Cowboys & Insects Signing with David Hine & Shaky Kane

David Hine and Shaky Kane are at it again with new one-shot Cowboys and Insects, and we’ve got a signing to mark the occasion! Come on down, Wednesday the 19th October, 6-7pm!


The team that brought you the feverish surreality of Bulletproof Coffin have got a new six-legged trick up their collective sleeve.  A  tale of troubled romance in an alternative 1950s, where the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests have had an unexpected effect on North America’s insects. This one-shot is an epic story of Big Bugs and the men who wrangle them.


Originally published in David Lloyd‘s excellent Aces Weekly digital comics anthology starting back in 2013, the series has been brought to print by the fine folks at Floating World Comics.


David and Shaky will be here on Wednesday the 19th October, from 6-7pm. Come down and get yourself a copy to be scribbled on by these fine gents!


Can’t make it on the night? Drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order and we’ll sort it out for you. And keep track of any updates via our Facebook event here.

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