Comix Reader Issue Three Launch and Exhibition, Friday March 2nd

Comix! Cartoons! The funny pages! The Comix Reader, the new standard in indie cartoon anthologies, celebrates the release of its triumphant third issue with a showstopping exhibition and launch party in-store with one of its flagship retailers, Gosh! Comics, in their luxurious Berwick Street premises. Grab an early copy of the new edition, gaze in awe at the original artwork lining the walls and meet the authors behind this beautiful and diverting new paper.

The creative minds behind the Comix Reader, headed up by editor Richard Cowdry, are an enthusiastic and prolific group of contributors whose sketch jams, talks and meetings make for an unprecedented underground scene. From Cowdry, via their website:

“A few years ago I went to an exhibition of 60’s Underground Comix at the ICA. Even though they were presented under glass display cases, they radiated the power and energy of artists who were free to do as they pleased. There was also some modern cartoon art on display, and comparing the two, I had to ask : Where did all the fun go? “The Comix Reader is in part an attempt to recapture some of the free spirit of the underground press, and is also an experiment in publishing : 9,000 copies paid for and distributed by the artists. Printed on newsprint and costing only £1, it’s accessible to fans of the art form and hopefully also intriguing to people who might not have read many comics.”

More irreverent indie greatness in a true Comix vein will surely be found in Issue #3 when it hits the stands, so support your independents and have a drink on us with our exhibition and launch party.

Comix Reader #3 Exhibition and Launch Party, Friday 2nd March, 7pm


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