The Gosh! Authority 25/12/12

Hey folks!

(Image courtesy of – would you believe it – Forbes)

Very quick this week. No Hayley, and very little in the way of comics. Keen souls may want to venture in, though, because Amazing Spider-Man #700 hits this week, and I can almost guarantee it’ll be gone by the following week. It’s a bumper-sized final issue, leading directly into the upcoming Superior Spider-Man series. If you don’t want to spoil it for yourself, I recommend staying off the internet.

More of a DC fan? The first two chapters of JLA/Aquaman crossover “Throne of Atlantis” are in this week in the form of Justice League #15 & Aquaman #15. People looking for something a little different may want to check out Brian Wood & Ming Doyle’s new series, Mara, about a sports celebrity of the future with a dark secret to hide.

These and a few more will all be available from opening on Thursday the 27th! As for how the next week or so breaks down, here’s the details:
Christmas Day/Boxing Day – CLOSED
(Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th — 10:30am to 6pm. Business as usual.)
New Year’s Eve – 10:30am to 3pm.
New Year’s Day – CLOSED
Wednesday 2nd January we are open again as normal, and new comics will be out at some point that day!

And that’s that! Crazy, right? Anyway, have a lovely Christmas and a jolly New Year, and when next we meet, things will have regained a certain sense of normality!

Ho ho ho!

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