In Store 13/04/17 – 19/04/17

Quick bit of admin: due to the bank holiday weekend, the comics will be arriving to go out on Wednesday this week. That means they will be late out on the shelves, depending on when we receive the delivery. We always hope to have everything out by lunch time, but keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, where we’ll announce as soon as they’re ready.

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The Gosh! Authority 12/04/17


Do join us this Thursday for the Collecting Sticks launch party, with the fabulous Joe Decie (plus a special guest appearance by his regular supporting cast: the Decie family!) Joe will be here to meet folks and sign copies of Collecting Sticks, his fanciful autobiographical tale of a family glamping trip. It’s a wry, familiar tale, and well worth picking up! Come join us on Thursday, 7-9pm, and you might even score yourself a few free sticks! More details here.


FCBD 2017 – 2000AD Signing with Dan Abnett, Rufus Dayglo & Richard Elson

Final signing of Free Comic Book Day 2017: a trinity of 2000AD stars in the persons of Dan Abnett, Rufus Dayglo and Richard Elson! They’ll be here signing on Saturday May 6th, 4-5pm.

Dan Abnett is a one-man industry, one of the hardest working writers around. One the creators who basically defined the modern Guardians of the Galaxy (as used by the films), he is also a long-time mainstay of 2000AD, creating such modern classics as Sinister Dexter and Kingdom.

And speaking of Kingdom, the artist on that popular series is none other than Richard Elson, perhaps best known to many as the long-time artist on Sonic the Comic. Richard has also worked his magic on a range of other titles, notably Spider-Man & Thor.

Rufus Dayglo is living the dream. Starting out as a 2000AD megafan, Rufus went from young self-publisher to professional animator to 2000AD original art dealer to professional comics artist. As well as non-2000AD titles such as Tank Girl and Last Gang in Town, he’s drawn Bad Company with original BC writer Peter Milligan, with whom he has now created his own addition to the 2000AD pantheon: Countefeit Girl.

Dan, Rufus and Richard will be here on Saturday May 6th, 4-5pm, so come down and get your books signed! Can’t make it along but would like to get something? Drop us a line,, to arrange a reservation or mail order. Please note that we can’t do signed requests or reserves on FCBD titles.

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FCBD 2017 – Big Screen Signing with Al Ewing, Kieron Gillen & Rob Williams

Second signing of our terrific Free Comic Book Day 2017 line-up: Al Ewing, Kieron Gillen and Rob Williams will be here on Saturday May 6th from 3-4pm!

All three of these top drawer British talents have written comics relating to some of the biggest cinematic properties out there.

Al Ewing, in addition to his Avengers and Inhumans-related work, has an upcoming series featuring one of the favourite Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon. Rocket #1 will be out just after FCBD, sadly, but we’ll have plenty other great books for Al to sign!

Kieron Gillen recently completed what is generally regarded as one of the best Star Wars tie-in comics ever made: Darth Vader. He’s now spun his fan-favourite character from that series, Dr Aphra, out into her own title. And if that’s not enough, he has a James Bond one shot, Service, inbound in May.

Rob Williams, no stranger to our signing table, is the current writer of Suicide Squad, the comic that inspired the, shall we say, very successful film of the same name. But never mind that: he’s a cracking writer, and the comic is a very fine take on the rag-tag band of DC anti-heroes! (He also wrote a terrific Martian Manhunter series, small screen Supergirl fans!)

These three gents will be in residence on Saturday May 6th, 3-4pm, so come down and get your books signed! Can’t make it along but would like to get something? Drop us a line,, to arrange a reservation or mail order. Please note that we can’t do signed requests or reserves on FCBD titles.

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FCBD 2017 – Oni Press Signing with John Allison, Marc Ellerby & Sarah Graley

First of our Free Comic Book Day 2017 afternoon signings out the gate: Oni Press stars John Allison, Marc Ellerby and Sarah Graley will be here Saturday May 6th, 1-2pm!

It’s a great gang, whether you found them through their webcomics, or via the Oni Press books they’re currently working on.

John Allison, a webcomics pioneer, has made serious waves with his originally-a-mini-but-now-ongoing series Giant Days, bringing British university culture to the world in all it’s…colourful glory (along with artists Lissa Treiman & Max Sarin). Not to mention his cast of high school sleuths in webcomic Bad Machinery, also available as collections from Oni, and drawn by John himself.

Marc Ellerby, originally a purveyor of bold, emotionally honest autobiographical comics (available in the highly recommended Ellerbisms complimation), and smart, knowing adventure series Chloe Noonan (whom we pine for the return of regularly), has found a well-deserved professional home in the pages of the insanely popular Rick & Morty comic.

Sarah Graley also made her mark on the webcomics front, particularly with Our Super Adventure (which, along with the brilliant Pizza Witch, is available in a collection). She’s broken into the world of Rick & Morty, writing and drawing the recent mini-series Lil’ Poopy Superstar, and has just had her own series launched through Oni: Kim Reaper.

John, Marc & Sarah will be here on Saturday May 6th, 1-2pm. If you can’t make it along, but you’d like to get something signed, the drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order. Please note that we can’t do signed requests or reserves on FCBD titles.

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FCBD 2017 – Kids Workshop & Window Painting

As ever, Free Comic Book Day 2017 at Gosh will kick off with three hours of drawing workshops for kids, as well as a host of excellent artists doing live painting all over our windows! Come on down on Saturday May 6th from 10am-1pm. Y’know, for the kids! Well, the kids aged 6-12!

