The Gosh! Authority 23/07/13

While you were busy rolling around in a hot dark room in your underpants, on your third Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles ice lolly (or was that just me), we were planning EVENTS. Two of them. Two biggies.

The first is a five-in-one launch party for Blank Slate’s latest bunch of new British talent. Some debuts in here, some follow-ups, lots of amazing books and interesting people. They are: Joe Decie’s The Listening AgentDonya Todd’s Death and the Girls, Jim Medway’s Playing OutOliver East’s Swear Down and Dan Berry’s The Suitcase. Fancy coming along? It’s on Friday, August the 9th at 7pm. If you can’t make it and would like to arrange a signed copy, you know the drill. (The drill is email me at

Then the next day (Saturday) we’ve got an event for kids. Two cartoonists from the Adventure Time comic book are going to be sat at our signing table with a big box of coloured pencils. We’ll be doing the same sort of thing we did with Free Comic Book Day only more Adventure Time-themed. Come meet Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline. Does your kid want to be a cartoonist when they grow up? This is the perfect chance for them to ask how. Details this way.

On the new shelves this week you can find (the above books already if you’re impatient, and) a weird rarity from those guys at PictureBox and their 10 Cent Manga line, which is all about the mass-produced genre stuff post-WWII . In 1953 Sugiura Shigeru (regarded as one of the masters of manga) adapted The Last of the Mohicans for comics and it sold over 60 000 copies. This new edition reproduces the 1974 version he did, reworked in the strange surreal style he’d picked up in the 1960s. Ryan Holmberg has edited and translated this new hardcover edition — the first long work by Sugiera in English — and wrote the introduction too. From the short preview at the PictureBox website it looks like some weird version of Where The Wild Things Are. Which was weird to begin with.

One of the many things to happen at the San Diego Comic Con (aside from Bryan Cranston being BRILLIANT) was the debut of Rob Harrell’s Monster on the Hill, a funny all-ages thing about a monster who’s rubbish at being a monster. This reviewer and her nine-year-old gush about it over here alongside some preview pages.


Creepy Presents Steve Ditko HC collects all of Ditko stories from both Creepy and Eerie in the mid-60s. 128 pages of weirdness (some written by Archie Goodwin). The Ditko dudes of the internet are so excited about it that they’ve scanned in one of the original pages of art. Head this way to see it.


And lastly, Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland’s Camelot 3000 is in trade paperback, previously only collected in a deluxe hardcover. Comics Worth Reading tell you why it’s worth reading.

Downstairs there’s a whole bunch of #1s you might want to add to your weekly stash. One-shots are less of a commitment so we’ll start with the Gamma one-shot written and illustrated by Ulises Farinas (Transformers: Heart of Darkness, Glory) which you might remember from Dark Horse Presents round the start of the year. Farinas says: “Gamma is an idea that was probably created when i was in 5th grade. I used to watch Power Rangers and Pokémon and Masked Rider, and a lot of those shows seemed to present more questions than they answered. Like what exactly do Pokémon eat (other Pokémon)? Why doesn’t Rita Repulsa just send all her monsters at once? It’d bug me so much, that I decided I’d just make a story to answer those questions. The monsters took over, the world ended, and all our plucky teen heroes became old losers.” More of that here. And a preview at Dark Horse.

#1s round-up: John Arcudi and Sebastian Fiumara launch a Lobster Johnson two-parter called Scent of a Lotus #1 (preview at Dark Horse). The Rocketeer and The Spirit crossover in a new four-parter by Mark Waid called Rocketeer/Spirit: Pulp Friction #1. Hunger #1 ties into Age of Ultron, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and drawn by Leonard Kirk (preview here), Christopher Yost and David Lopez kick-off a new ongoing with Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 (preview here, it’s essentially just more of Avenging Spider-Man), Paul Jenkins and art team Stellar Labs give you Tomorrowland #1 (of 4) about a Belgian electro music festival (more here), there’s a Hawkeye annual by Matt Fraction and Javier Pulido that you’ll buy because everyone loves Hawkeye. No preview necessary or available.


Also, the second issue of Lazarus hits the shelves this week. We’ve still got a few copies of the first printing #1 hanging about so if you’d like you’d best hurry.


That’s about it. Relatively small week, but it’s too hot to carry stuff home anyway.


— Hayley


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