Free Comic Book Day 2016: KIDS WORKSHOP

The biggest celebration in comics – Free Comic Book Day! To kick it off we’ll be hosting a kids workshop and window painting with a slew of comic creators. The workshop will be from 11am-2pm on Saturday, May 7th.


For the workshop we have some of the best local talent to help inspire the next generation of comic creators! A range of creators representing all aspects of comics and illustration will be available to draw with the kids, taking turns to provide inspiration and give tips for the young artists. We’ll provide all the necessary art supplies, so just enthusiasm required. Not only that, but some of our artists will be doing live window painting throughout!


John Allison is well known for his funny and intelligent webcomics Bad Machinery and Scary Go Round. He currently is writing Giant Days, a slice-of-college-life comic. Edie OP is an illustrator and creator of comics, her recent publications include Maleficium with Avery Hill. JAKe is an illustrator, graphic designer, comic artist, writer and animation director based in London. He published the graphic novel Hellraisers and illustrated the kids books, How to Speak Wookiee and How to Speak DroidGary Northfield is a well-known kids book author and illustrator. He had comic strips in The Beano, National Geographic Kids magazine, The Phoenix, The Dandy, The DFCHorrible Histories magazine, and Horrible Science. He is author of The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs and the new kids series Julius Zebra.


Jason Ford  is a freelance illustrator working with the Royal Mail, the New York Times, Penguin Books and the Guardian. He created two kids activity books The Superhero Comic Kit and The Super Book for Superheroes. Kristyna Bazynski is an illustrator, comic book artist and designer in Leeds. Self-publishing several mini-comics, she won a Northern Design Award and her comics have been nominated twice for British Comic Awards. Dilraj Mann  is an illustration heavily influenced by north-east London night life. His first graphic novel, Dalston Monstaz will be out with Nobrow in September. Rachael Smith is author of graphic novels House Party, The Rabbit, and Artificial Flowers. She is currently working on the webcomic Bess, and for Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. 


Babak Ganjei is a musician and cartoonist, he works on Hilarious Consequences, a autobiographical webcomic. He performs in Wet Paint, Old Men and with his son as Dinosaur and Junior. Emma Vieceli is the artist for the manga adaptation Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing. She’s worked on the series Vampire Academy, Alex Rider, Jem & The Holograms, and is currently working on the Supergirl series. Joe & Sam Decie A Father and Son comics duo! Joe Decie is the author of The Accidental Salad and The Listening Agent with Blank Slate. His son Sam Decie made his début selling some very creative monster drawings at last years Thought Bubble. Paul Shinn is a freelance illustrator and comic artist. He has self-published three comics, March Of The Penguin, Look What I Drawed and I Am Not A Dog! and contributed to the Tempo Lush Tales comics anthology.


Ramsey Hassan/RAMZEE is a regular contributor at our events, and recently self-published Zorse, a story of emigration, and the collection of three 5-page stories, TriangleMarc Ellerby  is well-known at Gosh for his self-published series, Chloe Noonan and Ellerbisms, and can currently be seen drawing for Doctor WhoThe Regular Show, and Rick & Morty. 


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