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Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill Marshal Law Signing

It’s been a long time coming, this one. Since it began in 1987 Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s superhero satire Marshal Law has been through a string of publishers before finally finding a home at DC Comics. And for the last few years the Marshal Law omnibus has been promised, denied, and now that it’s finally coming out there are still some sad voices on the internet who don’t believe it. It’s happening, dudes. Marshal Law: The Deluxe Edition – collecting the original series plus Fear and Loathing, Takes Manhattan, Kingdom of the Blind, The Hateful Dead, Super Babylon and Secret Tribunal – is coming! And as soon as it gets here we are having a signing with Mills and O’Neill to celebrate.

Here’s the cover:


It’s happening here at Gosh! on Saturday the 20th of April from 2pm until 4pm. The whopping 480-page Marshal Law: Deluxe Edition hardcover is £37.99 and we’ll have plenty of copies on the day. If you’d like to reserve one or can’t make it and would like us to set you up with a signed copy or mail order, drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com.

Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill Signing Copies of Marshal Law
Saturday, 20th April
2pm – 4pm

14 Responses to “Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill Marshal Law Signing”

  1. vark says:

    This is the event of the year for me!!! But only two hours of signing … does this mean that Kevin will only sign the books?

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