Boys; Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (with Prudence Shen); and The Nameless City: Book One (with colours by the incomparable Jordie Bellaire), the excellent first book in a new fantasy series.


Faith will be here to sign from 6-7pm, on Monday the 7th October. And if you can’t make it down to meet her (your loss!), then drop us a line to info@goshlondon.com and we can organise a reservation or mail order for you. Keep an eye on our Facebook event page for any updates.