The Visitor Signing with Paul Grist

Paul Grist will be here signing copies of The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1 on Wednesday the 22nd February, from 6-7pm!

The latest addition to the Mignolaverse, The Visitor takes us back to America in the 50’s, where we pick up the story of the mysterious alien assassin just briefly glimpsed in the pages of Seed of Destruction. While we saw his demise in The Conqueror Worm, no other details have ever been revealed about this character: why he was left behind, what he did here in between his two appearances, and who he actually was. Now all is revealed in this 5 part miniseries that charts the five decades that The Visitor spent hidden among us, written by Mike Mignola & Chris Roberson, and drawn by none other than UK comics treasure Paul Grist!

Possibly one of the most underrated talents in UK comics, Grist has been crafting a series of bonafide classics for more than two decades. Kane, Jack Staff and Mudman all showcase his authorial voice, with no other book feeling quite like them. It’s a unique melange of US and UK influences, and we’re very happy to see him take on such a high profile project.

Paul will be here from 6-7pm on Wednesday 22nd February signing copies of the new comic, as well as any of his old works that you’d like to get signed. You can keep up with any event updates on the Facebook event page.

Can’t make it along? Email us at to arrange a reservation or mail order.

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