Image 25th Anniversary Bookplates

The 25th Anniversary celebrations for Image Comics keep on coming, and we’re very excited to announce that on top of our Friday night discussion panel and Saturday signing sessions on the 17th and 18th of March, we’re also going to have five extremely limited edition bookplates produced especially for the occasion!

Each of the plates is being issued to tie in with our Image Anniversary events, and is strictly limited to just 50 copies each.

Injection TP Vol 01: Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire have collaborated on a plate featuring uber-hacker Brigid Roth, signed by Declan and Jordie. Preorder here.

Kill or be Killed TP Vol 01: Sean Phillips gives us a demon-shadowed, shotgun-wielding Dylan, signed by Sean. Preorder here.

The Wicked + The Divine TP Vol 01: Jamie McKelvie offers up a pensive Laura / Persephone against a backdrop of peeling pantheon posters, signed by Jamie & Kieron Gillen. Preorder here.

They’re Not Like Us TP Vol 01: Simon Gane delivers a headphone-wearing Syd, coloured by Jordie Bellaire and signed by Simon, Jordie & Eric Stephenson. Preorder here.

Limbo TP: And Caspar Wijngaard brings it home with a moody profile shot of Clay, signed by Caspar and Dan Watters. Preorder here.

All bookplates are 105 x 141.5 mm, printed on a high quality card and limited to just 50 numbered copies. The plates will be going on sale throughout the day on Saturday, March 18th. If you’d like to make a reservation to collect in-store, drop us an email to Or purchase from our online store at the individual links above. As stated, these are all strictly limited to 50 copies each, so get in quick to avoid disappointment!

Henchgirl TP Bookplate Art Giveaway

Henchgirl has long been something of a hidden gem. Originally published by Scout Comics, Kristen Gudsnuk’s tale of a supervillan sidekick dissatisfied with her lot didn’t reach a lot of readers. Trouble was, by the time people caught on to how good it was, they just weren’t able to get hold of any of the early issues any more.

Thankfully Dark Horse are stepping up to the plate with a brand new trade paperback collecting all 11 issues of the Scout Comics series. It’s a 320 page monster of comic-y fun, and we’re so excited we’ve had Kristen do us an exclusive bookplate!

But wait…it gets even better. Kristen has very generously given one lucky customer the opportunity to win the ORIGINAL ART for the plate! Here’s how it works: every customer who preorders a copy of the book either in-store or on our web store will go into a draw for the artwork. On the day of release, we’ll put everyone’s name in a hat and pick a winner, who will receive the art with their copy of the book!

Rules and Restrictions: Offer only applies to copies of the book pre-ordered online or in-store before the anticipated release date of March 29th, 2017. Your name will be entered in the draw once for every copy of Henchgirl TP you pre-order, so multiple copies ordered gives you multiple chances!

Don’t miss out on the chance to get hold of a piece of original art, which would be the icing on the cake for this terrific book!

This item is offered for pre-order. It will be dispatched after its anticipated release date of 29/03/2017. Orders may be cancelled any time up until the date of release for a full refund. In the event of a drop in price before release, the excess paid will be refunded. No extra will be charged in the event of an increase in price.


The Coldest Winter Launch Party with Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston will be joining us to celebrate the launch of The Coldest Winter, sequel to his excellent (soon to be a major motion picture) cold war thriller The Coldest City. Proceedings kick of from 7-9pm on Friday the 9th December! And we’ll have a special Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of the book to boot!


A Gosh! favourite writer, Antony has been a fixture of the UK comics scene for years. From his early genre-bending works at Oni, through long-running post-apocalyptic saga Wasteland and now in his Image series The Fuse and Codename: Baboushka, his work has been a constant fixture on our shelves.


But possibly his greatest success came with The Coldest City, a 2012 graphic novel drawn by Sam Hart set in the twilight of Cold War-era East Berlin. After a British agent is killed while carrying a list of all the agents on both sides currently working in the city, experienced spy Lorraine Broughton must recover the information while negotiating the complex espionage politics of a city she has no knowledge of. It was a brilliant thriller, quickly picked up for adaptation into the film which will be released in 2017, starring Charlize Theron & James McAvoy.


