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Quick bit of admin: due to the bank holiday weekend, the comics will be arriving to go out on Wednesday this week. That means they will be late out on the shelves, depending on when we receive the delivery. We always hope to have everything out by lunch time, but keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, where we’ll announce as soon as they’re ready.

Couple of great launch parties coming up this week. First up is the ever-lovely Gareth Edwards‘ new book, A Thousand Coloured Castles, published by Myriad. We’ll be toasting Gareth’s excellent new book on Thursday April 20th, 7-9pm. More details here.

Then on Friday April 21st, 7-9pm, we’ll have the equally lovely Hamish Steele here to launch his new graphic novel from Nobrow, Pantheon. The book is a blast, so don’t miss your chance to get Hamish to sign your copy. More details here.

Speaking of launches, last week we helped welcome Joe Decie‘s new book, Collecting Sticks, into the world. It was a packed house, and Joe brought the whole family (aka his cast of characters) along to sign for fans.

He also did a pretty fab window painting for us. Talented lad!

On to the comics!


Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea HC
Writers: Mike Mignola, Gary Gianni
Artist: Gary Gianni
Publisher: Dark Horse

This has been a while coming, but given the intricacy of Gianni’s beautiful art, that’s hardly surprising. Set after the end of Hellboy: The Island, our horned hero finds himself crossing paths with a ghost ship on his journey home. Taken prisoner, he becomes part of the phantom crew’s quest to capture a fearsome sea creature. We’re always happy to see new Hellboy, but it’s always particularly exciting when Mignola works with talent like Gianni. Newsarama have a preview to give you a taster!

Try it if you like: Monster Men / Moby Dick / The Sixth Gun

Nick Fury #1
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Aco
Publisher: Marvel

Speaking of previews, make sure you check out this preview for the new Nick Fury series coming this week by (Gosh alumni, btw) James Robinson and new-name-to-us Aco (scroll past the endless variants…). This thing looks stunning: equal parts Jim Steranko and Marcos Martin, really capturing that super-spy vibe. It also looks like it might stand largely on its own, always an attractive prospect in the era of endless crossovers…

Try it if you like: Velvet / Jim Steranko / The Private Eye

Soupy Leaves Home GN
Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Jose Pimienta
Publisher: Dark Horse

Castellucci, popular YA author and writer on the excellent Young Animal series Shade the Changing Girl, does something completely different with this original graphic novel. Set in the Great Depression, it follows Pearl, a young girl who escapes an abusive household and heads for the promise of California. Disguised as a boy named Soupy, she falls into the company of an old hobo, who shows her how to survive while riding the rails.

Try it if you like: Of Mice and Men / The Grapes of Wrath / True Grit

Secret Empire #0
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Daniel Acuña
Publisher: Marvel

The next big Marvel event is upon us! Bit of a funny one: there’s been a lot of negative press around Spencer’s “Captain America: Agent of Hydra” storyline, but it’s actually been pretty entertaining, and this event is the big pay-off. This issue kicks it all off, with the inciting incident that unveils Cap as an agent of Hydra.

Try it if you like: Spencer’s Captain America / Civil War / Englehart & Rogers’ Captain America

Redneck #1
Writer: Donny Cates
ArtistLisandro Estherren
Publisher: Image

It’s Southern Bastards meets True Blood as cows-blood-drinking vampire clan the Bowmans fend off increasing hostility from newcomers to their Southern town, where they run the best barbecue joint around. Cates has impressed with God Country, so this should be an entertaining shlock-fest!

Try it if you like: Southern Bastards / God Country / True Blood

Plastic #1
Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Publisher: Image

Sooo….a retired serial killer, Edwyn, tours around America with his partner Virginia, an inflatable sex-doll, whose companionship is the only thing that quells his murderous urges. But a villainous billionaire who knows his secret kidnaps Virginia, intent on ransoming her to utilise Edwyn’s particular set of skills. Sounds like a wholesome read for all the family!

Try it if you like: Sin City / Taken / Dexter

World Reader #1
Writer: Jeff Loveness
Artist: Juan Doe
Publisher: Aftershock

Ready for some cosmic weirdness? Worlds are dying all across the universe, and astronaut Sarah and her crew are in a race against time to find out why before the Earth succumbs. But Death, unwilling to give up its secrets, pursues her every step of the way. This actually sounds really intriguing, and with Doe on the art it’s certainly going to look nice. Worth checking out, we reckon!

Try it if you like: Sunshine / Godland / Guardians of the Galaxy



  • All Star Batman HC Vol 01 – Collecting the first arc of the Snyder series. Really fun stuff, and this time with John Romita Jr in the artists chair.
  • Berlin #20 – New issue! Inching ever closer to the end of one of the greatest comic series ever made.
  • Briggs Land TP Vol 01 – The first collection of Brian Wood’s soon-to-be-a-tv-series series.
  • Cage TP – One of the most fun comics of 2016 is collected. Genndy Tartakovsky does a loving homage to the Blaxploitation classics.
  • Groo: Fray of the Gods TP – The barbarian is back in this collection of his latest mini-series.
  • Greatest Adventure #1 – Bill Willingham teams up the heroes of Edgar Rice Burroughs, lead by Tarzan, to take on a deadly threat.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On #1 – The GOTG meet DEATH’S HEAD! Chaos ensues, yes?
  • Jim Thompson Killer Inside Me TP – Collecting the recent mini series adapting the classic Thompson crime novel.
  • Monsters Unleashed #1 – An ongoing series pinning out of the recent Marvel event.

  • Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign #1 – Geoff Darrow is back! And he’s bringing page upon page of ultra-detailed carnage with him. Dreamy.
  • Wonder Woman Earth One TP – Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette’s retelling of the Amazon’s origin comes to paperback.


Our pals at Retrofit Comics have their Spring 2017 Kickstarter underway, and as ever it’s an impressive line-up of books for the indie comics aficionado. Featuring six new graphic novels by Zach Hazard Vaupen, Laura Ķeniņš, Tara Booth, Yuichi Yokoyama, Warren Craghead III and Will Cardini, the Retrofit seasonal lines are always a great place to discover terrific new talent as well as new work from old favourites. Go give them your support over here.

That’s it for this week! Happy springtime, all!

Andrew & Shaun.

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