Collecting Sticks Launch Party with Joe Decie

Joe Decie will be here to celebrate the release of his new Jonathan Cape graphic novel Collecting Sticks on Thursday, April 13th, 7-9pm.

The king of fanciful autobiography is back! Joe Decie is on his usual fineĀ form as he and the family embark on a “glamping” trip in an attempt to get back to nature. Filled with his usual wry humour and occasional forays into humorous fantastical interludes, Collecting Sticks is a welcome return from one of UK comics’ most distinctive (and funny) voices.

The story plays with the challenges nature presents to city folk as they forage for berries, get stuck up a tree, make perilous encounters with stinging wildlife, compete to build the best fire and discover the importance of finding good sticks. Also, it rains. It’s about the human desire to get back to nature. Or to return to childhood and hit things with sticks.

Joe will be here on Thursday the 13th April from 7-9pm to launch the new book, and we’d love for you join us! It’ll be the usual enjoyable mix of signed books, beers, bubbles and great comics chatter. If you can’t make it along, drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or a mail order. You can keep up with any updates on the Facebook event here.

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