The Gosh! Authority 04/09/13


This week we’re delighted to welcome Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie to the shop to sign copies of their fantastic new Young Avengers collection. We’ve only got them for an hour so we’d suggest getting here as early as possible to make sure of your spot in the queue with all the details for the event  here.

Don’t forget that we’ve also got the latest in our series of exclusive bookplates to accompany the book and you can read about that here.

Another bookplate that we’ve got arriving shortly is from Seth to got with the new volume of Palookaville that we’re all looking forward to hugely.
Have a look here for a sneak peek.



Following on from the success of IDW’s series of Artist’s Editions we have Conan Red Nails Original Art Archives from Genesis West which also replicates the pages at the original size of the art boards.
This lets us enjoy Barry Windsor Smith’s spectacular artwork at a scale that we can really appreciate it and it’s a story adapted by Roy Thomas so it should be quite the romp as well.




Once Upon A Time is a television show with a very similar premise to Fables so if you’re a fan of Bill Willingham’s blend of folklore and soap opera you might be interested in this week’s release of Once Upon A Time: The Shadow of The Queen.
Written by Dan Thompson and Corrina Bechko with art from the likes of Stephanie Hans, Vasilis Lolos and Mike Del Mundo this particular volume tells the story of The Huntsman’s dilemma as he is forced to choose between his duty to his Queen and the fate of Snow White.


Fans of Fables and Conan may also enjoy Templar from Jordan Mechner, Leuyen Pham and Alex Puvilland.
The story of a rogue band of Templar Knights the blurb describes it as a blend of The Name of the Rose and Oceans 11 and it features a very favourable quote from the guys who produce HBO‘s Game of Thrones.


There’s a new collection out this week drawn from the pages of Hi Fructose magazine which contains an introduction from Morgan Spurlock and contributors including Tara McPherson, Glenn Barr, Camilla d’Errico, Mark Ryden and Fuco Ueda.




The High Fidelity Art of Jim Flora collects Flora‘s work on album covers and in music illustration in the 40’s and 50’s in a gorgeous new edition from Fantagraphics.



Classic Space: 1999 – To Everything That Was is set in the same continuity as the original television shows and takes place between the first and second series.
It’s written by Andrew E. C. Gaska and features interior artwork and a previously unpublished cover image from Gray Morrow.



The third volume of the Adventures Into The Unknown Archives collects Golden Age Horror classics from the likes of Lin Streeter, Bob Lubbers and Ogden Whitney in a handsome hardcover with a terrific cover from Edward Moritz.



Welcome To Mamoko from Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski is a cracking new kid’s book that echoes the look of a Richard Scarry book with the mechanics of Where’s Wally.



Don’t expect any spoilers for the next Avengers film with The Age of Ultron hardcover that ships this week. They’ve only taken the title for the film rather than Brian Michael Bendis’ story of Marvel’s heroes bouncing through time to try and stop Ultron from ever existing.
Bryan Hitch provides his trademark widescreen visuals to give this story an appropriately epic feel.


The Nova hardcover out this week from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness is the Marvel Now! relaunch of one of Marvel’s cosmic legends. Part of a wave of Guardians of the Galaxy related titles to ride the wave of interest generated by the upcoming film and this volume features some GOTG cameos, giving us a chance to see what Ed McGuinness’ Rocket Raccoon looks like. (Really good)

The world of new comics enters event season this week with Forever Evil at DC and Battle of the Atom from Marvel to complement the latest issue of Infinity.



Forever Evil sees the arrival of the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 at a time when the Justice League(s) are fragmented after the events of the Trinity War. With the heroes vulnerable Lex Luthor recruits his own team of villains to resist the invasion and defeat the Crime Syndicate.
Villains. Working together. How could it go wrong?
Written by Geoff Johns and with art from David Finch, Forever Evil is the first major crossover from DC since Flashpoint and will see the months regular titles handed over to villains with Zod, Harley Quinn and The Creeper among those in the spotlight.
As part of the fun DC have printed 3D lenticular motion covers which, as you may have read, will have very limited availability. Sad to say that if you haven’t ordered them by now, you’re unlikely to be able to get one, and for some titles we will have to file 2D copies to fill some orders.



Marvel’s company-wide crossover continues with Infinity but we’re also getting an X-Men epic starting this week with Battle For The Atom.
This sees *DEEP BREATH* the X-Men of the future arrive in the present to tell the X-Men of the past that they have to leave the present or they’ll ruin the future.

Brian Michael Bendis has it all mapped out and Frank Cho will be providing the illustrations so this will look great and should be a nice little read with more than a couple of nods to Days Of Future Past.



New from Image this week is Reality Check.
Written by Glen Bunswick and illustrated by Viktor Bogdanovic it’s the story of a comic creator who realises that his writer’s block has been caused by the fact that his character has left the page to join him in the real world.



Dark Horse have the latest installment of Baltimore starting this week with Infernal Train, written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden with art by Ben Stenbeck.



Also from Dark Horse this week is The Star Wars from J.W. Rinzler and Mike Mayhew.
Based on the original screenplay by George Lucas it tells the story of Anniken Starkiller who is seeking the help of a Jedi Genral called Luke Skywalker to take on the might of the Empire.
The blend of familiarity and fresh ideas should lead to an interesting read.

Away from the new arrivals and into the wider world of comics we have a couple of Manga-related events at The Barbican in October. There’s a screening of the big screen adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto‘s Tekkonkinkreet with live musical accompaniment  on the 9th of October with tickets available here and a new Manga-influenced dance production made in conjunction with Akio Tanaka that runs from the 22nd of October till the 2nd of November and those tickets are available here.
If you find yourself in Nottingham between the 4th and 19th of October get yourself over to The Playhouse and have a look at their new production Charlie Peace: His Amazing Life and Legend. Gosh! favourite Eddie Campbell has provided their promotional artwork and his work appears onstage as well. Book your tickets here.
A nice little mention for us on Comic Book Resources recently when one of their writers ended up in London and found herself at one of our events. Some very kind words for the shop, some lovely pictures and the amusing idea that I’m the owner of the shop.

Honestly, you wouldn’t trust me with the class goldfish over half-term…

– Steve


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    Best – Sonia

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