Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: The Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer re-surfaced as part of Marvel Now and we’ve been loving this monthly slice of intergalactic story telling. In fact we love it so much that to celebrate the release of first volume, A New Dawn, we have an exclusive bookplate created by the artist Mike Allred.



Mike’s artwork has also been appearing on our shelves this year via his covers for All-New Doop, Batman ’66, and a whole heap of DC varient covers but you’ll remember him of course from his earlier work Madman (which he created way back when in ’92).


Interior page from Silver Surfer with exclusive Gosh! Comics London bookplate


The bookplate features both the Surfer and a particularly ominous Galactus looming behind him. The characters are rendered in Mike’s bold and instantly recognisable style and we couldn’t be happier with it! The bookplate is A6, has been printed on a high quality card, and we’ve got 200 of these beauties signed and numbered by Mike.

Mike Allred Silver Surfer Bookplate for Gosh! Comics London

If you’re not local but still want to get your mitts on this exclusive bookplate then get in touch via info@goshlondon.com. The book retails at £13.50 and is available for mail order. Postage within the UK is a flat rate of £5 while postage quotes for anywhere further afield are available on request.

Gosh Exclusive Bookplate Editions: Zenith

Zenith Phase 1 is coming to Gosh!, and we have an exclusive bookplate by the amazing Steve Yeowell to celebrate the launch.

Zenith Phase 1 at Gosh! Comics LondonYou’ll have seen Steve’s work gracing the pages of titles like Judge Dredd, Sinister Dexter, Red Seas and A Life Less Ordinary (a graphic novelization of the Danny Boyle film). And now, after the complete Zenith (limited to 1000 copies) sold out, Rebellion have listened to the appeals of fans and decided to release the book, originally serialised in 2000AD between ’87 and ’92, in it’s original Phases.


Zenith Phase 1 at Gosh! Comics London


And the bookplate? Well, we’re absolutely crazy for the artwork Steve created; a striking portrait of Zenith’s lead Robert McDowell and the iconic ‘Z’. It’s larger than our standard bookplates (A5) but printed on the same high quality card and limited to the first 200 copies of the book.
The prints themselves are all signed by Steve and numbered up to 200.


Zenith bookplate for Gosh! Comics London


The book retails at £20 and if you’d like us to pop a copy aside for you or arrange a mail order then drop a line to info@goshlondon.com. Postage within the UK is a flat rate of £5 and quotes for postage elsewhere are available on request.

Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Editions: Storm

Tim Minchin is a musician, composer, songwriter, actor, and comedian. He’s written stand-up, musicals, and now a brilliant book: Storm. And to celebrate? We’re releasing a Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate designed by DC Turner.

Storm by Tim Minchin - bookplate at Gosh! Comics London

According to Tim’s website “Storm started its life as a jazz-backed beat-poem, written for Tim’s 2008 live show, Ready For This? In 2011, the poem was made into an animated short film by DC Turner and Tracy King. The film was a YouTube hit, and has been viewed over 3 million times. (A lot of views, even for a short video featuring a kitten. For a nine-and-a-half-minute-long beat poem about science and philosophy, it’s pretty much unheard of.)”

“A storm is brewing in the confines of a London dinner party. Small talk quickly descends into a verbal and intellectual battle between science and belief, as comedian Tim goes head to head with the mysterious fifth guest at the table – a hippy named Storm.”

Storm by Tim Minchin | Exclusive Bookplate for Gosh! London


As well as wickedly funny poetry the book boasts a forward by Neil Gaiman and an insight into the mind of Mr Minchin; from initial inspiration to perfecting the poem for performance, Tim details the whole working process. But what could make the whole package even more exciting? A Gosh Exclusive Bookplate Edition of course! DC Turner, the mastermind behind the animation and the illustrations of the book, has created a portrait of Tim looking storm-swept and unimpressed. The bookplate is A6, printed on high quality card, and limited to the first 200 copies of the book.

Storm by Tim Minchin Exclusive Bookplate for Gosh! Comics London

The book is out TODAY (Thursday the 16th of October) and retails at £12.99. If you’d like us to pop a copy aside for you or arrange a mail order then drop a line to info@goshlondon.com. Postage within the UK is a flat rate of £5 and quotes for postage elsewhere are available on request.

The Walking Dead Vol. 22 Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Let’s talk about The Walking Dead for a minute. You know it? Hugely popular comic/television show/video game! The newest volume,  A New Beginning, is aptly named. Like most stories with a large cast and ma-hoo-ssive story, it can be a little daunting for new comers to jump on the series and so powers-that-be have decided to make a nice little entry point for newcomers by jumping ahead in the story (2 years to be precise) and taking us into the near future. The first thing on your mind is obviously going to be teenage Carl, right? No?


The Walking Dead Volume 22 at Gosh! Comics London
The Walking Dead

So now we’re all on the same page in terms of story let’s look at the bookplate. Yes, that’s right, Charlie Adlard has created a Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate featuring an All American family portrait: Andrea, Carl, Rick, and…Rick’s fancy new robot arm? It’s super sized (A5 rather than our usual A6) and full colour.

The Walking Dead exclusive bookplate for Gosh! Comics London

As ever we’re more than happy to ship the book out to you. Postage within the UK is a flat rate of £5 (if you’ve had your eye on a couple of books now is the perfect excuse for a splurge) and postal quotes outside of the UK are on request.

The book is out in November, and if you’d like us to reserve a copy or arrange a mail order you can get a hold of us as ever on info@goshlondon.com

Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Shoplifter

If you’re a fan of lavish visuals, relate-able characters, and the colour pink Michael Cho’s Shoplifter is a book you need to read. And if you need any further incentive we’re proud to announce our very own Gosh! Bookplate Edition, with an all-new exclusive piece of art created for the occasion.

