Eddie Campbell at Gosh!

Eddie Campbell spends most of the year locked up in his house like every other freelancer, except for when he has to walk the dog in the afternoon or give a talk at the Sydney Opera House (as you do). Sydney’s Graphic festival was in the news most recently on account of being the one that Robert Crumb refused to go to after being called a pervert in an Australian newspaper. But no such slander greeted Campbell in the morning post and he still turned up in a nice shirt to give a talk about his favourite topic and subject of his upcoming book: money. In 2012 he’s coming to Gosh! with a bunch of slides to do it all again.

Here’s the blurb from that first outing, written by the man himself on the back of an envelope in a pub:

It possible to make money out of comics?

The subject is money. As explained with no authority whatsoever by a man who draws pictures for a living. Featuring unpublished illustrations, histrionics, humorous asides and totally useless information, including how Campbell became incorporated just so he could write and draw Batman, and what went wrong with that; how his accountant goes to work in a sarong and bare feet because he fancies himself as an artist. As well as Campbell’s weeklong visit to the mysterious tropical island of Yap, to get the inside story of the ancient stone money for his next book.

The pictures he draws for a living can be found in stuff like his collaborations with Alan Moore (From Hell, A Disease of Language), his autobiographical books (Alec: The Years Have Pants, The Fate of the Artist), an insane book about a circus troupe (The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard), his epic Bacchus (soon to be collected) and most recently a book about a celibate middle-aged man’s sex life (The Playwright). He even did a really, really weird Batman.

There’s loads more I haven’t even mentioned. He’s a Gosh! favourite and we’re glad to have him back.

On Friday the 3rd of February Campbell will be here to sign books from 6:30pm. Then at about 7pm we’ll turn on the projector and let him blather entertainingly for an hour or so. It’s rare he’s ever on this side of the planet so miss it at your peril. “I don’t want to be standing up there with my arse hanging out and nobody in the audience,” he said, promoting his talk in Sydney. I’m sure the same applies here.

EDIT! If you’d like to come along to this please send us an email to info@goshlondon.com saying so. We can only fit 50 people so you’d best get your name in quick.

Friday, the 3rd of February. 6:30pm signing, 7pm talk.


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  3. mike kane

    Hi ….probably to late but in London that weekend….if possible just 1 ?! ..last minute phone me if cancellations..07584209015…please…may just turn up anyway with a bottle of 1951 Penfolds Grange Hermitage and blag it :)

    mike kane

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