The 2012 Signed Books Round-Up

We get a lot of emails asking what signed stuff we’ve got in at the moment so we thought we’d do a big round-up blog post. If you’re looking for signed editions to stick under the Christmas tree you’ll probably find something you like here. Chances are good — we’ve got all sorts of things. Lots and lots of things. I should know — my thumb and I took all the pictures.

There are details on mail order and reservations down the bottom. Remember, if you’re in the UK we do a flat-rate postage fee of £5 so you can have all of these posted to you in one massive parcel for no more than five quid postage. You are very welcome to make the most of it.

Here we go:

Signed by Kate Beaton:

A different sketch in every copy of Kate Beaton‘s very excellent Hark! A Vagrant. Lots of Beaton fans about to grab one before they go. It’s £12.99.

Signed by Luke Pearson:

Signed bookplate edition of Luke Pearson‘s brand new Hilda book, Hilda & The Bird Parade. It’s £11.95 and there are more details and a preview here.  Since he was in the shop for a Nobrow signing last week we’ve also got the Hilda back catalogue signed too. They are:

Hilda & The Midnight Giant for £11.95, and —

Hildafolk! It’s Hilda’s very first book. This one’s only £6.50.

Signed by Adrian Tomine:

New York Drawings is Tomine‘s latest book on the shelf — a collection of all his New Yorker covers, sketches and all things NY-related. It’s £16.99.

Shortcomings was serialised in Optic Nerve and was collected into a hardcover a few years ago. It’s £12.99.

Signed by two Crumbs:

Drawn Together – Exclusive Gosh! Bookplate Edition signed by Crumb 1 and Crumb 2. We’ve got photos of them from when they made a surprise visit to the shop here, and more details on the book’s insides too. It’s £22.99.

Signed by Alison Bechdel:

Alison Bechdel signed here recently and before she left she sat down and worked her way through every Bechdel book in the shop. Fun Home is £12.99, The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For is £16.99 and her latest autobiographical book, Are You My Mother? is £16.99.

Signed by Lucy Knisley: 

Lucy Knisley popped in and signed a tower of French Milk, the book about six weeks in Paris, loafing and croissants. She drew one in every copy. It’s £9.99.

Signed by Krent Able:

Only 200 signed bookplate editions of this one in the world — Krent Able’s Big Book of Mischief will be familiar to you if you ever picked up a copy of The Stool Pigeon or came along to our strange club night. Preview pictures and and explanation of what the hell this goddamn thing is here.  It’s £11.99.

Signed by Jason Aaron:

Before we let Jason Aaron go we made him sign everything in the shop. We now have signed copies of all ten Scalped trade paperbacks, which vary in price from £10.99 to £13.50. The Otherside is £9.99.

David B.:

Black Paths with (unsigned) bookplate for £14.99.

Signed by Bryan and Mary Talbot:

The Costa Book Award-nominated Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes comes with an exclusive Gosh! bookplate signed by both Talbots and is £14.99. My thumb looks weird in this photo.

Signed by Roger Langridge:

Lots of uncollected Langridge (The Muppets, The Gosh! Paper Bag) stuff in The Show Must Go On for £14.99.

Signed by Badaude:

A London pigeon in every copy of Badaude’s London Walks for £8.99 a pop.

Signed by Oliver Jeffers: 

Famed children’s book illustrator Oliver Jeffers (How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found) has squeezed a decade’s worth of non-children’s book fine art into this heavy hardcover. £27.50.

Signed by Julian Hanshaw:

Strange short stories by the creator of The Art of Pho collected in hardcover. £14.99.

Signed by Bill Presing:

Oldie but a goodie! If you like retro girls and retro cartoons this is the very fellow. Bookplate Betties by Bill Presing. £19.99.

Signed by Steven Appleby:

The lovely Steven Appleby‘s Guardian cartoons collected in one handy guide. £14.99.

Signed by Dave McKean:

Lots of signed McKean books. Here’s the rundown:

Squink – £22

Postcard From Bilbao – £11.50

Postcard From Vienna – £9.50

Postcard From Barcelona – £10

Postcard From Perugia – £11

Postcard From Brussels – £11

Postcard From Paris – £10

Particle Tarot (Minor Arcana): £32


Signed by Aneurin Wright: 

An autobiographical anthropomorphic brick of a book with exclusive signed Gosh! bookplate for £19.99. More details this way.

Signed by Eddie Campbell and Daren White:

Old Dee-Vee cohorts Eddie Campbell and Daren White collaborated on a book about this middle-aged man in brogues. £9.99.

Signed by Frederik Peeters:

Peeters (Blue Pills) did a talk here about a year ago. We liked Frederik Peeters. This one’s £14.99.

Signed by Kyle Platts:

Nobrow dude Kyle Platts signed all these when he was in last week for the Nobrow launch party. Which is nice. £8.50.

Signed by three people:

Chris Roberson, Mike Allred and Laura Allred have all signed this iZombie Gosh! Exclusive bookplate edition. Details and preview bits over here.

Signed by two people:

The Wolf Man signed by both Richard Appignanesi and Slawa. £14.99.

Signed by two other people:

Simon Bisley and Glenn Fabry signed dozens of these things before they went to the pub. £25.

And finally:

This one is NOT signed by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill (repeat: NOT signed). It is however a Gosh! exclusive and we have a few left so I thought I’d remind you. The Black Dossier comes with a free 7” doo-wop single by Eddie Enrico and His Hawaiian Hot-Shots (aka Alan Moore doing an Elvis impersonation) and there’s no other way you can get it —  the record only comes with hardcover editions of The Black Dossier which is £22.50.  (Note: when this one was first released we weren’t doing mail orders. We now are. However! we can only mail this one to people within the UK which is just down to copyright laws and not us being mean. Apologies.)


If you would like to reserve or arrange a mail order for any of the above drop us an email to and we’ll sort it out for you. If you’re within the UK you might like to take advantage of our flat-rate postage fee of £5 and get a mountain of stuff shipped to you for no extra cost. If you’re outside the UK let me know where you are and I’ll get you a postage quote.




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  2. George

    Have I been unlucky or have you stopped gluing in the bookplates? If so, nerdy question, but what should I use to paste them in myself? I’ve started using the loose ones as bookmarks which is a habit I need to break…

  3. admin

    Hi George! We stopped gluing them in as the general consensus was that people preferred to take them out without harming the book. But if you really want to, we used to use Fixo gum to glue them!

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