Nelson night will soon be upon us and in the likely event you have been standing in a windtunnel of news re: The Book Of The Moment I thought I’d do a little round-up of the most important bits so you’re ready for the launch party on Friday. It’s a party primer. READY? Let’s go:

Lots more photos over on Flickr.

Over the last week a handful of Nelsonists were set loose in Gosh! with a fistful of Posca pens in order to cover the shop windows with art. So while Woodrow Phoenix, Sarah McIntyre, Will Morris and JAKe were trying to get their work done before we booted them out at closing time our very own Tom Crowley stuck a camera in their respective faces. This is what they had to say about being part of the most ambitious collaborative project in comics we’ve seen to date:

Deadly Knitshade (Knit the City) watched as her studiomates Gary Northfield, Ellen Lindner, and Sarah McIntyre joined over 50 other creators in bringing this one character to life. And while she loves comics as much as the rest of us, Knitshade‘s talents lie in the realm of wool (and Sainsbury’s bags), so she went and made her own knitted Nel. In answer to that question you’re yet to voice: yes she has underpants. They’re purple.

You can bid on the knitted Nel by email right up until the real-life auction happens in Gosh! tomorrow night at 7pm. Our address is and you’d best get cracking. In fact, it’s already started. Five minutes ago we had a bid for 50 big ones! All proceeds go to Shelter, just like all the money from the book itself. Do we hear a £55?

Events kick off at 6pm and our fridge is full of booze. We’ll have Nelsonists Roger Langridge, Rian Hughes, Sarah McIntyre, Woodrow Phoenix, Rob Davis (and more!) in the shop to sign anything you push their way, such as the Nelson: Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition featuring art by Frank Quitely (Batman & Robin) signed and numbered by the man himself.


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