Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins in conversation: Unearthing

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To mark the arrival of the new edition of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Unearthing we’re having them both round for a visit. They’ll be here at Gosh! in conversation on Tuesday the 26th of February, talking about what originally began as a piece for Iain Sinclair’s London: City of Disappearances and grew from there into a series of live performances and eventually this 184-page full-colour photographic book.

“When Iain Sinclair, who at least in my opinion is the boss of psychogeography, asked me to contribute to his anthology, the brief was that I should write about something that had disappeared, is disappearing or would disappear, somewhere within the confines of London,” said Alan in a great, long interview over at Wired. “And I started to think about [author, orientalist and occultist] Steve Moore, who is a unique individual, the last of his line — although he is still in fine health, to be realistic, although none of us are going to live forever. And I thought that when Steve had disappeared it was important that a record of his very unusual life should be left behind by one of the people who knew him well enough to tell it. Because Steve has lived all of his life in the same house on top of a hill overlooking London, and in fact to this day sleeps five or six paces away from the spot where he was born, then the place that Steve has lived all of his life became as much of a character in the story as Steve himself. So I started to research Shooter’s Hill, the environment in which he has always lived … which is a very unusual hill. Millions of years ago, a chalk fault [on] the north side of the hill collapsed, and formed the entire Thames Valley, without which there would be no river Thames, without which there would be no London.”

We’ll also be screening their short film, Jimmy’s End and its prequel, Act of Faith. Details on those at their website.

It’s all happening on Tuesday the 26th of February at 7:30pm. Tickets are £5 and will go on sale at on Friday the 1st of February at 9:30am. Make sure you get in as soon as humanly possible — there aren’t many places and this one will sell out fast. We’ll have plenty of copies of Unearthing on the night in both a double-sized hardcover for £49.99 and a softcover for £19.99 but feel free to email us if reserving one will help you sleep better at night.

And just a little note just because I know people will ask: if there’s enough time at the end of the evening and Alan and Mitch aren’t growling like unfed beasts, we will ask them to sign a stack of Unearthing for the shop. But they’re human and they will need feeding and we don’t want to push our luck, so here is my point: if you can’t make it on the night and would like a signed copy of Unearthing anyway, the answer to that email you’re about to send is ‘Maybe.’ We will try. I’ll announce on the blog if we managed to get some signed copies but it might not happen. Hold tight. Watch this space.

Don’t forget, if you miss you’ll have a second chance to catch Alan when he signs copies of Nemo: Heart of Ice with Kevin O’Neill in March.



Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins in conversation

Gosh! 1 Berwick Street, Soho. W1F 0DR

Tuesday, 26th February. 7.30pm

Tickets £5, on sale Friday, 1st February. 9.30am


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