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Oliver Jeffers Live at Gosh!

Oliver Jeffers is probably best known to you through his stellar children’s books — like Lost And Found, How To Catch a Star, The Heart and the Bottleall of which have a regular home on the Gosh! shelves. But it turns out he does other stuff too, and we had no idea.

Neither Here Nor There is a big hardcover collection bringing together the last decade’s worth of Jeffers’ fine art and he’s coming to Gosh! to tell us all about it.

There’s a big interview with him over at Notes From the Undergound. Go see what you’re in for and then come along on Monday the 1st of October where you can find him in conversation with Lisa Dwan at 7:30pm. You’ll also have a chance to ask him some questions of your own before the night is over, and we’ll have lots of his books for sale including the brand new one previewed at Gestalten.

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  1. [...] First up: BREAKING NEWS. You know that guy Oliver Jeffers who does those very excellent children’s books with the pretty pictures and such? Names like Lost & Found, How To Catch a Star, Up and Down? Well he’s also a pretty cracking non-kids’ book artist and he’s coming in on Monday night to do a talk about it in conversation with Lisa Dwan. His new art book Neither Here Nor There is on sale in the shop now and there’ll be plenty more on the night, along with all of the stuff by him we regularly have. We’ll quarantine them on one table so you can buy them, get them signed, maybe give them to people or children you like. All details over on the event page. [...]

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