CBSP: Deep Space Canine Launch Party

We’re hosting a cavalcade of creators for the launch of CBSP: Deep Space Canine on Friday the 17th February, from 7-9pm!

The British Comics Award-nominated Comic Book Slumber Party are back! After a brief hiatus, we’re thrilled to see the return of one of our favourite UK comics collectives, now partnered up with the good folks of Avery Hill. It’s a match made in the heavens, appropriate enough given the subject matter of the new CBSP anthology: DEEP SPACE CANINE!
 CBSP mascot Greasy has hit the spaceways with only her robot pal for company. But sometimes it’s good to have a Cybernetic Unit Normally for Troubleshooting at your side, as Greasy discovers on her increasingly bizarre and profane journey.

“Edited by Hannah K. Chapman, and with contributions from Katriona Chapman, Lucy Haslam, Lize Meddings, Honey Parast, Becca Tobin, Alice Urbino, Beth Wood and Jenn Woodall, CBSP: Deep Space Canine explores strange new worlds, discovers wild new civilisations, and solves the age old problem – what to do when you’ve lost your best pair of knickers.”

What indeed? Come on down and find out! We’ll have a full house of talent, plus free drinks to settle those space-nerves. The party starts here (and who knows where after that), on Friday the 17th February from 7-9pm. Join the Facebook event for any updates.

Can’t make it along but would like a signed copy? Drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order.

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