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Tom Gauld’s GOLIATH: Book Launch

Tom Gauld‘s a favourite of ours so we’re properly chuffed to be hosting the launch of his new graphic novel Goliath, a stripped-down, reworking of the David and Goliath myth, published by Drawn & Quarterly.

Goliath of Gath isn’t much of a fighter. Given half a choice, he’d pick admin work over patrolling in a heartbeat, to say nothing of his distaste for engaging in combat. Nonetheless, at the behest of the king, he finds himself issuing a twice-daily challenge to the Israelites: “Choose a man. Let him come to me that we may fight. If he be able to kill me, then we shall be your servants. But if I kill him, then you shall be our servants.”

On Friday the 9th of March, Gauld will be here to sign copies of the book from 6:30pm, then at 7pm we’ll get down to the important business of wetting the baby’s head. Come along and shake his hand! Not only is he one of the finest cartoonists in Britain, he’s a thoroughly lovely chap too. We’ll even have an exclusive Gosh! Bookplate Edition available on the night which we’ll reveal very, very soon.


The bookplate edition details are here. They are disappearing very quickly so if you’d like a copy be sure to reserve one through the shop. Send us an email to info@goshlondon.com and we’ll hold one aside for you to collect on the night.


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