Jaime Hernandez Signing

Welp, this is a big one. Jaime Hernandez is coming to town to do a talk at Comica — about comics, inspiration, creative process and his punk rock girls, Maggie and Hopey and the rest of them, from the very excellent, much-loved Love & Rockets — and we at Gosh! are feeling pretty lucky right now because he’s coming to our shop too. For two hours on Wednesday the 29th of May (the day before the talk) Jaime will be signing comics at our signing table. And you are invited, obviously.

(This signing and the Comica talk are Jaime’s only two engagements in London so catch him at one or both or miss out entirely! The demand for the talk has been so huge that it’s been moved to a larger venue — you’ll now find him at the French Institute, hosted by BD & Comics Passion. Details for the talk this way. It’s only a tenner.)

Love & Rockets first turned up way back in 1981 as a self-published thing by Jaime and his brothers Gilbert and Mario, before Fantagraphics took it on board and still publish it to this day. There is so much Love & Rockets in the world now that Fantagraphics have provided us all with a much-needed reading guide (to which I point new readers at now). Three years ago Abrams published a beautiful hardcover called The Art of Jaime Hernandez: The Secrets Of Life and Death, a must-have brick of a book full of family photos, gorgeous sketchbook work, childhood drawings and the story of Jaime to date. We have all of these things in stock and if you’ve never experienced Love & Rockets before, it is high time you did.

A little bit of admin to save our inbox and my own personal RSI: as yet we do not have a limit of how many things can be signed other than the usual ‘Please be polite to your fellow fans and do not bring a suitcase full of stuff’. We’ll have a look at the line on the day and see if we need to put a limit on – if we do it will probably be something like three items. Also! Because we’ve only got Jaime for a couple of hours we will not be able to take signed requests for this one, sorry. If you can’t make it just bribe your friend with beer or chocolate (those new Malteaser bars are pretty good) or owe them a dinner. If Jaime’s got a spare ten minutes before he’s whisked away to his own dinner we will ask him to sign some stock for us, and if that happens we will announce it. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Jaime Hernandez Signing
Wednesday, 29th of May
5pm – 7pm

1 Berwick Street
Soho, London. W1F 0DR


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