So the time is perfect for the release of The Coldest Winter, a prequel set 8 years before the events of Coldest City. The new book focuses on the backstory of David Perceval, who appears in The Coldest City as the British station chief in Berlin. He’s not exactly a nice guy in TCC, which was part of the attraction for Johnston: “I specifically wanted to show how he became the sort of person he is in The Coldest City, because he’s not a very likable character there. It was very much about finding that character and making him sympathetic, because in The Coldest City, he’s not very sympathetic at all.


The new book is illustrated by Steve Perkins who brings a kinetic style to proceedings, better suited to this more action-oriented story. And we’re thrilled to say that Perkins has also provided us with an all-new full-colour illustration for our exclusive bookplate edition, which you can pick up on the night or preorder here!


Antony will be with us for signing, beer and bubbles from 7-9pm on Friday the 9th December, adding a bit of wintery flavour to the pre-Christmas period. Take a break from your shopping and pop in to get a signed copy! Can’t make it on the night? Drop and email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order.

Keep up with any updates over at the Facebook event here.

Pre-order: Prince of Cats HC Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Image are doing a beautiful remastered edition of Ronald Wimberley‘s Prince of Cats, and we’ve got a Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition!


Prince of Cats is a Tybalt-centric flipside to Romeo & Juliet, set against the backdrop of an 80’s New York where sword fights are a central feature of NYC street culture, and Tybalt and his Capulet crew battle against their hated enemies the Montagues. It’s a tale of the supporting characters set in one of NYC’s most culturally rich periods.


Originally published as a softcover OGN by Vertigo back in 2012, the book sold out before most people had the chance to discover it. Universal acclaim made it a much sought-after book, but Vertigo never went back to press. Only now, with the rights reverting to Wimberley, is the book at last going to find the audience it deserves with a brand new hardcover edition released through Image Comics.


Remastered and revised by Wimberley, and packaged into a lovely hardcover, this is the definitive edition of the book. And we’re lucky enough to grace ours with a bookplate featuring a bubble blowing Juliet!


Limited to 200 copies, each signed and numbered bookplate is printed on high quality card. The book retails at £22.99, and you can place an order now through our online store!

Head Lopper Vol 01 TP Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Get your Gnym on with our exclusive Head Lopper Vol 01 TP bookplate edition featuring all new art by Andrew MacLean!


Originally self-published by MacLean (also creator of the excellent ApocalyptiGirl), the inspiration for the series was a one-off illustration he did for Brand New Nostalgia of a blue-skinned witch’s head impaled on a bearded warrior’s sword. It’s a cracking high fantasy road trip with big monsters, big fights and a mean-spirited, chattering witch’s head.


The Head Lopper, Norgal, and the nagging severed head of Agatha Blue Witch arrive on the Isle of Barra to find it overrun with beasts: minions of the Sorcerer of the Black Bog. When Queen Abigail hires Norgal and Agatha to slay the Sorcerer, our heroes trek across the island reliving the horrors of their heads—and playing right into the hands of a master manipulator.


Andrew has done us a lovely exclusive illustration of the impish Gnym for our bookplate. Limited to 200 copies, each signed and numbered bookplate is printed on high quality card. The book retails at £17.99, and you can place an order now through our online store!

Pre-order: American Blood Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Are you ready for some Gosh! exclusive Marra mayhem? Because we’ve got a bookplate edition of his upcoming book American Blood!


American Blood is a much-requested collection of Benjamin Marra’s self-published short works of the past several years courtesy of the good folks at Fantagraphics. If ever the word hi-octane were appropriate to the comics world, Marra would be the cartoonist to earn it. His breakneck, no-holds barred comics are a carnival mirror of American culture in all its depraved glory.

As the blurb says: “Born from the crucible of 1980s trash culture and exploitation entertainment and focused like a laser through the prism of Marra’s brain comes this nasty brew of revenge, power, and passion. It is a reflection of the things that America celebrates and for which it is scorned, and often blurs the lines between the two. This is the definitive assembling of Marra’s most underground work.” american_blood

Limited to 200 copies, each bookplate is signed and printed on high quality card. The book retails at £15.99. You can place an order now through our online store!

This item is offered for pre-order. It will be dispatched after its anticipated release date of 27th September 2016. Orders may be cancelled any time up until the date of release for a full refund. In the event of a drop in price before release, the excess paid will be refunded. No extra will be charged in the event of an increase in price.

