The Gosh! Authority 29/01/13

Our event dance card is filling up fast. The week after Will Morris’ Silver Darlings launch party we’ve got Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins here in conversation talking about their book Unearthing which is out in a new softcover edition next month along with a double-sized hardcover version too. Then in March Alan is back again to sign copies of what will be the brand new Nemo: Heart of Ice with Kevin O’Neill. All details and explanations on how many things you can have signed and why reserving signed copies is unfortunately not a doable thing (pay your children to line up for you or something, those things love money) are through the links.

Also in a new edition is Lynda Barry’s Freddie Stories now with a new introduction by Herself. Drawn & Quarterly has a preview. Incidentally, did you know that Lynda Barry used to date This American Life’s Ira Glass? I’ll probably drop this in every time a Lynda Barry book comes in because it reminds me that Lynda Barry and Ira Glass used to date and I feel such fundamental confusion and shock each time that I feel the need to tell everyone this factoid they probably don’t even register as interesting. Hey you, did you know that two people you don’t know used to go out? I know. I know.

More old stuff collected in a new edition of Complete Crumb Comics TP Volume 3: Fritz The Cat. I don’t think Crumb used to date Ira Glass, nor did Warren Ellis whose second novel Gun Machine is back in this week in paperback. It’s been getting good reviews and this one at the New York Times is one of them. His Global Frequency with art by Garry Leach, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley et al is now out in a single softcover volume too.

It really is a week of collections of older stuff: Stan Lee and MoebiusSilver Surfer two-parter, Parable, comes out this week as a one-shot for £5.99. It’s long been available in a hardcover volume with some other stuff but if you’re into Moebius but not so much Silver Surfer, this is less of a commitment. Also, Moebius’ French publisher Humanoids releases Igor Baranko’s Jihad — formerly known as The Horde — in hardcover. It’s about some crazy Russian dictator trying to invoke the spirit of Genghis Khan and his dudes to help create some massive empire. But first he’s got to dig up the latest reincarnation of Genghis Khan, obviously. Previews over at Humanoids.


Rick Geary’s Treasury of Victorian Murder gets its first hardcover omnibus volume and this one collects Jack the Ripper, The Beast of Chicago and Fatal Bullet. Three grim stories in one brick with sharp corners.

If you liked Brian Ralph’s Daybreak you should pick up a copy of Cave-in, the thing he did back in the ’90s that got him nominated for three Harvey awards and one Eisner. It’s a wordless all-ages thing about a mole man who goes down a tunnel and finds all sorts of weird stuff. Ralph hasn’t talked about it in ages it seems but there’s this interview here with Megan Kelso where he talks about the Fort Thunder art collective and cartoonist stuff like pens.


Also all-ages is Angora Napkin HC Volume 2, Troy Little and Nick Cross’ comedy sci-fi series that got turned into a cartoon pilot, a webcomic, and now they’re back in print. There are preview pictures this way.


Quick run down of DC and Marvel collections this week: Justice League HC Vol 2 The Villains arrives, and Justice League TP Vol 1 Origin too. Brian Wood’s X-Men Blank Generation TP is here, and Chris Claremont and Milo Manara’s X-Women is out in softcover. And as for issue #1s we’ve got Len Wein and Steve Rude’s Before Watchmen Dollar Bill #1 (they talk to MTV Geek about it here), Peter J. Tomasi’s Batman and Robin Annual #1 and his Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 too (preview here). Then there’s the first of a three-part Emily the Strange series from Dark Horse (previewed here), and something called Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 which involves all the main players in the DCU and is somehow tied into a game. Here’s a review and a better explanation from somebody who says things like “the issue starts in current game-time”.


Don’t forget to buy your Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins tickets on Friday at 9:30am from They’ll go fast and we can only fit so many bodies into the shop. This makes it sound like I’ve considered the shop as a murder disposal unit, but obviously the idea never crossed my mind.


— Hayley

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