Jeffrey Brown’s A Matter Of Life – Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Jeffrey Brown’s got a new book out and it’s got a big dinosaur skeleton on the front which means it has to be good. In A Matter of Life Brown goes back to the autobiographical comics that made him famous, though it features (even) less doing it than Clumsy or Unlikely. This one’s a 96-page full-colour hardcover about three generations of Brown men and all the stuff that matters.

In A Matter of Life, Jeffrey Brown draws upon memories of three generations of Brown men: himself, his minister father, and his preschooler son Oscar. Weaving through time, passing through the quiet suburbs and colorful cities of the midwest, their stories slowly assemble into a kaleidoscopic answer to the big questions: matters of life and death, family and faith, and the search for something beyond oneself.

Says himself: “I put off writing about religion — and the dynamic of my dad being a minister while I’m atheist — for a long time, mostly because I needed to find the right way to handle it. Becoming a father myself helped give me the right perspective and I finally found the right tone and aesthetic to make the book I wanted to, something that tries to capture all the nuance and complications of the feelings I have about these things, and how I find meaning in my life as a parent. In the end, the book is fairly vague, hopefully not preachy and definitely not trying to give “The Answer” or even explain what I may believe. But hopefully it’s something that will provoke some thought and connect with people on an emotional level. Despite the personal details I’ve drawn in previous books, this is likely the most intimate book I’ve written yet, and I’m very proud of it.” The rest of that review at The Rumpus and The Beat’s got a preview.

We have 200 signed, limited bookplate editions featuring a new piece of art by Jeffrey Brown for no more than the cover price of £10.99. If you’d like to reserve one or arrange a mail order send us an email to We do payment by PayPal and postage prices are like this:

UK: flat-rate of £5

Europe: £6.50

USA/Australia/NZ: £9.50

(If you’re elsewhere let me know and I’ll give you a quote.)

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