We carry thousands of Silver Age, Bronze Age, and modern titles and strive to have a diverse selection of titles ranging from super hero and humour to independent and horror.

We usually buy in at least one collection a week and as a result our stocks are constantly being refreshed. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then please ask a member of staff as we have a large amount of stock not on display. We also carry a variety of back issue supplies for different formats, including mylars, comic boxes, bags and boards.

Buying: We do buy in comic collections of all sizes, but it very much depends on what the titles and condition are. If you would like to know if we are interested in purchasing your collection give us a call on 020 7636 1011 or drop us an email at info@goshlondon.com marked FAO Tom, giving us a brief overview of what you hope to sell. It does not have to be a complete list but please include the main titles and an estimated quantity.

All collections will be considered however we are primarily interested in:
Golden Age titles (DC and Marvel Comics)
Silver Age titles (DC and Marvel Comics from the late 50’s to early Seventies)
Bronze Age titles featuring key characters (Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Flash, etc)
EC titles
Popular Modern superhero core titles (Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool, etc)
Popular indie titles (Love and Rockets, Acme Novelty Library, RAW, etc)
Popular genre titles (Hellboy, Walking Dead, Saga, etc)
60’s underground titles (Oz, Zapp etc)
Popular UK titles (2000AD pre issue 100, Deadline, Warrior, Crisis, etc)
Heavy Metal magazine
Horror comic magazines (Creepy, Eerie)
Carl Barks Disney comics
Mad Magazine

We make extremely competitive offers on collections, however please bear in mind that whilst we do buy in several collections a week, comics from the 80’s through to the 2000’s are unlikely to be worth a great deal. The vast majority of comics from the 70’s onwards will be sold by us for between 50p and £2.20, and what you will be offered will reflect this.