The Gosh! Authority 28/02/12

As of yesterday Gosh! is now guarded by the great Goliath standing sentry by the front door. Tom Gauld turned up for work at the same time as the rest of us to draw the 9-foot-tall giant on the window, and it’s brilliant. It’s all for the launch party which is only a couple of weeks away. Are you coming? It’s on Friday the 9th of March and even if you happened to see Tom when he was the doggy in the window you should still come along and tell him how much you liked the book instead of trying to mime it through a pane of glass.

Incidentally, the Goliath Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Editions are disappearing very quickly so if you’re planning on getting one BUY NOW! Also, we’ve recently acquired a pile of Gauld’s The Gigantic Robot which we haven’t had in the shop since it first came out ages ago. Even Tom doesn’t have copies in his own online shop. Again, BUY NOW! You know the drill.

Events-wise, there’s also The Comix Reader #3 launch party this coming Friday the 3rd:

“Comix! Cartoons! The funny pages! The Comix Reader, the new standard in indie cartoon anthologies, celebrates the release of its triumphant third issue with a showstopping exhibition and launch party in-store with one of its flagship retailers, Gosh! Comics, in their luxurious Berwick Street premises. Grab an early copy of the new edition, gaze in awe at the original artwork lining the walls and meet the authors behind this beautiful and diverting new paper.”

Yes! Do those things we told you about on the blog. Do those things while drinking our booze and dropping crumbs on our freshly swept floor.

In comics news, Image have announced a new batch of stuff they’re working on including another Phonogram series by those dudes Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie called The Immaterial Girl, and a Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson thing called Happy. Bleeding Cool have the whole list (Frank Quitely! Brian Wood! Nick Spencer!) so head that way.

Even we were in the news twice over the last week. Our own Steven Walsh was on BBC Breakfast News summarising the history of the comics industry in one single sentence, and they even zip-a-toned his beardy face.

Then because Stan Lee was in town The One Show ran a piece on comics and interviewed Paul Gambaccini in our back issue basement. You can still catch it over on the iPlayer if you’re quick.

I think someone heard that no one would have any money left after the convention over the weekend because it’s a pretty slim and easily contained week. I’ll keep it short.

There’s Snow White, a new artbook by Camille Rose Garcia, being an illustrated version of the Brothers Grimm story. The LA gallery that held an exhibition of the original artwork said: “Garcia weaves a monstrous modern and dysfunctional narrative using cartoony Jungian archetypes, a psychedelic saturated color palette, and an obtuse combination of action-painter brush strokes and carefully controlled, calligraphic line work. Gold leaf and black glitter hang out together on the paintings in an uncomfortable but tolerated relationship.  Leaking black castles, oily witches, and a gang of tired and dizzy dwarf miners accompany the Snow White and her fragile entourage of forest and lagoon animals as they traverse through caves, lagoons, and compromised natural landscapes, searching for an elusive happy ending.” You can watch a video of her painting it here.

This week’s collections include the Seven Brothers Omnibus, reprinting the 2006 miniseries in which five of the ten issues were written by Garth Ennis (The Boys). Jonathan Hickman sees two chunks of his work collected in FF By Jonathan Hickman TP Volume 1 and Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Hickman HC, which collects issues #1 to #6.

Wee little Ralph Wiggum gets a starring role in Ralph Wiggum Comics #1 in which he has a day off school and is left home alone. Says this excited dude, “This comic is almost better than eating my own ear wax!” Sergio Aragones has done some extra bits too.

There’s Batman Beyond: Unlimited #1 by Adam Beechen and Derek Fridolfs featuring the print debut of the new Justice League Beyond, Infestation 2 Team-Up One-Shot by Weekly World News team Chris Ryall and Alan Robinson (and they’re bringing Bat Boy along for the ride), and James Stokoe’s long awaited Orc Stain #7, being a favourite with our Andrew. Elsewhere on the shelves there’s Grant Morrison’s Steed and Mrs Peel #2 (of 3) and you can still pick up #1 if you need to. Similarly, The Twelve #10 has landed too, and if you’re lacking a #9 we’ve got just the ticket.

That’s it! Told you it was short.

– Hayley

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