The Gosh! Authority 05/03/13

Forget about all the other stuff going on in your life for a second and if it’s happening on Saturday then just go ahead and cancel it. Tell them to delay the funeral. Tell the baby to stay where it is. Tell them you can’t come to the wedding because Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill are signing the new Nemo book at Gosh! Comics on Saturday and you have to be there early or you might miss out. Send them this link as proof. Starts at 2pm, ends 4 hours later at which point we take Alan and Kevin away from you and put food in them. Get there early — time and dinner wait for no man. Incidentally, Nemo: Heart of Ice is on the shelves NOW! Feel free to read it before the signing day, or you can use it to keep yourself occupied in the line. Up to you.

ALSO: A surprise exclusive that we’ve been keeping quiet even though our Mike was bursting to tell everybody. We have a Nemo screenprint by Kevin O’Neill (signed by Kevin and Alan Moore) and it’s also on sale now for £90. We’ll ship anywhere in the world. Don’t email me about it, go straight to our online shop and click the “buy” button. And be quick! Only 250 of these exist in the world. No phone orders on this one, folks. We’re going online only with this one.

Alan was here last week for the Unearthing event (and signed a pile of Unearthing hardcovers too!). While he was here he sat down and spoke to our Steve for his very excellent South London-themed podcast, South London Hardcore. That’s him on the left next to the purple jumper. “The pair talked about the creative process, their relationship with Steve Moore, comics, the occult and Unearthing in its many forms,” says SLHC on their website. Go listen now even if you live north of the river.


***This Alan Moore news broadcast is at an end. I have nothing else to report other than he likes his tea black and his biscuits plentiful.***

On the shelves today is the newest publication from those purveyors of the finest-smelling books on in the shops, Nobrow Press. They have a new children’s imprint called Flying Eye Books (nice Ben Newman animation on their holding page — Newman’s responsible for our old Goom postcards/new print) and the debut book is Viviane Schwarz’s Welcome to Your Awesome Robot, a step-by-step blue-print guide for building your own automaton. It’s aimed at ages 5 to 7 but is the kind of thing where if this was Playschool, they’d tell you to go get an adult to help you with the scissory bit. Head this way for a preview. Similarly kid-related, or at least shelved in the same general bit of the shop: two new (well, new editions) Moomin books — Moomin Builds a House and Moomin Falls in Love, both by Tove.

IDW and Yoe Books release the first in their Steve Ditko Monsters series with Gorgo! (it’ll be followed by Ditko Monsters: Konga! at some point). It’s the complete run of Ditko’s 1960s British film monster comics — over 200 pages of the stuff all drawn during his Spider-Man/Dr Strange era. Comics Alliance have a great big preview.

From Fantagraphics comes Messages in a Bottle: Comic Book Stories by Bernard Krigstein, the highly influential illustrator who worked for EC and Atlas Comics in the 1940s/50s. This book has that was in a long-out-of-print book plus several more bits and pieces all of which have been recoloured and look amazing. There’s a 22-page excerpt over at Fantagraphics. Meanwhile, Matt Seneca has done a great two-part essay on why and how Bernard Krigstein is important and part one is here. (Seneca is the guy who wrote probably the best review of Chester Brown’s Paying For It that turned up in the wave of Chester Brown’s Paying For It reviews).

Vanguard’s all new Frank Frazetta Sketchbook is out this week in two versions — deluxe slipcased edition or hardcover — and we’ve got both. It’s full of previously unpublished drawings and preliminary sketches of barbarians, beasts, Tarzan, Frazetta ladies, monsters and Conan. You don’t need me to tell you why you should buy a book of Frazetta drawings — it’s Frazetta. The guy looked cool on a motorbike.


Also in Big Hardcovers we’ve got Muse from Humanoids, the Denis Pierre Filippi and Terry Dodson thing in English for the first time. It’s about “the sexy, dreamy adventures of Coraline” who is a blonde with enormous boobs spilling out of her dress and is very different to Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. Do not confuse the two.


There’s the Sleeper Omnibus collecting all the Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips Sleeper stuff, obviously, and Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom brings together all the issues (I’m running out of ways to say “collected”, yes) of the Mark Waid/Chris Samnee thing.


In the weird new graphic novels box we have Downtown by Noel Lang and Rodrigo Garcia about a boy with down syndrome who carries a Petula Clark record with him wherever he goes. It’s based on the author’s uncle so it’s a fairly anecdotal thing and I can’t find any previews for it online so you’ll just have to see it in store. Fanny Vs. Romeo by first-time author Yves Pelletier and Pascal Girard (Reunion, Bigfoot) is about a couple who get a cat instead of a kid. Girard’s artwork is all painted and lovely and you can see some of it at Condundrum Press.

In trade paperback there’s Grant Morrison’s Joe the Barbarian, a new edition of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight with art by Mike Mignola, Scott Snyder’s horror comic Severed, James Robinson’s Shade (which never made it to hardcover so this is it collected for the first time), Kurt Busiek‘s Wizard’s Tale (what’s that? It’s this), and J.M. DeMatteis’ Spider-Man: Dying Wish in a curveball premiere hardcover at the end of this paragraph. (This is by Dan Slott and it’s all of the new Dr. Octopus related gubbins -Ed)

ISSUE #1s! If you call your comic SEX you are setting yourself up for some cringe-worthy headlines and I basically hate every bit of this blurb but it’s a Joe Casey comic so it’s probably good: “Finally,” writes Image, “a good reason for you come in the comicbook store — to buy SEX! Simon Cooke has retired from his own ‘alternative lifestyle’ and returned to the city he’d previously sworn to protect. Now he’s just another average citizen — or is he? The term ‘adult’ has never been so appropriate as it is when it applies to SEX.” Haw haw, sex is rude. Interview with Casey and a preview here.

Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) and Joelle Jones kick off a new series from Oni Press with Hellheim #1 which is full of vikings, witchcraft, and the undead. If you like one or more of those things you should put this on your standing order. Previous courtesy of CbR. Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor) and Tom Garcia write/draw the new Hellraiser series, The Dark Watch. First issue is out tomorrow, preview here.


Marvel-wise, there’s Brian Michael Bendis’ Age of Ultron #1, a Universe-spanning ten-part event. Bryan Hitch is on drawing duty, see his stuff in the preview. And finally, Legends of the Dark Knight #6 includes three previously digital-only stories by Jeff Parker, Michael Avon Oeming, Rob Williams, Gabriel Hardman and Juan Jose Ryp.


Before I sign off: we’re trying to track down a copy of Button Man Volume 1: Killing Game. We’ll buy it off you. Do you have it? We’ll give it a new home if you don’t need it anymore.


See you at the Moore signing. Don’t get excited and wear your Spring coat because you saw a daffodil. That would be unwise.


— Hayley

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