Luke Pearson in Conversation

Luke Pearson Talk

Hilda is back! And to celebrate the release of Hilda & the Stone Forest, we’ve got creator Luke Pearson here in conversation with Julius Zebra & Gary’s Garden mastermind Gary Northfield!


The fifth Hilda album sees our eponymous blue-haired hero embroiled in an adventure with her mother, trapped in the realm of the trolls!

Hilda is starting to shirk her responsibilities, seeking days filled with excitement instead of spending time at home… and her mother is getting worried. While trying to stop Hilda from sneaking out into the house spirits’ realm, the pair find themselves flung far away into a mysterious, dark forest! Will they be able to work out their differences in time to rescue each other and get back home? And are the trolls all as sinister as they seem?


Best known in the comics world for his Hilda books, Luke Pearson has also done design work and storyboards for Adventure Timeproduced book covers for Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, and his illustrations have appeared in the New Yorker, New York Times, Wired, and The Guardian.

Gary Northfield is one of the UK’s most beloved kids cartoonists. From the Beano to the Phoenix, his unmistakable style has become a part of the adolescent cultural landscape, now more than ever as he branches into illustrated fiction with his brilliant Julius Zebra series.


Gary will be talking with Luke about Hilda, his creative process, the upcoming Hilda animation (as much as he’s allowed to) and whatever else might crop up in the evening. It’s a not to be missed chance to peek into one of UK comics’ most verdant creative minds. And a chance to get a copy of our Hilda & the Stone Forest exclusive bookplate edition, of course!

Our Facebook event page can be found here.

No need to book, no tickets required: just bring yourself down for 7.30-9pm on Thursday the 8th September, seats first come, first served for what promises to be an informative, entertaining evening.


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