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The Celestial Bibendum by Nicolas de Crécy

The multiple Eisner-nominated creator Nicolas de Crécy, most recently seen on our shelves with the Salvatore series, sees his book Le Bibendum Céleste released in a translated edition early in 2012. It’s recounts the absurd tale of one lonely seal called Diego in the vast and corrupt metropolis of New York on the Seine. It’s a bizarre and beautiful piece of baroque storytelling, as you can see from these preview pages:

In February, Humanoids are releasing an incredibly-hard-to-come-by slipcased edition retailing at a whopping $69.95 USD, which would translate to £52.99 if it ever made it to the UK but it won’t (for boring legal reasons). So it’s just as well we have another option available with a similar release date: a less expensive oversized hardcover edition retailing at a far preferable £24.99. It’s co-published by Knockabout, with whom Gosh! has previously published Alan Moore‘s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III, WinshlussPinocchio, Gilbert Shelton‘s The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Omnibus and several others over the years. It’s a lovely and strange-looking thing we liked so much we chose to publish it ourselves. That’s a Gosh! recommendation if ever there was one.

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