Anthologize: Indie Anthology Triple Mega-Launch of The Strumpet, Score And Script and The Comix Reader

Three great indie anthologies are seeing the light of day this month, and we’ve gotten them all together for one big super-mega-huge-and-awesome celebration! Are you ready for…

You are? Excellent. Cause here’s why this will be a great party:

The Strumpet is a transatlantic, all-female anthology on it’s third issue, and currently still on Kickstarter (go help ’em out if you can!) Previous issues have seen comics by Ellen Lindner, Kripa Joshi, Megan Kelso, Mardou, Maartje Schalkx, and many many more! Here’s some info on issue numero three:

The Strumpet is back for an epic third issue – and this time, the theme is ‘tasty’. We asked creators new and returning what they found tasty – and we think you’ll be as surprised as we were by the results. Food, sex, and, erm, opera are amongst the avenues of exploration chosen by our Strumpets – not that they stop there! Ever wonder where your street food comes from? Ever fancy a catfight between Sookie Stackhouse and Bella from Twilight? Well, then read on!

Why order now? With comics by Hannah Berry, Robin Ha, Hazel Newlevant, Colleen Frakes, Hayley Gold, Dre Grigoropol, Ellen Lindner, Kripa Joshi, Jennifer Hayden, Freya Harrison, Becky Hawkins, and many more; an interview with foodie comix queen Sarah Becan and a beefy review section bursting with comics we love and loathe, everyone’s fave transatlantic lady annual is better than ever.

Next up on the roster, is a new thing edited by comics-genius and PhD-researcher John Miers: Score and Script. Over to the Comica website for a detailed explanation of the concept:

“When a cartoonist begins making a comic strip, questions of how to give visual form to narratives expressed in text, or lurking as-yet-unrealised in cognition, form a central part of the decision-making process. What imagery would best depict the essence of the story I want to tell? And how can I organise that imagery into a flowing structure that is at once unified and multiple?

These questions cannot, in any meaningful way, be separated – in comics, visual form and narrative content constantly inform and imply one another. But what could be revealed about the process of visual storytelling if an attempt were made to perform that separation?

Cartoonist and PhD researcher John Miers created a single-page comic, from which he derived two descriptive texts: The script, a verbal account of the events depicted in the comic, with all visual detail excised; and the score, a diagram showing the dimensions and location of depicted narrative actors, with no information regarding the narrative content.”

John himself has this to say:

“This project, which features contributions from twenty-six fantastic cartoonists, started life as an exhibition at C4RD as part of last year’s Comica festival. Now it’s preserved for posterity in a beautiful double-gatefold volume collecting all the strips in a deeply satisfying smorgasbord, along with a spicy side order of analysis.”

And last but certainly not least, there’s a new issue of Gosh! till point favourite The Comix Reader – issue five, to be precise. The Comix Reader is a newspaper anthology “that attempts to reignite the free spirit of the underground press. It presents a unique blend of established talent, new discoveries, outsider art and unsung heroes of the art form. It’s contributors are a rogues gallery of the UK’s funniest, edgiest and weirdest cartoonists.” (From the Comix Reader website here). This issue has contributions from UK comics scene talent such as Elliott Baggot, Alex Potts, our very own Mike Medaglia (pictured above), our formerly very own Kevin Ward, Lord Hurk, and many, many more.

So, on Friday November 8th, come to Gosh! and put some comics (and some booze) in your collective faces. However, if your face has other plans and you’d like any or all of the three aforementioned anthologies saved for you, email us at and we’ll gladly comply.

Anthologize: Indie Anthology Triple Mega-Launch of
The Strumpet 3, Score And Script and The Comix Reader 5
Friday, November 8th from 7pm to 9pm
At Gosh! Comics, 1 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 0DR 

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