Gosh! Comics and Broken Frontier present Drink and Draw February Edition!

It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier This coming month we have special guests Rachael Ball, Matthew Dooley, and Sarah Gordon! The event will be Tuesday, February 28th. 

Rachael Ball,  is a cartoonist and teacher whose illustrations have appeared in City Life, Deadline, the Times Educational Supplement and the Radio Times. Ball was a regular contributor to the 90’s British comic Deadline. Her first graphic novel, The Inflatable Woman, was released in 2015, the tale of zookeeper Iris who is diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently working on her new graphic novel, Wolf Man.

Matthew Dooley  is a cartoonist from the north west of England. His work has appeared in comic anthologies such as Dirty Rotten Comics, Off Life and T4L. He has twice been shortlisted for the Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica prize, and he won the 2016 prize for his short story Colin Turnbull: A Tall Story.

Sarah Gordon, an illustrator and concept designer, works with clients like Wired UK, George Michael, Look What We Found, and Lush Cosmetics. Her narrative work has been published in Ink+Paper Magazine, VS Comics and Solipsistic Pop.

This event will be Tuesday, 28th February at Crown & Horses pub.

Hosted by Gosh’s Nora Goldberg and Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver, the evening will provide an opportunity for attendees to find their artistic muse in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the company of a rotating list of guest creators from across all areas of comics publishing. With such a great group of creators you certainly won’t be in want of inspiration!
The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the evening’s location of choice. At 7pm we will be going to a local pub, Crown & Horses to begin our drinking and drawing!

The Gosh! Authority 22/02/17


This week we have two mega signings. First up superstar writer  Greg Pak will be here on Tuesday, February 21st from 6-7pm. Perhaps best known for his now classic Planet Hulk and World War Hulk story lines he is still blowing us away monthly with his new series Kingsway West and Totally Awesome Hulk! Details here.

And then the very next day long time Gosh! favourite and one of a kind comic creator Paul Grist will be joining us for a signing. The first issue of his brand new mini-series The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1 hit’s our shelves Wednesday the 22nd February and Paul will be here from 6-7pm to sign everyone’s copies. Check here for more details.


The Gosh! Authority 15/02/17


Two great events coming this week. First up the Friday the 17th from 7-9pm, we’ve got the return of the mighty Comic Book Slumber Party with their new Avery Hill-published anthology Deep Space Canine. We’ll have a whole pack of CBSP creators in for the evening (including our old pal Hannah K Chapman), so come down and join the party! Details here.

Then on the following Tuesday the 21st, we’ve got the one and only Greg Pak coming down to sign from 6-7pm! Take advantage of the opportunity to meet this brilliant comics writer, the mind behind the classic Planet Hulk, as well as his new series Kingsway West and Totally Awesome Hulk! Details here.


Collecting Sticks Launch Party with Joe Decie

Joe Decie will be here to celebrate the release of his new Jonathan Cape graphic novel Collecting Sticks on Thursday, April 13th, 7-9pm.

The king of fanciful autobiography is back! Joe Decie is on his usual fine form as he and the family embark on a “glamping” trip in an attempt to get back to nature. Filled with his usual wry humour and occasional forays into humorous fantastical interludes, Collecting Sticks is a welcome return from one of UK comics’ most distinctive (and funny) voices.

The story plays with the challenges nature presents to city folk as they forage for berries, get stuck up a tree, make perilous encounters with stinging wildlife, compete to build the best fire and discover the importance of finding good sticks. Also, it rains. It’s about the human desire to get back to nature. Or to return to childhood and hit things with sticks.

Joe will be here on Thursday the 13th April from 7-9pm to launch the new book, and we’d love for you join us! It’ll be the usual enjoyable mix of signed books, beers, bubbles and great comics chatter. If you can’t make it along, drop us a line to info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or a mail order. You can keep up with any updates on the Facebook event here.

Henchgirl TP Bookplate Art Giveaway

Henchgirl has long been something of a hidden gem. Originally published by Scout Comics, Kristen Gudsnuk’s tale of a supervillan sidekick dissatisfied with her lot didn’t reach a lot of readers. Trouble was, by the time people caught on to how good it was, they just weren’t able to get hold of any of the early issues any more.

