British Comics Month Spotlight: Decadence Comics

Lando lizard men

Since 2003 Decadence have been publishing forward-thinking, politically aware science fiction comics. Fearlessly led by joint founders Lando and Stathis Tsemberlidis, they wear their influences, from European comics to manga, proudly on the sleeve of their laser-scarred jumpsuits.

Olympic Games front cover

In Olympic Games and Pyramid Scheme, Lando’s razor-sharp, Otomo-influenced line draws you into a post-civilization landscape, where future war games play out among deserted neo-classical ruins. Lando makes no secret of the allegorical nature of his silent comics, which, despite being set in the far-spun future, comment on the nature of capitalism and the economic and societal structures of today.

Stahthis cover

Stahis internal

Stathis’s comics have a dream-like quality; Moebius fueled fantasies that look closely at the internal workings of the human mind. Comics where fungal growths jostle for space with the brain light projections of lizard men. Heavy stuff, but enormous fun.


Especially recommended is his new book of illustrations Transmutation Of Human Bodies And Flora.

Emix internal

Alongside their own works they have been publishing a regular self-titled anthology with contributions from a hive of like minded cartoonists, including Gosh! alumni Jon Chandler, and Leon Sadler of Famicon Express (more on them later in the month). Also contributing to Decadence’s Ballardian psychedelic trip, is Gosh! favourite Emix Regulus whose clinical, cosmic cartooning offers a viewport into a multiverse of possible futures.

Emix images

Emix Regulus

Lando Mould Map


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