Things To Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park — Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition

Things To Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park (When You’re 29 and Unemployed) is the latest book by Aneurin Wright and his first autobiographical one. Much like Maus, it’s an anthropomorphic comic about the relationship between son and father, only this one’s a little more medical; a story about a young man coming to terms with his dying father as he takes care of him in his final months.

When Nye’s father phones to wish him a happy birthday, and reveals he has been ‘certified for hospice’, Nye slumps down on the nearest doorstep in shock. Unemployment means that he is free to move in to the trailer park where his father lives, and assume the role of chief carer. Their daily schedule of pill counting and medical checks unfolds into an extraordinary world where the protagonist is a minotaur, his father a rhinoceros, social workers are sea turtles and mobile homes move atop gigantic elephants. Curious neighbours and medical and social care workers – whether man or beast – become their friends, and the family comes together once more. And as the old man battles against emphysema, his shortness of breath becomes more evident until his speech bubbles, previously charged with pithy comment, are mostly filled with pauses.

Wright’s last outing in the world of comics was Lex Talionis: A Jungle Tale, published by Image in 2004 (and reviewed here) though you might be more familiar with his work as an animation director for Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine (specifically the Brief History of the USA bit). Things To Do In a Trailer Park is eight years in the making.

Here at Gosh! we’ll have an exclusive bookplate edition featuring art created just for this purpose, signed and numbered by the man himself. As ever, there’ll only be 200 of these plates produced so miss it now and you’ve missed your chance! The book itself is the standard cover price of £19.99 and we can send it anywhere in the world (P&P within the UK is a flat-rate of £5 while elsewhere depends on weight). If you’d like to reserve a copy or arrange a mail order just drop us a line at and we’ll sort it out.

Published 16th of February, 2012.


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