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Krent Able’s Big Book of Mischief: Signing, Launch Party, Club Night, Bookplate Edition and Probably That’s It But We Might Tag Another Thing On There Who Knows


Anyone who’s picked up a copy of UK music newspaper The Stool Pigeon has probably said to themselves “Has uh… has Nick Cave seen this?”

London-based artist Krent Able’s Doctor Cave comics are just some of the batsh*t nonsense collected in his Big Book of Mischief. A selection of spoilers follows: Lou Reed has some trouble with monkeys, Johnny Cash has some drug-related impotence issue, Kraftwerk get shrunk, and Satan crushes Lilly Allen. All of it is stylishly drawn, lettered in a way that makes you think of Dan Clowes, and it’s all completely obscene.

“So far, I’ve been allowed completely off the leash – they just let me get on with it, and the only limits seem to be my own sense of decency. If I didn’t have complete freedom there’d be no point in doing it. Sometimes I think I might have gone too far, like in the Goldfrapp story, when I drew the editor and art director naked and saggy bollocked, living in a filthy hole and eating faeces, but they didn’t bat an eyelid, just asked me to change an incorrect Oxford comma. There’s just no insulting some people.”  The rest of that interview – and a choice panel featuring Goldfrapp that I would be sacked for featuring here – is this way.

On Tuesday the 20th of November we’re launching the book with a party and signing here in the shop. Then when we run out of booze we’ll kick you out and direct you southwards to Brewer Street whereupon you can handover £5 (or £3 if you wave a copy of the book around) to Madame Jojo’s for a post-launch club night with White Heat. Krent himself will be treating you to a DJ set, and there’ll be live music from the likes of Vision Fortune, BITCHES, and main headliners: Teeth of the Sea. Don’t leave your book in the toilet.

Also: the first 200 people to pick up a copy of Krent Able’s Big Book of Mischief will have an exclusive signed bookplate edition in their hands. If you’d like one reserved or mailed out to you just bung me an email at info@goshlondon.com. Here’s what it looks like:


“Krent Able was the name of my imaginary childhood friend – he used to encourage me to do bad things, unnatural acts etc. so I thought it was fitting that I used his name for the comics. He’s 3 and a half feet tall, has big Spock ears and teeth like a wild boar.”

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  3. test1 says:

    Seems like all of Danny Macaskalls videos? are better than this one. But this one is still amazing wish I could do that I’m still working on a wheelie Haha.

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