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Okay so deep breath as we dive into our gargantuan run down of events coming up this week! Friday March 17th we’re joined by an incredible line-up of Image creators (Jordie Bellaire, Warren Ellis, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Declan Shalvey and Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson) who will be taking part in a live panel discussion from 7:30 – 9PM.

Two things to note in regards to the event. Firstly, there will not be a signing session before or after the talk, however Jordie, Declan & Eric will back with us the following day as part of a mega signing event occurring on Saturday the 18th March, which we will tell you ALL about in a moment.

Secondly, due to huge interest in the talk we have had to ticket the event. As of this going live we are totally SOLD OUT.  So sorry for any disappointment folks! There is a possibility we may have limited returns on the night, but we can’t guarantee entry for non-ticket holders unfortunately.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a number of signings happening throughout the afternoon of Saturday the 18th March, so come on down! We’ll have Jordie Bellaire, Simon Gane, Emi Lenox, John McCrea, Tradd Moore, Tom Muller, Sean Phillips, Alison Sampson, Declan Shalvey, Si Spurrier, Eric Stephenson, Christian Ward, Caspar Wijngaard & Dan Watters all here to say hi and scribble in your books for you.

These talented folks will be signing together in small groups through the afternoon, with the roster as follows:
1pm – 2pm
John McCrea
Sean Phillips
Allison Sampson
2pm – 3pm
Simon Gane
Emi Lenox
Eric Stephenson
3pm – 4pm
Jordie Bellaire
Tom Muller
Declan Shalvey
Si Spurrier
4pm – 5pm
Tradd Moore
Christian Ward
Caspar Wijngaard
Dan Watters
We’ll have a limit of 6 items per customer per signing session, excluding anything you buy in store on the day. So if there are 3 creators signing, you could bring 2 items for each creator, or 3 each for two of them, or 6 for one of them, and so on, plus anything you buy in store on the day.

STILL not enough?

We’re very excited to announce that on top of our Friday night discussion panel and Saturday signing sessions on the 17th and 18th of March, we’re also going to have five extremely limited edition bookplates produced especially for the occasion!

Each of the plates is being issued to tie in with our Image Anniversary events, and is strictly limited to just 50 copies each. For more information, head on over to our blog here.

All the plates are available to preorder on our webstore now, but we will be holding back some copies for sale on Saturday the 18th!

Big thanks to all the great folks at Image Comics for giving us the opportunity to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Happy birthday, and here’s to many, many more!

And then once you’ve recovered from the weekend, be sure to come along for our regular Drink & Draw, in collaboration with our old pals at Broken Frontier. This month we’ve got special guests Alex Hahn, Eleanor Crewes and Jamie Coe along to help with the Draw part! As ever, meet up at the store at 6.30pm before heading along to the Coach & Horses Pub for 7pm. More details here.


Terms & Conditions GN
Writer / Artist: R. Sikoryak
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

You’ve probably agreed to it. You’ve almost certainly never read it. The Apple iTunes Terms and Conditions is one of the most dense consumer contracts in history, usually clicked past with barely a thought. Well, comics appropriation expert R. Sikoryak has thought about it. A lot. And he’s produced what promises to be one of the best graphic novels of the year based on it. Terms and Conditions is a word for word reproduction of the entire legal agreement told through the comic styles of history. Each page breaks the legalese down into a comic strip done in the style of famous cartoonists throughout history, with it’s own version of Steve Jobs. Want to see your rights laid out as a Beetle Bailey strip? Done. Your legal responsibilities done in the style of Craig Thompson’s Blankets? Sikoryak has got your back. There’s nothing quite like it, and in likelihood never will be again. A must-have!

Try it if you like: Masterpiece Comics / The iTunes Terms & Conditions (we’re sure you’re out there, legal fans!)

Coady & The Creepies #1
Writer: Liz Prince
ArtistAmanda Kirk
Publisher: Kaboom

Liz Prince steps away from autobiographical comics for this YA punk rock adventure series, more than ably assisted by artist Amanda Kirk. The three sisters who make up punk trio The Creepies won’t let a terrible accident hold back their music careers, even if one of them is dead. Heck, it might even broaden their audience. Looks like a fun ride!

Try it if you like: Lumberjanes / Friends With Boys / Jem & the Holograms

Will Eisner A Contract With God Centennial Edition HC
Writer & Artist: Will Eisner
Publisher: W. W. Norton

Will Eisner Centennial Celebration 1917 – 2017 HC
Writers: Will Eisner, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Denis Kitchen, Paul Gravett, John Lind
Artists: Will Eisner
Publisher: Dark Horse

A double hit of Eisner this week to commemorate the Centennial celebrations of one of comics true geniuses. First up is a wonderful new edition of what many consider to be the first true graphic novel, A Contract With God & Other Tenement Stories. The new edition, bound to the highest standards in a lovely hardcover finish, has been remastered directly from the original art. Also features a forward by Scott McCloud and a history of the book, from conception to release and beyond.

