HOAX Psychosis Blues Signing

We’re laying on a veritable feast of UK comics talent for the signing of Ravi Thornton‘s graphic novel HOAX Physchosis Blues. The signing will include: Mark Stafford, Rian Hughes, Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Julian Hanshaw, Ian Jones, Rozi Hathaway, and Ravi Thornton.

HOAX Psychosis Blues | Gosh Comics London

HOAX Physchosis Blues tells the moving and very personal story of Roabbi Thornton, a young man whose long battle with schizophrenia ended with his suicide in May 2008 at the age of 31. The graphic novel, written by his sister Ravi, is the continuation of Rob’s story as told in the stage play HOAX My Lonely Heart. Both are based on a poem written by Rob in 2004 and while the play provides the backdrop of Rob’s story, the time spent working on the poem and the tumultuous relationship he found himself in, the graphic novel focuses on the time that came after; dealing with the diagnosis of schizophrenia and the troubles that followed.

Psychosis Blues features artwork from: Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Leonardo M. Giron, Julian Hanshaw, Rozi Hathaway, Rian Hughes, Ian Jones, Jade Moss, Mark Stafford, and Bryan Talbot.

The signing will take place between 2pm-3pm on Saturday the 19th of July and money from the sales of the book will go towards supporting mental health charities.

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