The Gosh! Authority 27/11/12

My thumb and I did this yesterday and it took me HOURS so go and have a look and make me feel like it was worth it. It’s a big round-up blog post of every signed book in the shop with prices and information on mail order stuff and everything. The latest additions to our signed stuff are: Luke Pearson’s Hilda & The Bird Parade which has a limited edition bookplate, and the Batman/Judge Dredd Collection signed by both Simon Bisley and Glenn Fabry who were here on Saturday long past their allocated signing time.

Meanwhile, Julia and her thumb showed you pictures of our small press shelf over at the Gosh! Tumblr. She says to tell you we’ve also got a box of massively reduced small press stuff with all sorts of strange odds and ends, so come have a poke about. And because she would never shout about her own stuff I will do it for her:

I Don’t Like My Hair Neat is (was) her latest comic full of short stories and amazing colours and quite a few rude bits. It debuted at Thought Bubble a couple of weeks back and sold out the day it came into Gosh. She promises she’ll do a reprint in a couple of months (actually I dunno if it was a promise, I think it was more a statement of vague intent. I’ll report back as and when). However! We do have two Julia Scheele prints in the shop and they are £12 a piece. Go look at her website and see what kind of stuff she does.

Before I forget: last week we announced a Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson double-signing. Blog post this way.

On the new release shelf we have Windowpane by Joe Kessler, the first book from new guys Breakdown Press. It debuted at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (BCGF) earlier this month and was very quickly being touted as being “if not THE Book of the Show, certainly one of the prime contenders”. The rest of that review is at Comicbook Resources. You’ll remember Kessler from Nobrow’s 17×23 Showcase and also, if you cast your mind back a long way, Mwara #1, that big inky small press comic that we have long sold out of. There’s an interview with him at Spoonfed and a preview here. If you want to check out his work in real life there’s an exhibition on in Shoreditch. Best run down there now though — it comes down on Sunday.

Felt Mistress is a lady who makes amazing felt monsters and creatures based on designs by Jonathan Edwards. This huge hardcover is 400 pages long and has 1650 photos of the kind of thing I’m talking about, along with sketch designs, interviews, etc. Felt Mistress was last seen on the Gosh! Blog when she made felt Hilda and brought it along to a Luke Pearson signing (pictures here). Have a massive PDF preview care of Blank Slate.

From Pierre Wazem and Frederik Peeters (Blue Pills, Sandcastle) comes Koma, a book about a girl and her monster. Most of the stuff about this book online is in other languages, but FPI recently did a huge review complete with preview pictures. Head that way.

Also from Humanoids is Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Technopriests Supreme Collection Omnibus which is both massively expensive and previewed here. The second volume of Hermann’s Jeremiah omnibus is also out, and you can have a whole new wodge of fantasy art in Spectrum TP Volume 19.

We’ve got a few new comics starting this week so here’s them:

Matt Fraction and Mike Allred are doing FF #1, a new relaunch title for Marvel Now. It’s a good jumping on point for new people and the insides look proper lovely, although I needn’t say it because it’s Allred. Preview at CbR. Speaking of that lot, Fantastic Four 100 Project you get 100 covers to Fantastic Four #600 by the likes of Alan Davis, Mike Deodato Jr., Steve Epting, Dale Keown, Sam Kieth, Adam Kubert, Steve McNiven, George Pérez, Joe Sinnott and more. And in the same Marvel Now camp is A Plus X #2 which sports art by the very excellent Chris Bachalo.

Three masked vigilantes team up in Allred’s iZombie collaborator Chris Roberson’s Masks #1 (of 8) which has fully-painted interiors by Alex Ross. Roberson talks about it here, and there’s a preview too.

Eric Stephenson is giving scientists rock star status in Nowhere Men #1, a new ongoing series from Image. Stephenson talks about it with iFanboy and there’s a preview at CbR.

Remember the miniseries Witch Doctor from last year? Witch Doctor: Malpractice #1 (of 6) is the sequel and has the same creative team. Have a preview.

The only new offering from DC this week is Arrow #1 which collects based-on-the-TV-show stories that originally only appeared online.

Um. If I mention that there’s a new series called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 arriving this week will our shop fill with bronies?

— Hayley

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