The Gosh! Authority 15/01/13

It’s cold in here so let’s not hang about.

Before we open the boxes and see what’s in them I should tell you what those folks at Thought Bubble are doing (they’re doing very good things, charity-wise, and if you take part you get some original art). Here’s what they have to say:

“Last year, at Thought Bubble 2012′s convention, we ran a sketching spotlight event, where 8 wonderful artists came up on stage and had a chat with Peter Doherty about their craft while drawing live for our awesome audience. Because comic artists are a uniformly wonderful class of human being, they all agreed to let us auction off the sketches they produced, and donate all the proceeds to The Barnardo’s Charity.”

More details through here but if you just want to shoot straight to the bit where you bid on stuff and discover new internet nemeses who click the “bid” button faster than you, go here.

First book outta the box (well maybe, I’m not actually involved in the unveiling of new things as I am here typing this) is Paul Pope’s One Trick Rip-Off/Deep Cuts hardcover. It’s 288 pages of pre-Heavy Liquid, pre-100% stuff from the mid-90s. The main chunk of it appeared in black and white in Dark Horse Presents (it’s been coloured for this latest outing) and the rest is rarely or never-before-seen manga stories from around about the same time. In an interview with Comicbook Resources he talks about the stories and where they came from and what it’s like dredging up stuff you did fifteen years ago. Obviously he says smart, wise stuff because he’s Paul Pope: “I am one of those who doesn’t like to look at his older work. But I am generous toward it, I respect it. It is a living thing. Art is not nihilistic, it is full of hope and love. As we get older, we must be custodians of our former works. I learned this from Moebius. An artistic statement is a footprint in time.”

Speaking of Moebius, you might (will) be interested to know that The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart – the once briefly available from Humanoids and then long unavailable from anybody book by Jodorowsky and Moebius — has been picked up by a new UK publishing outfit, Sloth Comics. The new UK edition will be on the shelves this Wednesday (and hopefully for many more) at just £16.99 as opposed to whatever heart-stopping digits are ticking over on eBay. Here’s an ancient Comics Journal review for anyone who’s missed this one entirely.

There’s an American theme this week and I’m guessing it’s by accident because this stuff never works when they do it on purpose. The late underground cartoonist Jack Jackson’s (or Jaxon) American History hardcover collects two books: Los Tejanos (1981) and Lost Cause (1998) which chronicle Texas history before and after the Civil War. There’s a big old PDF preview at Fantagraphics. Then there’s Stephanie McMillan‘s The Beginning of the American Fall: A Comics Journalist Inside the Occupy Wall Street Movement which is basically what it says on the tin, and Archie: The Best of Dan Decarlo TP Volume 1 which is included in this paragraph because you can’t get any more American than Archie comics.

Beta Testing The Apocalypse is a softcover collection of Tom Kaczynski short stories, some of which have turned up previously in MOME. The Comics Journal described them this way: “conceptually dense science-fictional stories about contemporary urban (and suburban) life… reminiscent in both subject matter and tone to the fiction of J.G. Ballard, William Gibson, and Bruce Sterling”. There’s a big interview at TCJ from last month with Kaczynski about comics and publishing (he recently started his own comics publishing house) and the weirdness of talking to people over video-Skype (I think it’s like visiting people in jail) here. PDF preview at Fantagraphics.

Peter Bagge‘s Reset is now out in one chunk or “hardcover” if you will. Come see a washed up comedian try and reset his terrible life in a virtual reality experiment instead of Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s a good review of it at The Washington Post by a dude who knows his stuff. Here’s a preview.

New #1 ongoing things this week: there’s Frank Cho‘s ongoing Savage Wolverine #1 (previewed here) and stuff that started in Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual continues in Keith Giffen‘s Threshold #1 (he talks about it with Comicvine here). There are new four-parters too: Francesco Francavilla‘s Black Beetle: No Way Out looks brill and you can click through this if you don’t believe me. He talks to iFanboy about pulp heroes here. Image debuts a new four-parter with Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth #1 (reviewed here), and John Byrne is back with The High Ways #1 (more here).

And lastly, Alpha Big Time #0.1 is a reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #692 (previewed here) and you can have it as long as you promise not to send mean emails to Dan Slott.

Be nice.

— Hayley

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