Gary Northfield’s Teenytinysaurs Launch Party

Brill cartoonist and thoroughly nice dude Gary Northfield (Derek the Sheep) not only has a new book out, but he has a new book out about dinosaurs which is even better. You’ll know Gary’s work if you read Derek the Sheep back when he was in the Beano, or maybe you know his stuff from The Phoenix, or maybe you stared at him while he drew Rupert the Bear in our window on Free Comic Book Day. In any case, you are invited to drink beer (or juice if you’re wee) at the launch party of Gary Northfield’s Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs!

Is it possible to fly to the moon in a bubble of snot? Can you really have an argument with a cloud? Are there bogey monsters at the bottom of the garden? All these questions and more are explored in an hysterical and charming collection of comic strip adventures, following a teeny tiny gang of dinosaurs as they wind each other up and muddle their way through the myths and mysteries of prehistoric life.

It’s all happening on Friday the 31st of May from 7pm until 9pm, with drinks and books and a shop full of people. Gary will be here to sign copies just for you. The new book is for ages 7+ so kids are most welcome to come along — fans of The Phoenix might want to stay up past their bedtime for this one. Come meet Gary and marvel at the natural phenomenon that is cartoonists looking just like their own drawings!

(As ever, if you can’t make it on the night but would like a signed and/or dedicated copy then send us an email to and we’ll sort you out with one. Mail orders are doable, just let me know where you live and I will get you a quote for postage. Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs is £8.99, 80 pages, paperback.)



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  5. Uncle Chris

    Uncle Chris is really looking forward to the launch, he will probably come disguised as Gandalf the White. Congrats Gary see you Friday