Free Comic Book Day 2013!

Hey, kids! Remember last year how we had piles of free comics and also got a bunch of nice cartoonists to draw at a table ALL DAY LONG while you pinched their pencils and such? Sure you do. Or if you don’t, here are the pictures: proof it happened, that we decided to do that thing. Well, we had such fun during the chaos that we’ve gone and decided to do it again. Crazy? Probably. On Saturday the 4th of May between 12pm and 4pm we’ll have people painting on windows and an all-new cast of cartoonists on the live drawing table. Come meet Isabel Greenberg, Dan White, Gary Northfield, Mark Buckingham, Laurence Campbell, David O’Connell, Viviane Schwarz, Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Adrian Salmon — in short, a bunch of people we like and whose work we thoroughly approve of.

Roger Langridge and Kermit last year

(It’s not just for kids: on top of the regular list of Free Comic Book Day comics we’ve also got a box of small-press giveaways. If you’re a small press person with some old comics taking up space in your bedroom and you want them out of life feel free to bring them down!)

Sarah McIntyre and Vern & Lettuce

It’s going to be busy probably, it’s going to be chaotic maybe, but man, it’s going to be fun and what else are you supposed to do on Free Comic Book Day? It comes round once a year. Don’t miss it.

Saturday, May 4th: 12pm – 4pm

Isabel Greenberg
Dan White
Gary Northfield
Mark Buckingham (Miracleman, Fables, Death)
Laurence Campbell
David O’Connell
Viviane Schwarz
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Adrian Salmon


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