To mark the centenary, two major exhibitions have been undertaken at Le Musée de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême and The Society of Illustrators in New York. A joint catalogue has been produced for the exhibitions, featuring contributions from Jean-Pierre Mercier, Denis Kitchen, Paul Gravett, & John Lind, as well as – of course – work from throughout Will Eisner’s incredible career. A must for any Eisner fan.

Try them if you like: Will Eisner!

The Damned GN Vol 01
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Brian Hurtt
Publisher: Oni Press

A reissue of the 2006 supernatural thriller by Bunn & Hurtt, the creative team behind the excellent Sixth Gun. It follows Eddie, a gangster caught in the middle of a supernatural gang war whose ability to resurrect himself (at a terrible price) keeps him at the centre of the action. First published at the start of their respective careers, this little gem of a series has been long overlooked, and is due a return in all new stories coming later this year. Remastered with all new colours, the book is looking as fresh as ever, so if you missed out the first time do yourself a favour and check it out!

Try it if you like: Sixth Gun / Black Monday Murders / Hellblazer (the REAL one)

The Facts of Life GN
Writer / Artist: Paula Knight
Publisher: Myriad

A painful, raw, honest examination of the expectations placed on women by society and themselves to have children as a part of their life, and what being a family means to those who don’t. Polly follows the standard anticipated path, but after illness and miscarriages she begins to realise that children might not be in her future whether she wishes for them or not.

Try it if you like: Are You My Mother / Probably Nothing / Dotter of her Father’s Eyes

Women of Power Standee Punch Out Book
Writer / Artist: Various
Publisher: Marvel

This should be a bit of fun. A collection of small standees featuring all of Marvel’s most popular superheroic women.

The book is printed on sturdy card with easy punch-out figures to decorate your desktop / windowsill / shelf / wedding cake / funerary viking longboat.

Try it if you like: Women of Power Standee Punch Out Book



  • The Assignment TP – A collection of Walter Hill’s controversial series, a film of which is hitting cinemas soon.
  • Avengers Initiative Complete Collection TP Vol 01 – Collecting the post-Civil War (and surprisingly good) 50 State Avengers title. Collects issues #1-19.
  • Bad Machinery GN Vol 01 Pocket Ed – John Allison’s super-popular high school sleuth series now in a convenient smaller format!
  • Batman & Superman in World’s Finest The Silver Age TP Vol 01  – The Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel get pally in these Silver Age reprints.
  • Batman Ego and Other Tails Deluxe HC – A lovely new hardcover edition of the late, great Darwyn Cooke’s Batman shorts, headlined by the tremendous Ego one-shot.
  • Batwoman #1 – Picking up where the excellent Batwoman Rebirth #1 left off.
  • Bounty TP Vol 01 – Rat Queens creator Kurtis Wiebe’s recent series about a futuristic bounty hunting team gets a collection.
  • Deadly Class TP Vol 05 – The latest collection of Rick Remender & Wes Craig’s brilliant series.
  • Demonic TP – Collecting the recent Image horror series.
  • Excalibur Epic Collection TP The Sword is Drawn – The classic Chris Claremont / Alan Davis run is collected along with lead-in and tie in material, including the AMAZING Mojo Mayhem, by Claremont and Arthur Adams!
  • Harley Quinn TP Vol 01 (Rebirth) – The first collection of Harley’s Rebirth adventures.
  • Haunted Love HC Vol 01 – A collection of strips from the Craig Yoe-curated classic horror titles Haunted Horror and Weird Love.
  • Jack of Fables Deluxe HC Book 01 – The trouble-making fable’s solo series gets the deluxe hardcover treatment.
  • JSA The Golden Age Deluxe Ed HC – One of the best early-90’s revisionist superhero titles, by James Robinson and Paul Smith, is back in print at last!
  • The Kingdom: Aux Drift SC – A new collection of the Dan Abnett / Richard Elson 2000 AD series.
  • The Order: Die Mensch SC – A collection of the crazy, genre mash-up action adventure series from 2000 AD by Kek-W and John Burns.
  • Science Comics: Bats GN – The terrific YA science series continues. With added bats!


Grafity’s Wall by Ram V and Anand RK – Coming from the crowdfunding publisher Unbound is Ram V and Anand RK’s new India based graphic novel. A companion piece to Ram V’s crime noir comic anthology Black Mumba, Grafity’s Wall is a brighter bolder look at Indian city life. A coming of age graphic novel about expression, rebellion, ambition and acceptance painted against the backdrop of Mumbai’s ever changing and evolving street culture. We love the look of this book and Ram V’s previous work has been nothing short of stellar. Head on over to the pledge page here for a fuller look at the project.


Andrew & Shaun.

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