Shoplifter by Michael Cho bookplate edition available at Gosh! Comics London

Corrina Park used to have big plans. Studying English literature in college, she imagined writing a successful novel and leading the idealized life of an author. After graduation, she moved to a big city and took a job at an advertising agency—just to pay off her student loans. Now she’s worked in the same office for five years and the only thing she’s written is . . . copy. She longs for companionship (other than her cat),gets no satisfaction from her job, and feels numbed by the monotony of a life experienced through a series of screens. But whenever she shoplifts a magazine from the corner store near her apartment, she feels a little, what? A little more alive. Yet Corrina knows there must be something more to life, and she faces the same question as does everyone of her generation: how to find it?

The signed bookplate is A6, limited to 200 copies, and has been printed on a high quality card. The book costs £14.99 and is available to mail order; postal quotes are available on request so if you’d like to arrange that with us drop a line to info@goshlondon.com.


Shoplifter by Michael Cho at Gosh! Comics London


Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Some Comics by Stephen Collins

Some Comics by Stephen Collins is the new book by, well, Stephen Collins, collecting over 100 of his smaller strips asking important questions like ‘What the hell do plastic bags think about all day?’ We’re always excited to see new published work from Stephen, and so we’re very happy indeed to announce our Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of the new title.

Some Comics by Stephen Collins bookplate at Gosh! Comics London

Stephen has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, winning the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Prize, being shortlisted for Waterstone’s Book of the Year and winning the Edinburgh Literary Festival’s 9th Art Award, and you can also regularly enjoy his work in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine. Happily, as well as the bookplate Stephen has produced a Gosh! exclusive giclee print of one of his Guardian strips. The run is limited to just 10 copies, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on one.

Stephen Collins giclee print at Gosh! Comics London

The bookplate is printed on high quality card, signed and limited to 200 copies. We’ll have bookplate editions and prints available in store but also for mail order while stocks last; send an email to info@goshlondon.com if you’d like to reserve copies or arrange a mail order. The book retails at £12.99 and the print at £50.  Postal quotes are available on request.

Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Gardens of Glass & Mutiny Bay

Remember the time we had a launch party for two books and an art fair all in one night? Then you’ll remember that both Mutiny Bay and Garden’s of Glass come with Gosh! Exclusive bookplates featuring artwork by Antoine Cossé and Lando respectively.

Gardens of Glass bookplate Gosh! Comics London Mutiny Bay Bookplate | Gosh London Comics

Mutiny Bay is Antoine Cosse’s second book with Breakdown Press and his most substantial work to date. Gardens of Glass, by Lando, is another really stunning piece of work. We’ve always been huge fans of Lando’s meticulously detailed penmanship and the chance to see his work on a much longer scale is really exciting. As well as running his own publishing endevour, Decadence Comics (check it, these guys have the sweetest sweatshirts on the street), Lando has also been previously published by Breakdown Press and everybody’s favourite Swedes, Peow! Studio.

Both creators have signed their bookplates, limited to 200 copies each. As always we offer a mail order service for customers who are unable to visit us in person. Postage quotes are on request so feel free to send an email to info@goshlondon.com and we can answer any questions you might have.

Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 2



The first volume of Ed Piskor’s fantastic chronicle of the early days of Hip Hop was a MASSIVE hit, with us selling out as quickly as copies hit the shelves. The second volume picks up where the first book left off and sees the young artform expanding upon it’s origins in the 5 Boroughs of New York, introducing new players while continuing the stories of the pioneers we net in Book 1.

To celebrate the arrival of Volume 2 we asked Ed to put together one of our exclusive bookplates and he sent over this beauty. Limited to 200 copies, each plate is signed by Ed and individually numbered.

The book itself is selling for £19.99 and we can mail a copy out to you if you can’t make it to the shop. Drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com and we can give you a quote on postage and arrange despatch for you.


Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: Through the Woods

Gosh Comics London | Exclusive Bookplate by Emily Carroll

Let’s face it, Emily Carroll‘s Through the Woods is the book to get your hands on. Not only is it the prettiest (and the creepiest) collection of horror stories we’ve seen, it’s also chock full of brand new stories that promise to haunt you for hours after reading. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the book is the inclusion of fan favourite His Face All Red, the first of Emily’s web comics adapted for print.

Emily has designed a gorgeous Gosh! exclusive bookplate to coincide with the launch of Through the Woods. Limited to 200 copies, each bookplate is signed by Emily’s fair hand, and printed on high quality card. The book is a snip at £12.99 and as usual we’ll be offering a mail order service for those of you unable to make into the shop – postage qoutes are on request so drop us a line via info@goshlondon.com and we can arrange that with you.

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: The Good Inn


Gosh! fave Steven Appleby has teamed up with Pixies legend Black Francis and writer, director and drive-in movie-theatre-owner Josh Frank to produce The Good Inn, an illustrated novel that tells the origin story of history’s earliest known pornographic film, La Bonne Auberge through the story of a disorientated soldier and his journey across the French countryside of 1907.

We’ve also produced an exclusive bookplate illustrated and signed by Steven Appleby.

Appleby Good In plate for web

As usual, the bookplate is printed on high quality card, signed and limited to 200 copies. Pop by the shop to pick up your exclusive book-plated copy of The Good Inn, or email us at info@goshlondon.com to order one!
The book retails at £14.99, and mail order can be arranged with a postage quote available on request.