Bristol Reminder: 10th & 11th May 2008

A final reminder from the folks behind the Bristol International Comics Expo being held next weekend, reprinted below for your edification:

One more week and the UK’s biggest comics convention hits the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall in Bristol on 10th and 11th May 2008, and this week we wrap up our look at what’s on at the Bristol Expo with the last set of all-new announcements and announce just who has agreed to cut the ribbon for the Comics Village Fete, the event for kids of all ages.

The Bristol International Comic Expo website has the full details of all guests and panels over the weekend – Saturday’s line-up is here: – Sunday’s here:

Finally, the remaining sets of updates to the Virtual Bristol Anthology have taken place, meaning much can be previewed (or even advance ordered) from the VBA website:

MIKE McKONE (Exiles, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four) has just been added to the line-up for his 1st UK Con appearance. Upcoming and recent work includes Amazing Spider-Man #562 and #563 (out in June) and a Skrull alternative cover for Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1, covers for Wildstorm’s Number of the Beast #7 and #8 in July.

Accent UK launch their latest graphic novel ROBOTS which continues their popular line of themed anthologies. At 204 pages it’s the biggest yet with a host of indie, emerging and established comics’ talent from around the globe providing a bumper collection of exclusive robotic themed strips. Available at a special expo price of just £8 and the follow up to last year’s ZOMBIES smash. Limited stocks will also be available of a ROBOTS sketchbook and their new T- Shirt line. Many artists and contributors will also be dropping by their tables over the weekend to sign n sketch and the editors will happily meet prospective new creators and by special arrangement, copies of The Book Palace’s newly released collection of Frank Bellamy’s Complete ROBIN HOOD Adventures will also be available! (

Ardden’s Flash Gordon #0 sold out of 3250 copies at the NYC con and copies have been selling for up to $15 on EBAY – they’ve reserved 150 copies of the UK edition and 100 of the NYC con edition for the Bristol show, priced at £3.00 each. They’ve also printed 25 copies of a blank cover edition and for £20 Paul Green (the Flash artist) will be sketching on these – however only 15 of these will be available on the day as 10 have been pre-bought by US fans.

Classical Comics will have Jon Haward at the Bristol Expo to sign copies of the wonderful Macbeth, as will Nigel Dobbyn. Kat and Jason will be up for signing Henry V – and the brand new, just off the press ELT version of Henry V will be on their stand. This is the ‘fourth’ version of the book, designed to teach English to students across the globe. The book has 2 audio CDs in the back too. It’s produced by Cengage Learning. Declan will be at the Bristol Expo to talk about Frankenstein, John M Burns has his own table, so if anyone wants to know more about the very beautiful Jane Eyre, he will be delighted to have a chat. Finally, Mike Collins has had some stunning postcards printed – Scrooge at his best! A Christmas Carol is going to be one stunning book!!

The latest edition of Paul Scott’s Omnivistascope book is rolling off the printers and will available at the Bristol Expo – issue 4 is an 80-page darkly futuristic comic book featuring some of the very best talent from the British underground. Produced annually, it sets new standards in independent comics. Come and keep the Omnivistascope crew entertained on their stall at Bristol this year, see the new comic and also partake of Ben Clark’s Magic Beans Comics, also sharing the stall.

The people from Murky Depths will not only be launching Murky Depths #4 at the reduced price of £6 (it retails at £6.99) but are also knocking an extra £2 off the subscription price from now* until the end of the Expo, so for just £22 you can receive the next four issues before anyone else. Also their first full-colour colour 28-page comic from their publishing imprint The House of Murky Depths, Death and The Maiden #4 by Richard Calder, will be on sale at the reduced price of £3.
*Currently only available via Warren Elli’s Whitechapel site at this thread:

Cosplay Competition + Masquerade: Those Awesome people over at Orang Utan Comics are running a blog containing the rules, entry forms and details of the star presenters and judges, hurry on over to to enter. The closing date for entries is April 26th 2008 and places are strictly limited, first come, first served. VALERIE PEREZ, star of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Tears Of The Dragon will be attending the Bristol Expo, she will be flying over from America and will be presenting the Film Night, Cosplay Competition and Masquerade. She also co-writes the Official Prequel Comic which will be available in the Film Night goody bags.

CBBC – the Children’s BBC channel – will be at the Bristol Expo as part of their search for a superhero. They’re looking for children aged between 9 and 13 to turn themselves into unique, original, never-before-seen superheroes to take part in a new CBBC show, to be hosted by Sam and Mark. Have you always dreamed of being a superhero? What would your superhero name be? What would your costume look like? What superpowers would you have? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to go head to head with other Superhero wannabes?