Bait HC Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

The one and only Chuck Palahniuk is getting in the colouring book game with Bait: Off Color Stories For You To Color, a collection of twisted tales with illustrations by some of our favourite artists. Speaking of which, the brilliant Duncan Fegredo has done us an exclusive bookplate, signed by himself and Chuck!


In this new collection of eight short stories from Dark Horse, Chuck brings his usual skewed sensibilities to the table accompanied by 50 illustrations from artists such as Fegredo, Joëlle Jones, Lee Bermejo, Kirbi Fagan, Tony Puryear, Steve Morris, Alise Gluškova and Marc Scheff. But far from a standard series of spot illustrations, Chuck is looking for something a little more collaborative: “Maybe between your colors, the artists’ designs, and my stories we can create something that endures. Something worth keeping. Let’s create a well-bound book that can sit on any shelf and be available for a new generation to discover and enjoy.”

So how could we resist the idea of a colouring in bookplate?


For our exclusive plate Duncan has done a playful, painterly illustration of the Fight Club author, just needing the finishing colour touches from you, the reader! Limited to 200 copies, each bookplate is printed on high quality card and signed by Chuck Palahniuk & Duncan Fegredo. The book retails for £17.99, and will be released 26th October. You can preorder a copy now for mail order via our online store.

Mezolith Book Two Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

We’re pleased to announce a Gosh! exclusive bookplate for the excellent Mezolith Book Two, featuring all new art by Adam Brockbank, signed by Adam and writer Ben Haggarty!


Mezolith follows the coming of age of Poika, a boy who becomes initiated into the ways of manhood through the stories of his tribe; tales of monsters and spirits that are as real to his Stone Age tribe as the ground beneath their feet. A second book was long in the offing, but the vagaries of day jobs (Adam is a sought after production designer and storyboard artist, while Ben is an internationally celebrated performance storyteller) and publishing meant that it drifted back over the years, but thankfully Boom have picked up the baton and are bringing us an all-new collection of tales featuring Poika and his tribe.



Limited to 200 copies, each bloody bookplate is signed and printed on high quality card. The book retails at £18.99, and will be available from 23/09/16. You can place an order now through our online store!

The Fix TP Vol 01 Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Meet Pretzels, the REAL star of Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber’s wonderful crime comic The Fix, and face of our latest Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition: The Fix TP Vol 01!


One of our favourite new books of the year, The Fix sees the simpatico creative team behind the criminally underrated Superior Foes of Spider-Man (do yourself a favour and track it down) go creator owned and no-holds barred. All the humour, knife-sharp plotting and effortless storytelling from their previous effort are present, with added swears, drug use and sudden, explosive violence!


As Spencer himself says, “”After working with Steve on Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and having so much fun there—it’s an absolute thrill getting to work together again here at Image on a book that’s creator-owned, and being able to push the envelope of our humor to new, um, lows. The Fix is us at our most demented, and it’s a blast.

It’s a great book, a must for fans of books such as Stray Bullets or Criminal, and at £8.99 for the first volume, what have you got to lose? Limited to 200 copies, each bookplate is printed on high quality card and signed by Steve Lieber. It’s available in-store, or you can place an order now through our online store!

Hilda & the Stone Forest Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

It’s with great pleasure we can announce our Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of Hilda and the Stone Forest, by the one and only Luke Pearson!


Hilda and the Stone Forest is the fifth album featuring everyone’s favourite feisty, beret-wearing young woman, a blue-haired bundle of curiousity and fearlessness with a thirst for adventure. Hilda’s mother starts to worry about her daughter’s wavering sense of responsibility (more interested in exploring the spirit world than dealing with day to day life), and tries to catch her heading off on one of her adventures. But it all goes awry, and the pair are flung into a far-off forest of trolls, where they will have to learn to work together to get back home.

Gosh bookplate stone forest

Best known in the comics world for his Hilda books, Luke Pearson has also done design work and storyboards for Adventure Timeproduced book covers for Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, and his illustrations have appeared in the New Yorker, New York Times, Wired, and The Guardian.

Limited to 200 copies, each bookplate is signed and printed on high quality card. The book retails at £12.95. You can place an order now through our online store!