Nobrow Launch Party + Signing

There’s so much good stuff coming from our pals at Nobrow that if we had separate parties for everything we’d all be too drunk and useless to run a comic shop. So we’re having a three-in-one. Luke Pearson, Jon McNaught and Kyle Platts will be here at Gosh! on November 23rd to sign and launch their respective books in one big two-hour flurry of Sharpie pens, beer and fizzy wine. Are you coming? Let us introduce our guests.

Luke Pearson’s third Hilda book, Hilda and The Bird Parade has just landed on the shelves. This one sees Hilda ends up with a talking amnesiac raven and neither of them knows the way home. Preview over at Pearson’s site.

Dockwood by Jon McNaught really needs nothing else said about it when you’ve got Chris Ware saying things like: “There are few younger comics artists with whom I feel a genuine aesthetic kinship, but the radiant and glowing Dockwood is Jon McNaught’s loveliest argument yet for the beauty of just being alive. It’s a gem.”

Kyle PlattsMegaskull has been out since September so if you’ve got a copy, skip to the end. Still here? Do you like stuff like Johnny Ryan? This is a book you need on your shelf. Here’s a preview.

Come and drink booze and buy books and meet the guys who did them! Three in one go!

Friday, 23rd November. 7pm – 9pm.

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