Knockabout make a welcome return to the Bristol Expo – at their table Gilbert Shelton and Hunt Emerson will be signing their books, along with special guest David Shenton and his graphic novel Get Her. David is appearing on the Gay Comics panel on Saturday.

Insomnia’s Layer Zero volumes one and two are combined for the first time and to celebrate the launch of Layer Zero TPB, Special Bristol 2008 limited edition copies of the book will be available along with regular stock. Only 10 copies will be available of the limited edition, which includes a free poster (worth £4), unseen Cancertown signed concept art, and previews of Cages and Cancertown (priceless). To order your copy, costing £20, send an email quoting “No Sleep” and your details to What’s more, if you order your copy now you’ll be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Cages, all the way from San Diego, signed by Xander Bennett, Melanie Cook, Jonathan Hickman, and Ben Templesmith. With over 30 creators involved; including some famous names in the industry including Simon “Cy” Dethan, Paul Green and Thomas Mauer (Starship Troopers) along with talents such as Paul Cartwright, Alasdair Duncan, Luke Hinchley, Mike Webster, Robert Robinson, Thommy Melanson and many more; and diverse creative styles on themes of Insomnia and Time, Layer Zero TPB is a book not to be missed. 120 pages full color.

In addition: Free copies of Daemon issue one will be available to the first 500 people on the Saturday morning in the Comic Expo’s goodie bag; Alasdair Duncan’s novel, The Kill Cell, will be on sale along with a selection of posters by Paul Cartwright and Paul Green; Cancertown will be available to preview over the weekend; a limited supply of Cages proofs will for sale and Portfolio reviews will also be taking place over the weekend. For more information on Insomnia Publications visit the new and improved website

In Podcast news, the Geek Syndicate is reformed this week as Dave rejoins the show with a small rant on Lost. Barry also discusses the pros and cons of working without a co-host for an episode. We also look forward to the Bristol Comic Expo with its organiser Mike Allwood:
Also featuring: Mortal Kombat vs DC universe – is it madness or genius? Primeval season three news – it’s a biggie people! The upcoming Blake’s 7 remake – will it be UK’s answer to BSG ? Lost – is it actually going anywhere? The Spirit/Sin City 2 teaser trailer. The Hancock trailer – is going to be the Wild Wild West of comic book movies?

Emma Simcock-Tooth’s oil paintings will be best known to comic fans through the Trace of Fragile Bliss stories in Mam Tor’s Event Horizon. In her “day job” as a portrait painter she’s recently secured Arts Council funding for new project “Concilium Plebis” – Caravaggio-esque portraits of “chavs” and “hoodies”. She has exhibited all over the UK and in Europe, from guerilla art spaces in derelict buildings to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and at the Bristol Expo she’ll be in the Empire Room, off of the main Expo hall and next door to the Comics Village Fete.

Speaking of the Village Fete, it’s now been confirmed that at midday on Saturday the Fete will be opened by artist Mark Buckingham (Fables and so much more)….the line-up of events for kids and adults who are young are heart: Superhero/Villain Face Painting – Treasure Hunt with Exclusive Expo prizes – Stack O’Comics (guess the number of comics…win them all if you’re right) – Design-A-Character Competition (sponsored by Diamond UK), three age categories, three prizes per category – all these events are free to enter. For those looking for some cheap graphic novels, the Bric A Brac table will offer up manga for two pounds each, trades from four.

The Bristol International Comic Expo 2008 will be held over the weekend of 10th and 11th May 2008 at the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum and the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bristol, England, with an early bird film night on Friday 9th May. Full details are available on the official website, – including ticket ordering details, just £6 for adults for each day, accompanied children free, ages 12-16 just one pound.

Bristol International Comics Expo News

The Bristol International Comics Expo is almost upon us again! Last year was a lot of fun; something of a renaissance for the show most people agreed. We’ll be there again this year, pushing the good stuff by day and haunting the bars at night. So dust off your best frock and pop over to Bristol Towne on the 9th, 10th or 11th of May to bask in the delights offered by the official release below:

Bristol UK – With just four weeks to go until the largest comics show in the United Kingdom, guests and schedules are starting to be announced. Once more hosted by the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall and Ramada Plaza Hotel, this year’s lineup promises to be the biggest and the best so far.

It all kicks off on Friday 9th May with Diamond UK Retailers Day (exclusive presentations to UK & European retailers of the major releases for the rest of this comics year) and the Orangutan Comics Film Night ’08 for all early arrivals, starting 6pm at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (more details available at

Saturday 10th May and Sunday 11th May feature two full days of events, including presentations on upcoming Marvel and DC releases, the world famous Hypotheticals panel hosted once again by Dave Gibbons, DC Portfolio reviews by editors Karen Berger, Eddie Berganza and Hank Kanalz, the Saturday evening presentation of The Eagle Awards (first presented in 1976, these are the comics industry’s longest established awards). As usual, the first 1000 people through the door on Saturday are eligible for a free goodie bag – in previous years this has contained graphic novels, comics, posters, badges, action figures and once again the contents are a well-kept secret…strictly first come, first served, strictly one per person.