Thankfully Dark Horse are stepping up to the plate with a brand new trade paperback collecting all 11 issues of the Scout Comics series. It’s a 320 page monster of comic-y fun, and we’re so excited we’ve had Kristen do us an exclusive bookplate!

But wait…it gets even better. Kristen has very generously given one lucky customer the opportunity to win the ORIGINAL ART for the plate! Here’s how it works: every customer who preorders a copy of the book either in-store or on our web store will go into a draw for the artwork. On the day of release, we’ll put everyone’s name in a hat and pick a winner, who will receive the art with their copy of the book!

Rules and Restrictions: Offer only applies to copies of the book pre-ordered online or in-store before the anticipated release date of March 29th, 2017. Your name will be entered in the draw once for every copy of Henchgirl TP you pre-order, so multiple copies ordered gives you multiple chances!

Don’t miss out on the chance to get hold of a piece of original art, which would be the icing on the cake for this terrific book!

This item is offered for pre-order. It will be dispatched after its anticipated release date of 29/03/2017. Orders may be cancelled any time up until the date of release for a full refund. In the event of a drop in price before release, the excess paid will be refunded. No extra will be charged in the event of an increase in price.


A Thousand Coloured Castles Launch with Gareth Brookes

Gareth Brookes will be here to launch his new Myriad graphic novel, A Thousand Coloured Castles, on Thursday the 20th April from 7-9pm!

One of the most unique artistic voices in UK comics, we’re always keenly interested in Gareth’s new output. A Thousand Coloured Castles doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint, with Gareth utilising crayons to give the work a thick, substantial feel while the colour palette lends the whole work a surreal, dreamy aspect.

Myriam is seeing things, and so can we, but her husband Fred is adamant it’s all a lot of nonsense. In A Thousand Coloured Castles Brookes once again twitches the net curtains of the suburban south in this gloriously crayoned follow-up to the prize-winning The Black Project.

The Black Project was one of our favourite books of 2013, and from what we’ve seen of the new book Gareth has lost none of his visionary approach to the medium, or the wonderfully observed humanity he brings to his characters. One of the first must-reads of 2017!

Gareth will be here to raise a glass and sign copies of A Thousand Coloured Castles on Thursday the 20th April from 7-9pm. If you can’t make it down, email us at info@goshlondon.com to arrange a reservation or mail order. You can keep up with any updates at the Facebook event page here.



Greg Pak Signing

Greg Pak will be here to sign on Tuesday, February 21st from 6-7pm!

We’ve long been fans of Greg Pak, perhaps best known as one of the definitive Hulk writers, from his classic Planet Hulk / World War Hulk story arc through to his current run on Totally Awesome Hulk. The latter book, featuring the adventures of a hulked-out Amadeus Cho (the young Asian American supergenius Pak co-created), has showcased Pak’s characteristic light touch, mixing humour, action and drama with deceptive ease.

With a significant track record with Marvel and DC – taking in top tier characters such as the X-Men (including the haunting Magneto: Last Testament), Superman, Batman, Iron Man and more – it’s always exciting to see Pak branch out into new territory. The Dark Horse weird western tale Kingsway West, with art by the excellent Mirko Colak, has been a welcome addition to his oeuvre. The tale of a Chinese gunslinger searching for his abducted wife in an Old West filled with magic and monsters, it’s a lot of dark, violent, surprisingly touching fun.

Greg will be signing here on Tuesday the 21st February, from 6-7pm, so come on down! If you can’t make it and would like to arrange a reservation or mail order, drop us a line to info@goshlondon.com. Keep up with any event updates at the Facebook event here.

The Gosh! Authority 08/02/17


Our events schedule is revving to life, with two events happening this week! First up we’ve got David O’Connell and Francesca Gambetesa here on Thursday evening to launch their new kids book When I’m a Mummy Like You. It’s a lovely book, a follow up to their previous collaboration When I’m a Monster Like You, Dad. They’ll be here from 7-9pm with pens a-ready, so come on down!

Then on Friday the 10th we’ve got a monster signing to tie into 2000AD’s 40th anniversary celebrations: Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill will be here from 6-7pm signing copies of their new collaboration, satirical crime novel Read ‘Em and Weep Book One: Serial Killer. Kevin won’t be at the Saturday convention, so this will be the only chance for 2000AD fans to see him this weekend!