Pantheon Launch Party with Hamish Steele

Hamish Steele will be here on Friday 21st April from 7-9pm to celebrate the launch of Pantheon, published by Nobrow!

Pantheon began its life as a self-published title that impressed with its level of professionalism (and was a regular feature on our small press shelves). Steele, an artist, animator, writer, director and web comics author, showed a talent for storytelling and craft (as well as a deft comedic eye) that stood out, and it seems that Nobrow agreed with us. It’s a remastered, full colour edition of the original series in one handsome block of a book, and we’re pleased as punch to able to host a launch party for it!

“The most important myth in Ancient Egypt is faithfully retold in glorious colour! Horus, son of Isis, vows bloody revenge on his Uncle Set for the murder and usurpation of his Pharaoh father. Based on elements from several versions of the famous Osiris myth, Hamish Steele has resurrected this fantastic story in all its symbolic and humorous glory. Pantheon contains: incest, decapitation, suspicious salad, fighting hippos, flying cows, a boat race, resurrections, lots of scorpions and a golden willy.”

Hamish will be here to sign and draw golden willies in your books on Friday, April 21st from 7-9pm. There will be drinks and general mirth and merriment, so get yourselves along and get yourselves a copy of this brilliant book! Can’t make it along on the night? Be sure to email us,, to arrange a reservation or a mail order.

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