The FCBD drawing table is a tradition we love here at Gosh. To be frank, if Free Comic Book Day isn’t about getting kids into comics, then it’s not worth doing. As usual we’ll be getting an amazing line-up of artists to sit at the table with the kids to give them ideas, tips and general inspiration! No need to book, no payment required: just pop along and join when a space becomes available. All we ask is that parents are considerate of people who may be waiting for their turn.

Pens, pencils, paper, felts, markers, worksheets not required: we’ll supply that. You just supply yourselves!

This year we’ll be putting a slightly different twist on things with three publisher-themed slots:

10am-11pm – The Bog-Eyed Books & Friends Table. Bog-Eyed Books publisher Gary Northfield will be joined by pals, Roger LangridgeAlexander Matthews, & Wilbur Dawbarn.


11am-12am – The Phoenix Comic Table. Join Phoenix contributors Faz Choudhury, Lorenzo Etherington, Fred Fordham and James Turner for a hour of draw-along fun!

12am-1pm – The Flying Eye Books Table. Ella Bailey, Katie Harnett, and Joe Todd-Stanton will be here representing the wonderful Flying Eye Books.


And as if that weren’t enough, we’ve got a dedicated group of artists along to paint in our windows throughout the day! So prepare to see some live drawing magic, as Lizzy Stewart, Dan White, Rebecca Bagley, Rachael Stott, Eleni Kalorkati and Lando get out their brushes and Posca pens to add a bit of colour to the neighbourhood.

Our event is sponsored by the wonderful local Cass Art on Berwick Street.

For more information check out the facebook page.

Poster art by Lizzy Stewart.

Free Comic Book Day 2017 – Saturday May 6th

Psst….hey you. Yeah you. You know what’s happening on Saturday May 6th, 2017? I’ll give you a clue…

Hell yeah, it is! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, 2017! Come one, come all, to the Free Comic Book Day Ball! *

As ever, we’ll be throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the day, so why don’t you come and join us? We’ll have activities and signings going all through the day, and of course we’ll have FREE COMICS. You like FREE COMICS, don’t you?

And what about those comics? We’ll have a massive range of FCBD 2017 titles available on the day, especially ones aimed at a younger audience. Because if comics can’t be for kids, we’re all doomed to future irrelevance as a cultural curiousity! We’ll be opening early to accommodate the day, so get in the queue nice and early. Here’s the rules:

  1. Free comics will be available behind the counter downstairs.
  2. Five per person, maximum one copy of each.
  3. First come, first served.
  4. Please respect your fellow comic fans on the day.

Here at Gosh we like to make FCBD a real family affair, and so we’ll be kicking off as always with our popular Kids Drawing Workshop Table, where a plethora of artists will join kids aged 8-12 at our drawing table. No need to book, no payment required: just pop along and join when a space becomes available. We’ve got an amazing range of artists from the Phoenix Comic (Faz Choudhury, Lorenzo Etherington, Fred Fordham and James Turner), Flying Eye Books (Ella Bailey, Katie Harnett &  Joe Todd-Stanton ) & Bog Eyed Books and friends (Gary Northfield, Wilbur Darwbarn, Roger Langridge & Alexander Matthews)! All kids participating will also get a grab-bag of FCBD titles.

And while that’s going on, we’ll also have an incredible line-up of artists doing live painting in our windows! Lizzy Stewart, Dan White, Rebecca Bagley, Rachael Stott, Eleni Kalorkati and Lando will all be working away with paints and pens, so pop along to see some Real Live Artists at work!

Then from 1-2pm, we have an Oni Press Signing, with John Allison, Marc Ellerby and Sarah Graley!

You can have a little break after that, if you like, but be sure to be back here for 3-4pm when we’ll have a Big Screen Signing with a trio of writers on top film-related comics! Al Ewing, Kieron Gillen & Rob Williams will be joining us for the hour!

And finally, what would FCBD be without a tip of the hat to 2000AD? Dan Abnett, Rufus Dayglo and Richard Elson will be here from 4-5pm to sign for you lucky, lucky people!

So mark it in your diaries and get your butts down here! There are things going on all over town, all day long, so make it a West End comics day (but especially a Gosh! Comics day!)

Saturday May 6th: Free Comic Book Day 2017. See you there!

Follow the Facebook event for more updates.

*Not an actual ball. Maybe next year.

Livestock Launch Party with Hannah Berry

The amazing Hannah Berry will be here to launch her new Jonathan Cape graphic novel Livestock on Friday, May 26th from 7-9pm!

A new book from Hannah is something of an event around these parts: noirish crime drama Britten & Brülightly and quietly chilling horror Adamtine both come highly recommended. It’s been 5 years since the latter, and while she has popped up in various collaborations and contributions, we’ve sorely missed her distinctive voice on an extended narrative. Her rich, moody palette is incredibly evocative, and we look forward to seeing what she does with a bit of near-future dystopian satire!

“Excitement is building for this year’s Twammies and Clementine Darling is hotly tipped to win Best Female Singer and Political Spokesperson! The government is embarrassed about the leak of a confidential email exchange, but have you heard about Clementine’s new beau Devon Ayre? Yes, human cloning appears to have been legalised, but wasn’t Devon once together with Clementine’s arch rival Coral Jerome? And does it really matter what dubious corporate connections helped get this bill into place while Clementine and Coral are locking horns in a violent feud? Livestock is a razor-sharp satire on our relationship with the media from critically acclaimed graphic novelist Hannah Berry. In the fight for the public’s attention, why let public interest get in the way?”

Imagine! A world where celebrity and gossip are used to obfuscate grim political reality? Crazy!



Anyway, come on down to toast the launch of Livestock with Hannah, and get your copy signed while you’re at it! She’ll be here from 7-9pm on Friday, May 26th, but if you can’t make it down then drop us an email,, to arrange a reservation or mail order.

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