Special Guests signing, sketching and/or hosting talks throughout the weekend include:-

Jim Shooter – Editor-in-Chief Marvel Comics 1978–1987 Founder and Publisher of Valiant Comics and Defiant Comics. Shooter began his career as writer on The Legion of Super Heroes in DC’s Adventure Comics. He has also written The Avengers and Secret Wars (Marvel). Magnus Robot Fighter, Doctor Solar and Harbinger (Valiant). He will be the new writer of the Legion series, beginning with issue #37, returning to the Legion, a little over 30 years from his previous run, it will be his first major published comic book work in years.

Walt Simonson – Writer / Artist on Star Slammers, The Mighty Thor, Orion, Fantastic Four, Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer (written by Elric’s creator, Michael Moorcock), X- Factor (with Louise Simonson), Manhunter (written by Archie Goodwin) for which he won the Shazam Award and Hawkgirl.

Louise Simonson – Writer on Magik of the New Mutants as part of a four-issue Mystic Arcana. Magnus Robot Fighter (ibooks). Warlock, New Mutants, Galactus the Devourer, Superman: Man of Steel and Steel Author of two books for teens based on the Justice League cartoon: The Gauntlet and Wild at Heart (Bantam Books)

Jim Starlin – Writer / Artist best known for “cosmic” tales and space opera and as the creator of the villain Thanos. Works include Captain Marvel, Warlock, Metamorphosis Odyssey, Dreadstar, Cosmic Odyssey, Batman, Gilgamesh II, Silver Surfer, the Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet sagas and Marvel Universe: The End. He is currently writing and drawing The Death of the New Gods for DC.

Yanick Paquette – Artist on Ultimate X-Men, Civil War: X-Men, Adventures of Superman, Areala Warrior Nun, Avengers, Gambit, Gen¹³, JLA, Superman: The Man of Steel, Terra Obscura, Tomorrow Woman, Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City, Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer, Wonder Woman, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Dave Gibbons – Legend of the British Comics Industry. Artist on HARLEM HEROES, DAN DARE and ROGUE TROOPER which he co-created. He was the original artist on DOCTOR WHO Weekly/Monthly. Most famous for his collaboration with Alan Moore on WATCHMEN. Recently he produced the Eisner Award winning graphic novel, THE ORIGINALS.

Mike Carey – Writer of Ultimate Fantastic Four, X-Men, Wolverine. Vertigo’s Crossing Midnight, Lucifer, Hellblazer and the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Wildstorm’s Wetworks, Marvel’s Spellbinders, Virgin Comics The Stranded. Author of the Felix Castor Novels: The Devil You Know, Vicious Circle and Dead Men’s Boots from Orbit.

Alan Davis – Artist on Captain Britain (Marvel UK). Artist on Captain Britain (Marvel UK), Marvelman (Warrior) and DR & Quinch (2000AD), Batman and the Outsiders and Detective Comics (DC) Creator writer and artist on Excalibur and Clandestine. During his career he has written and drawn most of Marvel and DCs’characters and titles including JLA: The Nail & Another Nail, The Avengers, X-Men and Killraven. Fantastic Four: The End. He is currently writing and drawing the new Clandestine series.

Mark Buckingham – Eisner Award winning artist on Vertigo’s Fables. A regular on Vertigo titles such as Hellblazer, Sandman, Shade the Changing Man and Death: The High Cost of Living he is also well known for his work on Miracleman (Marvelman in the UK). As well as extensive runs as artist on Batman: Shadow of the Bat and The Titans (DC), Generation X and Peter Parker:Spide -Man(Marvel). He has recently designed Sandman and Fables based Statues for DC Direct and has just illustrated his first Children’s book; Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants.

Paul Cornell – Novelist, TV writer and comics writer. Best known for his work on the new Doctor Who, he has also written for the Primeval TV series. He’s the writer of the Marvel Comics series Wisdom and 2000AD’s XTNCT. He has just begun a new ongoing title for Marvel: Captain Britain and MI-13.

Many, many other guests are listed on the official website:

Tickets for the Bristol International Comic Expo are available online for six pounds per day for adults, or just one pound for 12 to 16 year olds under the Kids For A Quid scheme. As usual, all accompanied attendees under the age of 12 get in for free. Book now via: